Cuban Pressed Sans Mustard

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Here is this blog post here provided by Mark Cuban that raises a couple of thought-provoking questions with no easy answers. A truly wonderful read here: Mark Cuban’s Blog on Current Role of Media for Sports Teams

Cuban’s current inventory of different media channels is blunt yet accurate. He explains why newspapers are valuable since older, rich people will only read newspapers. I thought this blog is pertinent since it explains the rarity of delivering a quality product versus an excessive commonality of volume of ‘clicks’ or ‘ratings’ in the name of sheer profits. Our journalistic standards in America have fallen a long way in the last five years. The biggest reason is the decline of the American newspaper and the never-ending amount of inane sportswriters with no credentials or the trolls who essentially serve as sports paparazzi (well said, Mark) to provide verbal excrement for all. (My personal opinion is that Twitter pretty much sucks, except that I do see the value in sharing quick-witted information with actual friends of yours. Unfortunately, people use Twitter to inanely post to make money off volume clicks.)

Will we ever return to an age where people will actually write about thoughtful and insightful things? Will Internet trolling for the most sensational headlines ever stop? Will story non-stories about people’s expiring contracts stop presenting themselves for consumption? Will a giant group of American consumers ever break the cycle and not click on a website, watch a certain TV channel, or not partake in a certain activity because they reject the product as being in poor quality or not delivering on what it offers?

Unfortunately, the answer is: probably not. As the last ten years in America have shown, most people will not change until The Death Star is shining in their face. Consumer behaviors have been hard to change due to general apathy or massive ineptitude. Maybe I’m wrong, but changes in the sports journalism landscape will not happen until consumers pull their money into a forum where good content lives.  Until then, we are stuck with what we have. The future looks grim as the paparazzi and the (Internet) trolls rule the day here in 2011.

Unless people start thinking for themselves again, the bridge for standards ’round this place we call home will remain submerged. Worse off, there are too many good people who think for themselves, but the stupidity and laziness of a few has weakened the energy to speak up and have your voice of decency and logic be heard. It’s time to fight back. Best place to start is where they’ve been attacking you: your wallet.


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