Does Romney Really Love Big Bird?

The first presidential debate happened Wednesday evening and for all of you CACers who missed it, Mitt Romney said one comment that really stuck in people’s mind: he loves Big Bird.

Yes, that is right. One of the presidential candidates admitting to liking PBS, but also told the nation his strong feeling for the big, yellow bird that teaches children about sharing and other important values on a daily basis.

I know many of you don’t want to get into politics on a so-called sports website, but with the elections coming up, everyone was talking about this comment.

Almost 17,000 tweets were sent out that night with #bigbird in them. Romney started a new trend and, unfortunately, he has also started to take some fire from PBS supporters for his words that night.

Just remember to go out to the polls in November and vote for the person you think should run this country for the next four years.

Oh, plus watch the one-game Wild Card playoffs tonight if you get the chance. Both games will be great!