Electionmania – Tical Hits the Streets

Yup, we got a new President and to be perfectly honest, I couldnít have cared just as long as Bush is out of office.  But I would not be doing my duty as the CAC media if I did not hit the streets and gauge the reactions of the ìregular people.î  Here are some of concerns and joys I recorded from fellow Americans on my late night cross country trip to take the pulse of our society…



ìJust like the Porn industry, America has realized that we are better off  without Bush.î  Jillian from Acton-Boxborough


ìHow can you vote for that Obama?  Wasnít he  a member of the Church with that racist pastor?  John McCain is a Catholic and the Catholic Church has never done anything to hurt anyone.î  Father Shanley from Walpole State Prison (Looking at my baby face like I was a T-Bone steak)


ìWait heís not a Muslim Terrorist?!  Oh, man if Iíd known that I wouldnít have written in Mike Turin.î Sean from Medford


ìThere goes the neighborhood!î  – Billy Bob from his mobile home in Alabama


ìWhatís this kitty tax Obama is proposing?î M Filosa, I mean Matt F from Back Bay Boston


ìIsnít Socialism where they put all those Jews in Prison camps?î  – FoxNews Corporation, New York, New York.


ìGee I wonder why none of the Southern States voted for Obama?î ñ NaÔve Betty from Portland Maine


ìWait Sarah Palin isnít really a hired stripper?î Billy F from Cambridge Ma


ìJohn, I dont get it.  Why didnt you just not count the votes from the minority communities?”  George W. from DC


ìGod I hope thatís Razor Burnî Sean from Medford again.


There you have it sports fans.  We got a mixed bag of emotions.  No matter who you supported this election Im sure we can all agree that either candidate is an improvement.


For those of you who love the CAC old school, I dug up this excerpt from the Wolverine’s Trap with Traveling Jim Desilva (2004)

“Wolverine: I think I know the answer to this one, and I am going to regret asking this, but did the country do the right thing by re-electing Bush?

OTJ: The majority elected the right man for the job. I know John Kerry personally, and I like him, but I really felt like he did not define what he was going to do correctly. Bush will go down as a truly great President…that’s right, I said great…because he brought democracy to the Middle East and he defended America. All these {people] who are against the war…you need to go back and watch the 9/11 tapes again…5 days after 9/11 if we had dropped an atomic bomb on Afghanistan, nobody would have complained, but now everyone is scared.

Wolverine: A few people may have complained, like the 95% of Afghanis who arenít terrorists.

OTJ: Bush is good at task completion…he is going to finish this thing off and our country is going to be a lot safer than it was long term. Anybody attacked America lately, Filosa?

Wolverine: I think there was a minor disturbance at the White Hen in Saugus Center last Saturday night.

OTJ: No, because we are kicking their butts over there, not the reverse. But our soldiers are getting killed…yeah, I know that, but that is what soldiers do-they put their lives on the line for everyone else.

Wolverine: And for revenge for Saddam trying to kill daddy.

OTJ: And that is why they have my utmost respect…they volunteered to put their lives on the line for our country.

Wolverine: Agreed. Nobody I know who is against the war is against the actual soldiers.

OTJ: Ten years from now, Bush will be a legend…for standing up for the right thing and executing it. Kicking peopleís butts is required from time to time…and I will give Bush credit for doing it. He’s not the best, but I’ll take what I’m getting right now. I heard Ripley has a huge Karl Rove poster in his room…is that true? ”

Legend eh?  And you all thought I was being immature when I said OTJ was always smoking that good ganga…