Corporate East 5v5 Winter 2013 Awards

It was a great season for most team’s in this league. Boston Beer Company still has a chance to get its first win and maybe the playoffs will be the motivation they need to get the job done?

Thank you for your attendance and making each week enjoyable. Below are the award winners this season:

MVP: Bill Johnson, Autotegrity

Johnson would knock down shot after shot and just out-hustled anyone on the floor. He showed that when he was on the floor that he was the one of, if not the best, player on the court.

Runners up: Ty Hall and William Wolven


Defensive Player of the Year: 

Bill Johnson: Johnson could steal and block shots with the best of them. He also led the league with 16 rebounds per game.


Offensive Player of the Year:

William Wolven: Wolven finished second in OPR, but he played two more games than Johnson. He was the ultimate point guard when on the court with timely shots and would pass the ball with authority.


First Team:

Bill Johnson

Ray Kluender

William Wolven

Ty Hall

Jeff Derr


Second Team:

Stefan Cosmas

Matt Keohan

Sean McCullen

Ben Silton

Eric Gormley