Fall 09 B2 East Awards

Leave it to the Guys to finish First

And it’s that time of the season again, where I make my awards picks and you all lambaste me for being “oh so wrong”. I have a feeling I’m about to get a lot of that in the coming week. Let’s cut to the chase shall we?! Want to talk this over?! Head to the newly revamped Message Boards (http://boards.cacbasketball.com/index.php) and get in on the discussion!
MVP: Brad Mulholland, Genzyme – Was there ever really a question of who the MVP would be?! Brad carried Genzyme to a much better than expected 8-2 record and Genzyme’s third straight B2 East division title.  This time, Lawson and MNicey weren’t around, but a new cast of characters surrounded him and made him the focal point of the offense.  Brad rose to the occasion, accounting for nearly 60% of the offense on a weekly basis.  Of course, he wouldn’t be here without his teammates, who were content to play D, give him the ball and let him do his thang.
Runners Up: Q, Watson
RoY: Jeff Spann, Average Joes – With the big fella in tow, the Joes were a different team on defensive this season. Spann loves getting up for blocks and dominating the boards, sometimes its the little things that can help you win games.  But you know, the Joes struggled with attendance during the season, and are the one team that no one wants to face in the post-season if they can help it.  Spann is a big reason for that and the big fella headlined a good crew of Rooks this season. Speaking of which…

All Rookie Team
: Rather than give you a “Runners Up” blurb, here’s what you really want to see
 – Leading the way of course
Mike Trimarchi – Alnylium’s Rook kept them a float until…
Manny – This guy came along and helped the team take off
Rob Kulch – Gave N.W.O. new life and helped them get back on to

Offensive PoY: Dan Watson, Cleary Club – Another no-brainer here, as when Watson was rolling, so was the Cleary Club.  After a 5-0 start to the season, he had MVP in his cross hairs.  But after that rough patch that we won’t bother rehashing, CC still bounced back in time to claim the #3 overall seed.  Not a bad showing at all in the rough and tumble East.
Runners Up: JaySar
Defensive PoY: ‘Big Bob’ Muse, Genzyme – This was the toughest award to give out, by far this season, as no one really stood out above and beyond the rest of the pack. Defensive PR, as has been discussed extensively on the message boards, is unreliable.  So I picked a guy that was a key element on the best defensive team in the league and ran with it.  Sure, Bob’s numbers aren’t flashy but he closed down the paint against some of the best bigs in the league as Genzyme, as stated above, made a shocking run at 8-2.  It can’t all be about bread, can it?! Check further on for your All-Defensive Team!
GM: Mike D, N.W.O. – Just a season after N.W.O. was proclaimed Dead in the Water, suffering a miserable performance (missing the playoffs) Mike D had his squad in the hunt for the #1 seed until the very end.  Bringing back Chris O as well as bringing in Rob Kulch were huge improvements for the aging wrestlers as they look to breathe new life into their C.A.C. careers. Look for more of the same coming from Mike D in the current seasons, now if we could just get him to start heading over to Tommy Doyle’s for post game drinks we’d be all set!!
Runner Up: KWest
5th Man: Mike Greez, Genzyme – Ok, so Greezey isn’t even the fifth man on his own team, but he was far and away the best bench/role player in the B2 East this season.  The dude needs more PT! Someone should poll the Genzyme players about that and send it to BFab. But I digress, I’m here to celebrate Greez’s contributions in his first season at Wall Ball Arena.  The man didn’t get a lot of PT, but every time he was in the game he made sure to get the ball to Brad in an easy position to score. That effective strategy helped Zyme win a lot of games AND get him to #3  on the APG list despite the limited minutes. All that and finding his stroke at mid season led this to be the easiest award to give out.
Most Improved: Rob Gakwaya, Alnylium – Sure Rob’s stats aren’t in from last season when he started showing up for Alnylium, but believe me when I say he’s much improved this season over last at Wall Ball Arena.  He’s more aggressive, taking better shots and flying all over the place on defense.  Continued hard work and hustle will only result in better stats down the line and keep Alnylium competitive in the post-Baby Face era.  Come on, you know I had to mention him at least one more time this season!!
All Defensive Team
Muse – Spann – JOp – Trimarchi

: Remember, the B2 East All-Stars are going to play the B2 South All-Stars on 12/15/09 @ 7 PM.  The guys from the first two teams are going to represent the B2 East in the game, and if anyone can’t make it, the guys from the Honorable Mention squad will step up to the plate!

1st Team All Stars
BMul – Watson – Q – Joff

2nd Team All Stars
Spaeth – Dubois – JaySar – JOp

Honorable Mention
Spann – Nugent – Zach F – Rob K
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