Fall 09 B1 East/West Awards

Because I have a lot of Awards to post!

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B1 East Awards

So here we are once again, in full swing of awards season. Everyone is gearing up for the playoffs, everyone wants to know who made the All-Star team, well no you’re about to find all that out, and more. You probably won’t agree with me, but that’s why I love the B1 East!

MVP: Ian Kilpatrick, Bone Crushers – I was all set to have to ‘defend’ myself for making Kilpatrick the MVP should SAB have gone undefeated. Thankfully, the Crushers took care of that little issue by beating them in a C.A.C. instant classic in week 10. Not that I should have felt hte need to defend myself, the Crushers MISSED the playoffs last season, and with Ian’s addition they are the #2 seed. That right there speaks for itself, doesn’t it?! But just in case you need more convincing, Ian led the league in scoring by a wide margin and dominated PR from the moment his season started, in week 2. This award was his to lose since week 6, but he never let himself get comfortable, always playing hard and trying to get the Bone Crushers in a position to win games.

RoY: Kevin Woo
, Zoolanders – Of course DZ knew what he was doing when he brought his own team into Wall Ball Arena for the first time in his 20+ seasons at C.A.C. He knew he’d need a shooter to compete in the B1 and so he went out and brought in one of the best in the biz. Kevin Woo absolutely owned a number of teams this season and put on shooting displays that had the crowds oohing and aahing after every perfect J. He headlines what could be the best crop of new talent C.A.C. has seen in a league in a long, long time.

All Rookie Team
 – There are so, so many good rookies in this league, both guys that have never played at CAC before, and guys that are just new to B1 East. With that in mind, I only choose ‘pure’ rookies for this All-Rookie Team. There are so many guys eligible for this team in the B1 East that I could make a ‘2nd team’ of guys that are about to get ‘snubbed’ and they’d give these four a hell of a game.

Kevin Woo – Shoot the sh!t out of the ball
Ian Kilpatrick – MVP! MVP!
Omar Orriols – Sure doesn’t have a catchy nickname (like Juice!) but got the job done for Super J
Bryan Bingham – BBGun was a force in the paint and kept Sin City competitive

2nd (Pure) All-Rookie Team:
 Because I can…
Adam Larkin – John McGlynn – Zach Leverenz – Brett Armstrong

Offensive PoY: Scott Nascimento
, To the Max – From a purely offensive standpoint, Scott really stood out this season. The dude can get to the hole at will and clearly improved his free throw and three point shooting percentages as the season wore on. Lots of good offensive players in this league, (seriously, does anyone play any D?!) but Scott was a one make wrecking crew week in and week out. Hopefully next season that can translate into some wins for To the Max.
Runner Up: Sony Lok

Defensive PoY: Scott Mulholland, Separated At Birth – Oh hey look, another league where this was the toughest award to give out. Not a whole lot of teams play a ton of defense and it’s always easier to award this to big guys who block lots of shots and grab boards. But you’ll notice on my all defensive team below, well yea, that’s the case. SAB was one of the few teams that worked hard on D and made oppenents work for their shots. A lot of that can be credited to Scott patrolling the paint on a weekly basis. Good pick-up week 1 Frail. Speaking of which…

GM: Marc Frail, Separated At Birth – Hey loggit, Frail puts in another team that’s the best in a division and finishes with the best record. He’s going to start getting the BFab treatment and all his squads getting a serious comb over by the League Offices. But he’s got to get credit for juggling the 9 man roster, making sure 7 guys were playoff eligible and even having confidence in a scrub named Marc Frail to produce big points off the bench. By far his best move of the entire season.
Runner Up: Benson Hyde

5th Man: Mark Siciliano, Bone Crushers – Sure, I could have picked one of the multitudes of SABs that came off the bench (Evans, Mulholland) or even Kaplan, but no one embodied 5th Man quite like Mark did for the Crushers. Hell, I might not have mentioned him in write-ups 5 times this season, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention!Mark was the perfect role player coming off the bench, always hustling for boards and setting his teammates up for good shots.

All Defensive Team
SMul – BArms – BSang – Snow

 – This was torture. I might have led on that I knew what the F I was doing here, but this season was LOADED with good players. Honestly, there are so many good players left off the list, they all, deservedly, could cry ‘SNUB’! Don’t forget, the 1st and 2nd teammers are going to take on the B1 West All-Stars 12/21/09 @ 8 PM! If any of those 8 can’t make it, guys from the Honorable Mention team will fill-in!

1st Team All Stars

Kilpatrick – KWoo – KAHNE – Omar

2nd Team All Stars

Bobby C – Sweens – Larkin – Snow

Honorable Mention

Heffernan – Zach – SMul – Nascimento

So there you have it, feel free to disagree. I know you will, the B1 East has been our most vocal league yet again this season, so head to the message boards and let me know where I went wrong!

B1 West Awards

Sure not quite as timely as my other awards, but they’re up before the post season started ^@^@ it!! Take a peak, let me know what you think, and good luck to all teams (mostly the Vagatarians) in the post season!

MVP: Jon Press, Dueling Wheelbarrels – Didn’t see this one coming, or did you?! Most of you probably did. Powder was an absolute unstoppable force and had DW riding high the first part of the season. Most tellingly, they stumbled against Genzyme without him and fell into the #2 seed. With him in the post season, they are the team to beat. His impact goes beyond the numbers, as they are usually insufficient to measure defensive presence. Press goes all out not just on O, but on D as well and is a difference maker even when his team doesn’t have the ball. All in all, what you want from a guy that with the game on the line, is going to do whatever it takes to get you a W.
Runner Up: Aziz Sayigh

RoY: Pat McTommey
, E-Town – Want to hang with the big guns, then you better add a scorer. E-Town knows that, so brought in Pat McTommey to try and keep pace with the big boys. McTommey averaged over 30 ppg against some really tough competition and carried ETown down the stretch when the offense stalled. Everyone was keying in on him by the end of the season and they still couldn’t slow him down. What gives?? There were lots of good rookies out there this season, speaking of which, let’s take a peak at the All-Rookie team…

All-Rookie Team

Pat McTommey – Ben Chapman – Chris Palato – Alvin Doegolia

Offensive PoY: Adam Biehler
, Lost Boys – AB was asked to do everything for the Lost Boys and constantly delivered, shouldering the load of 4 men!! I thought the Lost Boys were going to be in the hunt for a playoff spot, but a couple late season forfeits doomed them. Next time, next time. I have a feeling AB is going to be a free agent again next season, so who wants to pick him up?! A2 is going to be loaded, stack away boys!
Runner Up: Tim O’Keefe, RoY

Defensive PoY: O’Cal
, Vagatarians – He’s a one man press and everyone else benefits because they can get easy steals off his pressure. He’s that selfless! There are lots of guys that could be in this spot (check the All-D team below) but O’Cal was the one that set the tone for a Vagatarians team that took pride in shutting teams down.

GM: Mike Fritz
, Count It – Fritz added two solid rookies in Ben Chapman and Josh Weinberg and made sure Count It had as many late games as possible so Aziz could show up for as many games as possible. That’s what a good captain does, gets his best players there!!

5th Man: Zarmon McCray
, Vagatarians – Z repeatedly made his case to be a starter this season, but I’m stubborn and don’t like to share with others, so kept him on the bench. But every time the Cadillac Z Series was in the game he made an immediate impact and the ‘Tarians didn’t miss a beat.

All Defensive Team

O’Cal – SMul – JPress – Aziz

All-Stars – Don’t forget, the B1 West All-Stars are going to take on the B1 East All-Stars on 12/21/09 @ 8 PM! If anyone from the 1st and 2nd Team can’t make it, the guys from the ‘Honorable Mention’ team will be filling in!

1st Team All Stars

JPress – Aziz – O’Cal – Mazzone

2nd Team All Stars

BDubs – KLid – ABiehler – McTommey

Honorable Mention

Alvin – RoY – O’Keefe – Ben Fresh