Drunk with Tibbs

Beware the Warning Signs

After yet another night out on the town (this makes a solid 7 out of 8) itís time for everyone to know the warning signs.  The warning signs that youíre out with Drunk Tibbs


To start the night, Tibbs has that far away, stalker-ish gleam in his eye, especially when checking out the ëtalentí in the crowd.

He then gets even quieter than normal, almost refusing to speak, even when directly spoken too

Then the orders for a round of shots is brought up, but low and behold, the cash is missing

After that first round of shots, I ask what your plans are for the weekend, for the third time in the last 10 minutes.

All of a sudden, bam, f-bombs, c-words, and many more vulgarities are being launched at no one in particular

Before you know it, the whitest, white manís dance you have EVER seen, is being busted out.  But of course, Tibbs thinks heís smooooth and will only attract the right kind of attention with that head-boppiní, shoulder shrugginí, hip wiggliní

Wait, is that Tibbs actually talking to a female, ok, you know the blood is running thin at this point

Huh??? Tibbs buys a round!? Are we all hallucinating???

Immediately following that round of shots, itís closing time, and wouldnít you know it, Tibbs needs a ride homeÖ.


Man Iím predictable, even I know my own drunken paterns, never a sign that things are going in the right direction.  Huge shoutout to the Livewire, who made sure that I was able to kick back and write this in the comfort of my own apartment, instead of trying to scribble it down on his napkin back in C-Town.