Drumroll Please….B1 Preview!

The moment you have all been waiting for…

Is finally here!

I want to formally welcome all of you the B1 Winter 2011 session and this season should be one of the best in recent memories. This session we will feature just ONE B1 league, so it’s winner take all at the end of the season with no unification game.

The headlines this session are already taking form before any games have even been played. Can The Rangas overcome their new addition, the detriment, the one and only Tommy “RoY” Kahana and finally bring home the banner? Will Mazz sandbag his way to the top like he has become so accustomed to doing? What do we make of all of these new teams and who is primed to shock the world? Surely more headlines will come as this league features some of the most prestigious and renowned CAC personalities with the likes of RoY, The Lurch Brothers, The Drummer Boy, Roach, Snow and the one and only Rob Eckstut (can we get this kid a nickname! I’ll work on it).

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for this league this session. Even though my boys and I are retired from B1 (for this season) I am still ready to roll and deliver you all top-notch league coverage, which will arguably be the best Boston has to offer (NOT SML!).

I wasn’t sure how to deliver this preview since I only know 7 of the 12 teams in this league so I have decided to rank the teams that I do know about and update the rankings about 3 weeks in. This is fair to the unknown teams because it gives them a chance to impress me and strut their stuff. Besides, I wouldn’t want to make claims in the dark and look like a fool. Me? A fool? Never.

Enough of the introduction junk. It is time for me to unveil my preseason power rankings and my thoughts for each team. Once again I apologize to the noobs. I cannot comment on teams I know nothing about. However you will not be forgotten: you WILL get your press.

The Land of the Unknowns: These 5 teams will have the tall task of trying to impress me and prove to the league that they are meant to be here. Listed in no particular. order.

The 4Loco’s
Sleeping Garys
Mountain Top
Excessive Wipings
The Drain Gang

I look forward to seeing these teams in action and I am sure at least one of these teams will make some noise in the B1.

They’ve Got Work To Do: These teams figure to compete week in and week out but will have their work cut out for them if they have title hopes in mind.

7. Sin City Shooters: Back for another run is Sin City Shooters led by Bingham, Romero and Nerys. Sure these guys lost Roach (which is a BIG loss) but I think Sin City will be relevant. I have SC ranked here simply because the league is significantly improved this season but they have been through it all and I expect them to give some teams trouble. Bingham is primed for a huge season as the go to guy on offense and Romero should bombs away all season so don’t sleep on Sin City.

6. Heavy Hitters: Heavy Hitters are coming off of another solid season in B1 and this season should be no different. Hall can ball with the best of them and with Nordy manning the paint this duo will be one of the best the league has to offer. Mason and Droggitis will provide and solid enough supporting cast to make The Hitters a tough foe on any given night. The Hitters will be in the top half of the league this session but I think they are a piece or two away from balling with some of the loaded teams in this league.

5. Floor Essence: These guys are new to the league but I have played pickup with them recently and I can safely say Floor Essence will make some noise in the B1. Gamroth has a solid all around game and combined with Jesse’s smooth jumper FE could be a title contender. I am eager to see how this team pans out because I think they could be a real sleeper and even pull off a monumental upset against The Rangas in week 1 (!). We will have to wait and see.

The Contenders: There teams figure to be the top 4 teams this season with serious title hopes. Any of these 4 teams could win this thing making these rankings extremely tough.

4. Momenta: Scott “The Fill In Legend” Bailey makes his CAC GM debut putting in his own squad after winning a banner in his first ever season last session. Not too shabby if you ask me. Bailey has put together a formidable squad which features Lew, Koz and Polansky and this big 3 should be enough to make Momenta relevant to say the least. I don’t know any other guys other than Bailey on this roster but it might not even matter. Bailey will be a solid contributor as well with his constant 3-point stroke and solid overall play. There is some question as to whether or not Koz is ACTUALLY playing so this ranking could change but one thing is for sure. Anytime you have Lew on the team, the team is relevant. Look for these guys to be a tough matchup each and every week.

3. Yacht Rock: Mazz and Press will lead the former SML team into the B1 on Wednesdays and will certainly vie for a title. The big 5 of Mazz, Press, Ed, Freddy and Vozz have played together for a while so the chemistry is there to make this team a miserable matchup for anyone. Mazz and Press will steer this ship to a top 3 seed this season behind smart basketball IQ and hard-nosed defense. Both are a brutal matchup for opponents with their versatility and size especially. Yacht Rock has the balance and experience to play with any team in the league and I will not be surprised if they take home the banner.

2. Fuego Fuego: Talk about roster turnover. Fuego Fuego is easily the most improved team this season adding B1 legend Romario “Roach” Santos, while bringing back Omar, JTho and Tai Turner. Fuego has a solid balance of size and speed and arguably THE best two-man tandem in the league in Roach and Snow. Fuego is looking to get back to their winning ways from season’s past and I think this season they are one of my favorites to win the title. If they can stay focused and not blow up mentally (hehe) Fuego will be there in the end when it’s all said and done.

1. 6 Foot 7 Rangas: Although it pains me to say, The Rangas are this season’s favorite to take the B1 this session. There I said it. As if the Mulholland trio wasn’t enough, the Rangas added CAC-Legend Tommy “RoY” Kahana. Add RoY to Brad, Scott and John and this team is no doubt my favorite to take the crown. With Sundell and Mahoney coming off the bench The Rangas boast a complete package of offense and defense. Scott may be on the decline and RoY could cause all sorts of chemistry issues but I still feel like this is the team to beat. Oh and look for JMul to be a double-double BEAST this season.

B1 will be reborn this season with a huge increase in talent with a lot of fun in store. This should be a great season and I look forward to heckling all you fools from the balc.