Corporate 5v5 Winter 11 Awards

And Round 2 Lines!

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Although you might not be able to tell by my turnaround time the last couple weeks, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my foray into the Corporate 5v5 League this season. I made a conscious effort to get out of Wall Ball Arena and go outside the walls this season to see what was happening in the 5v5 leagues. I’m glad I choose the Corporate 5v5 league, you all were a blast to watch this season.

I went back to my preseason preview to see how well I picked teams. I’ve got to say, I nailed 3 of the 4 teams in the semi-finals as ‘contenders’, how about that, for once I knew what I was talking about. Let’s just ignore that Genzyme pick huh? Should be a great battle for the 2nd Corporate 5v5 Championship, but first let’s look back on this past season and hand out some awards!

Ladies, Man – I’d like to kick these off by acknowledging the Ladies that fought week in and week out in a league of men that were looking to swat their shots or get easy buckets or nab some player rater padding steals. These ladies didn’t make it easy on any of them, put up a fight each week and even gave the Jumpman an earful when they felt they were wronged. So to Amber Wantman, Maria Alessandrini, Eliz Hansen, Meg Devine, Gwen Browne, and Abi Bartley, keep fighting the good fight!

6th Man – Brightcove – Ok, it should really be the 6th-15th man when talking about Brightcove, but what can you do? All the guys showed up on this squad and split minutes well, no small feat considering they could have run 2 teams out there most nights. Sure it kept some guys stats down and made it tough to determine who to play when, but the chemistry was always good and this group of guys enjoyed playing together, no matter how many showed up! Maybe Marlier will do make a split heading into next season, remember we have a league on both Monday and Wednesday!

GM – Christian Hartjes
, Grand Nationals – I don’t know if Christian is actually the GM of the GNats (if he was, or if he paid the league fee, he would have changed the team name by now I think) but he brought in Rosa and the GNats were the ones to benefit. Now if only he’d get more PT for Derek and Matt they’d be a juggernaut!
Runner Up: Marlier, Eliz Hansen

DPoY – Brett Koons
, Team You Could Smell Like – This is always the toughest award to hand out. I try to look beyond the stats, as rebounds influence Defensive Player Rater way too much. Defense, in general, can be tough to quantify, as a tough defender doesn’t necessarily get the most blocks or steals, but takes offensive players out of their comfort zone and make them do things they don’t want to, like to, or can’t do. No player made as much of a difference on the defensive end as Koons. The big fella altered more shots than we could possibly track, played great help D and anchored the best team D in the league, sounds like a DPoY to me!

All D Team – Good luck scoring on this squad
Koons – DPoY!
Greg Rosa – Athletic and tireless (read: YOUNG)
HeXx Factor – Making it on reputation at this point
Shin Fuse – The man with the magnificent calves was a menace
Eckstut – Unheralded, sure, but try scoring on him

Tibbs Award – So a few of my scribes have gotten into the habit of naming an award after themselves. They base it on how they play the game, and honestly, I kind of like it. So, if you’re a tall dude who should be in the post crashing the boards and finishing around the cup, but instead are drifting around, shooting 3s and not boxing out, you’ll be in contention for this award!
Jocelyn Velnoy, Banner 18 – Now I get that Joce likes to shoot 3s and Banner 18 was up big in a bunch of their games, but the man took 61 3s on the season! That’s good for a top 5 finish in attempts, imagine how many O boards he could have gotten if he followed his own shot (oh wait, I don’t do that either).

All Attendance Team – These guys are dedicated to the CAC Cause no matter when or where their games are played. They’re indispensable when their teams are struggling for bodies, and no matter how many minutes they get, they go out and give it their all.
Lamb – literally comes back week after week to take my verbal abuse
BDay – and lobbied for extra rebounds every week, i can only be bribed with beer people
CHart – kid scores his 1000th career CAC point, FINALLY
Eamon – easily stands out on a 15 man roster
Satyan – you’re the captain, TAKE more PT!

Hustler’s Ambition – These 5 didn’t get the most pub week in and week out, but they laid it all on the line each week.
Matt Cuaraco – Someone needed to sacrifice GNats minutes for Rosa, but Cuaraco made the most of his
Eric Jaegle – No coincidence that team Shaq played better when he showed
Aaron Kamholtz – Just makes IT happen
John Habif – Non-stop motor for BBN no matter who they’re playing
Walt Kowtoniuk – quote of the season “We might not win games but we easily have the highest team IQ”

OPoY – Eric Serrano
, Banner 18 – It’s only appropriate the guy that the Jumpman nicknamed ‘One Way’ wins the offensive player of the season award, isn’t it? Serrano continually got out in front of the break (helps not to play D!) and bombarded opposing defenses from the 3 point line.
Averaged 3 assists per game too, clearly a career high! Without Serrano’s efforts each week, Banner 18 isn’t the championship contender they are heading into round 2.

RoY – Greg Rosa
, Grand Nationals – He obviously didn’t sweep the awards like his captain CHart thought he should, but Rosa was the runaway rookie of the season. No new player had as much to do with his team’s fortunes as Rosa. Sure he didn’t put the ball in the hoop the last half of the season, but the guy was a dominating presence on the boards and defensive end in general. Not only all that on the court stuff, but the kid was addicted to his stats by week 2. The sign of a true CACer.
Runner Up: Eliz Hansen

All-Roy Team – This is a solid starting 5 of completely new players this season
Rosa, Eliz Hansen, Dan Joseph, Wiles Case, Derek Hixon

All-Star teams – Lots of potential snubs, but I included who I thought should be on here, this was one of the toughest groups of players I had to sort through in my entire CAC career. Let me know what you think!

1st Team
Pat McGowan, Bryan Muse,Greg Rosa, Eric Serrano, Brent Koons

2nd Team
Dan Joseph, Colin M, Jocelyn, Greg V, Elijah Hexstall

3rd Team
Jeff DiPrimio, Mike Bientum, Sully, Jim Maloney, Nick Carino

MVP – Pat McGowan, Tell Me How My Shaq Tastes – No one player meant more to his team’s fate than McGowan, and as if we needed further evidence, his unfortunate injury in round 1 of the playoffs doomed Shaq vs 5 Man Wolfpack. If he sees the Wolfpack again, it will be too soon. But let’s not let that ruin his great season or understate what he meant to this Shaq team. Team captain PK knew they had pulled off a coup when they got him to agree to play again this season and told me as much before week 1’s games that they’d be a top team all season long. McGowan made sure that was the case, having a great season on both the offensive and defensive end. Hopefully he heals in time for next season!
Runner Up: Muse, Rosa

Great work by all our teams this season. I thoroughly enjoyed covering the league and interacting with all of you on a weekly basis, I’ll be back holding down the King School on Monday night for the Spring 2011 season.

As we head into our 3rd season of the Corporate 5v5 league, we do have a change to announce. We will be splitting the league into two separate 8-team divisions. One will play on Monday night, the other on Wednesday night. The goal is to have all the top level teams from this season (and new corporate teams looking for a challenging league) to play on Wednesday nights, while keeping the more recreational level teams on Monday nights. Send me an email to if you want to sign-up your team!


6:00 PM Banner 18 vs. 5 Man WolfPack (+3.5) @ King School
the ‘Pack is playing unbelievably well right now. Led by Muse, sure, but everyone is chipping in where they can make the most impact. This is a complete team right now that’s peaking at the perfect time. I think they give Banner 18 all they can handle. Hell IE did last week too, definitely the toughest road to the Finals right here.

7:00 PM The Team You Could Smell Like vs. Grand Nationals (+11.5) King School
Who shows up for Team Smell this week? If it’s the same crew as in round 1, the GNats are going to steam roll them. If Koons shows, thoguh, Team Smell should waltz into the Finals (which will NOT be next week, but April 25th). Full squads I just don’t like the GNats chances, but I’m sure Christian will try to prove me wrong, as usual!