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Tuesday Night 5v5 West Draft League Introduction and POWER RANKINGS
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September 9, 2021
4:54 pm
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August 24, 2014
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No rest for the weary, Tuesday nights are back baby. I’m been watching some of you new guys try and throw your weight around, but I’m here to tell you this. This is the planet of the apes and I’m the king Gorilla. As the King, I shall bestow upon you my greatness every week, with previews and write-ups, that you’ve never heard of before. It would be nice if everyone on your teams would sign up for the message board here and chat it up. I love some good basketball talk and banter. 

Unlike last season, I will have a coverage partner, young Ian Cundall. If you don’t know, he’s some kind of scout in baseball. You should follow him on twitter for all kinds of information on minor league baseball players. He will also be providing write-ups and previews on certain games for the season, including score keeping. The bar is so low it’s touching the ground for Ian, I suspect he’ll do good or we’ll launch him into the sun.

On Monday, we will have a week 1 preview and Ian’s rankings, in the meantime. Here are my pre-season rankings:

8. Pranam 

I don’t think I have any choice, but to put this team here. I think Fay, is actually going to be really good, but these guys to compete he might have to be better than really good. It’s not a good thing when your second round pick nearly passes out when he hears his named called at that spot. I like the picks of Cantoni and Muccio, but Cantoni went a bit early for my liking at 20, with Liam and Alex being picked after him. Both of these guys are going to be asked to score a bit more than they’re use to on this team. I don’t know Rakusin, but he’s going to need to be a big factor on this team. Love me some OTTTTTTTOMATIC, but not as much as when he’s the 7th and not 8th guy. 

I just have so many questions about this team, because they’re not really a big team and they don’t really have a size/scoring edge to them. Djordje, is the only big man (without knowing Rakusin) and he relies on others to get his hoops. Fay, is going to need to be really good for this team, not just with scoring, but defense and passing. Someone has to start at the bottom and that’s where I’m putting these guys.

7. Civale

I think I have a bit of “I know these guys well, but not a lot of the other guys” biased here, but this is where I’m sticking this team. These guys have a bunch of question marks. The first being, I’m not sure these guys fit well together. Civale and Ghost are very similar players. Both of them like to shoot as soon as they touch it, both can post, but both are not big men on the other side of the floor and struggle to guard quicker players. Kodra, is also playing out of position, as the 3 on this team. He’s more of a 4 and probably a 5, in this league. Lerner, is obviously awesome and he will be better on this team than last season, because these guys know he’s their best player. Chas and Calderan are good spare pieces as guards. Chas and all his excitement will bring a lot of energy to this team. Taha, is electric, but I don’t know the other guy. 

The sticking point for me about this team is that I’m not sure they fit Lerner’s needs. If you’re starting three bigs, then you aren’t going to be a fast break team. So, Lerner, will be alone trying to fast break with Chas trying to run to his spot on the floor. I don’t see a point guard here either, who’s going to be able to get everyone going. As we all know, Chas isn’t a point guard and Lerner is more of a pure scorer. Who’s going to get these guys organized and in the right spots? Defensively, either Ghost or Civale are going to have to take someone quick, especially if Kodra needs to guard a big. I don’t like the thought of Civale or Ghost chasing a wing around. I’m slotting these guys right here, until they prove they can fit together.

6. Ball

I’m sticking these guys here, because of their first two picks. I saw Leblanc, last season and didn’t look like his usual self. I’m ok with blaming it all on Koller, but we have to be fair here. If what I saw last season continues this season, I’m not sure these guys will be able to contend. Then there’s the big dog, Robel, who struggled for me on Wednesdays. Just like with Leblanc, I’m ok with blaming someone else, like Vladi for not utilizing him correctly. However, in the interest of fairness, I have to wonder what we’ll get from Robel in this league. I’m assuming it will be good, since this league doesn’t have the bigs of the league on last Wednesday and it’s not even close. 

I don’t know much about Ball’s buddy Akil, who he promises isn’t a sandbag and said he might try to fight people. Nor do I know Mr. Stahl, who claims to be a veteran rec. league guy. I know the last two picks aren’t scorers, so maybe Motha is can score? I don’t know. I do know Jamil can get buckets, but I question the rest of this team, especially the top two picks. 

5. Sheffield

I’m putting this team this high purely, because of Eusden, who is the best big man in this league. However, I have a lot of questions about how the rest of this team will do scoring the ball. Lagno, is a good player, but he’s super hot and cold. Not to mention he’ll be getting the attention of the other team’s best perimeter player every week. Ficker, does have a basketball name like Sheff mentioned, but we know nothing about him. I suspect he’ll be pretty good though. Apparently, this Healy kid knows Chas, which is two strikes against him immediately. I don’t know Trippe, but I do love me some Joey Buckets and Butters baby. 

Like I mentioned, I don’t know where the scoring is going to come from on this team. Eusden, is going to get his, but he’s not really a top scorer type of guy. For this team to be good, he’s going to need to average close to 20 a game, along with the boards and defense. Sheff, is also going to need to get buckets, instead of fishing for assists. I just don’t know these other guys well enough to judge if they can score enough to be a top contenders. Eusden, gives them a chance though.

4. Martins

Fresh off sitting under the Harry Demakes learning tree for two seasons, Raphael, is taking his chances as captain this season. Apparently, he didn’t learn too much, because he traded out of the third spot, which would have been Pollock or Lerner. Instead, he’s going with the rookie from Iowa and Dwyer. Not a bad way to start, then he picked up Clasby, who teamed with Dwyer last season. Also, he picked up Dwyer’s friend, who I think is the only non-captain to get to play with his buddy. Awwwwwwww, that’s so cute. He rounded out the team with rookie Donnelly, Jamaal and Chao.

I like the top four guys here. I’m going to say the rookie from Iowa will end up being pretty good, Clasby and Dwyer can fill it up. Plus, Raphael, is a pretty good point forward. However, I don’t know anything about Linskey, but he better be good, because this team is going to need some depth. Clasby, tends to disappear for stretches and Dwyer, can get lost on a bad team like last season. It’s going to be a whole new role for Raphael too, who isn’t just the cherry on top of a very good team in the 7th guy role. He’s going to have bigger minutes and tough defensive/offensive assignments. I like the pieces, but the depth is in doubt.

3. Laursson

I’m putting this team here, because I think his new number 1 pick is going to be good. Yah, yah, yah, I know he hasn’t played “organized ball” in 10 years, but he isn’t going into the NBA here. Vladi, is a good veteran point guard, who can score the ball. I don’t know anything about Devine, who the captain played with last season I think. I enjoyed reading Harding’s in-depth Bio, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to shoot out of slumps with Vladi on your team. Johnson, is a good piece off the bench, but he’s a hot and cold type player. Obviously, I love me some Tom and I don’t know the rookie. 

My gut tells me this will be a good team, with the rookies and Vladi leading the way. Plus, it looks like the captain has some good stats too. Although, it looks like he enjoys shooting a lot too. If these guys can follow the guidance of Vladi, at point then I see them contending. However, I can see having too many guys trying to get their shot up every time and ruining the team’s offensive chemistry. Only time will tell which way they go.

2. Ian

My coverage partner Ian returned to the league and immediately luck sacked his way into the 4th pick in the draft. He followed that by luck sacking into Alex for his 3rd round pick. Does this kid’s luck know no bounds? He went with Pollock as his first pick, which was an easy choice. It got harder in the second round with him choosing Cavano, then the before mentioned Alex and rounded out the starting line-up with Kola. He picked up the Glynn brothers after that and finished with Ames. I’m sticking these guys at number 2, because I don’t know all the rookies and they appear to have a nicely rounded team. Starting your team with the reigning MVP is always a good thing and I liked Alex as a player before Civale, Leblanc and Koller ruined him.

The questions I have for this team are Kola and Cavano. Kola, is a big man, but he plays like a guard and doesn’t use that big man strength at all. Cavano, has been up and down for a while now. I’ve been trying to fix this new version for a while now, but I won’t be there on Tuesdays for him. What Cavano are we going to get? Pollock will be good, but can he bring out the best of the other guys? Last season he didn’t have that big a burden, but for this team he’s going to have to do a lot more and face a lot more on the defensive side.

1. Joel

That’s right, you got a problem with the champs starting at number 1? Do ya, HUH?!?!? Obviously, I like my team best. Why you ask? We have three elite guards (Casey, Liam, Weinstein). We have all around elite wing, Joel. We have the visionary, me, leading the way. We also have this rookie, who looks like he knows how to play defense to me in Uni. This kid Liao, looks pretty good as well, averaging two steals a game in the fake 5v5 Draft League. Not to mention, AAAAAAAAAAAMIR! 

Now, do we have some faults, no we don’t. The end………Fine, we might be a little small. We don’t have a lot of size on this team, besides Joel, myself and Uni. Some bigger teams might be able to take advantage of us down low and on the boards. However, unless the rookies have some good post moves, I don’t see that as a huge problem. Once playoffs come, everyone boards. Now give us your best shot. 

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September 9, 2021
10:09 pm
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September 8, 2021
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A 5v5 W2019 & A 5v5 S2019 Champs

September 10, 2021
7:29 am
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February 8, 2014
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Harry how dumb to you think I am? You rank my team low expecting an emotional response. How could I ever fall in that trap ………….. WE ARE GOING TO RIP YOUR TEAMS HEADS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GMOY and B draft CHAMPION, Shooter McGavins

September 10, 2021
12:18 pm
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July 12, 2021
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Ahh Harry, you never give my teams a chance. Was projected to finish 8th and 7th in the last few seasons, and we finished 2nd both times! I think we have a fun team that can get it done this year. 🙂

September 10, 2021
12:31 pm
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August 24, 2014
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Pranam said
Ahh Harry, you never give my teams a chance. Was projected to finish 8th and 7th in the last few seasons, and we finished 2nd both times! I think we have a fun team that can get it done this year. 🙂  

I like you in the plucky underdog role. 

Also, if I didn’t get Newton mixed up with someone else from the previous season, you would have been ranked higher last season. 

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