Decisions and Lists

and a whole lot of rambling

So with the wife gone this weekend there is cause for, well, not celebration, but definitely planning.  I mean, it’s once a year that she’s gone for 2 consecutive nights. I need to take advantage!

As Vig reminded me, back in the day (like 2008) a free weekend would have meant the following:

– day drinking and games of beirut
– shots
– a lame attempt at making a trip to the bar work
– more shots
– late night pitch games (hooray gambling!).

But sadly, when he asked me what I’d be up to, I said ‘nothing’.  Seriously, that was my answer.

It’s not like I have any kids (or even one) to care for, I am, as precisely as it’s defined, on my own. I can do whatever I want to, hell Vig’s plan above used to sound like a great way to spend the weekend.

But no longer. I’m going to be lucky if I leave my apartment. Yes I am that isolated. I swear I’m going to spend half my time telling the kids from the Cambridgeport School to get off my porch.  I’ve already stocked up on the essentials (vodka, bacon, milk, batteries) and have no plans to leave my apartment. I mean, there are things I need to do this weekend around the house.

– I need to beat every aspect of Oblivion before Skyrim comes out next weekend.
– I need to remember to shower
– I need to hang my tv
– I need to have a movie marathon (probably at the same time as the video gaming).

As you can tell, my biggest problem this weekend will be dealing with choices.

– How crappy do I eat?
– How much beer do I need if I have most of a handle of vodka?
– What movie marathon do I run simultaneous to the video gaming?

Actually, now would be a good time to poll my audience. Help me decide! You set the tone for my weekend.  Here are my choices

The Pink Panther
Pros: Sellers, obviously
Cons: trying not to remember how Steve Martin butchered the series for the younger generation.

The Matrix
Pros: Fantasizing about being ‘The One’
Cons: Revolutions

James Bond
Pros: I own 17 of the 22 and if you can’t guess which 5 I don’t own, then you don’t know jack
Cons: More decisions, Connery or Brosnan? Lazenby or Dalton? HA!

Star Wars
Pros: the ‘first’ 3 are a classic, duh
Cons: I’d feel obligated to watch the new ones and those blow

Lord of the Rings
Pros: run time > 17 Bond movies
Cons: run time > 17 Bond Movies

So you can see why I have such a dilemma on my hands.  I can’t go wrong with any of those really but this will be my hardest decision all weekend long. It’s an important one.  Hell who am I kidding, I’m going to try to get through 3 of these series this weekend.

Unless Terry calls me, then all bets are off. Who knows, I might have an Old School performance left in me.