Fall 2006 B2 Awards

Here are my awards for the season as voted upon by, well, me and me alone with no help from anyone, ever.  Therefore, please send all thank you cards and gifts to me and me alone. And if you have a serious problem with any of these awards and feel really angry about it, well, Adam and Serge helped me pick them and were probably responsible for whatever you are angry about, so please see them the next time you are at CRFC. Enjoy and let the controversy begin.




East: ìThe PK Broilerî Paul Krezanoski, Serenity Now.

You wonít find too many reasons not to vote for this guy unless you hate him for being so good. He lead the league in the player rater, scoring, and steals and he did so for the 8-2 Serenity Now squad which came about 3 minutes away from the #1 playoff seed. His shot is almost indefensible ñ the quickest gun in the East and his endless tenacity on defense reflects his dedication to both ends of the floor. Also receiving major consideration were Ripcordís ìThe Icemanî Jean Cadet and ìEveryoneís Favorite Point Guardî Matty Oí of top seed BALCO.


West: Mike Knemic, Genzyme

You wonít find a more complete player in any of the B leagues and possibly the A leagues as Mike returned from serious knee surgery this season to lead the Genzyme squad to a 9-1 record atop the B2 West at pretty much æ speed for this Babson hoop legend. His presence not only gives Genzyme a legit shot at the B2 West crown, but also a shot of the overall B2 championship in the unification game. Also receiving major consideration were Ben ìShaqî Heywood of ALS-TDF and Justin Amad of the B Squad.




East: The Good King Adam Kneeland, Serenity Now

Despite his futility at being a GM in the A1 league, our own Good King Adam Kneeland managed to almost completely re-assemble an already competitive Serenity Now squad into arguably a much better team that they definitely need3ed to be this year. This makes yet another GM of the Year on the CRFC staff, but I can assure you that his CRFC staff status was heavily weighed against him. Believe me, I looked for any reason not to give it to him, but he deserved it in my mind. Also receiving major consideration were whomever the BALCO GM is and Cha-Chingís Jared Ciancolo.


West: ìThe Coozî Andrew Darien, Fred Roberts

The Cooz managed to assemble a mixed bag of CRFC veterans with a few newcomers to form a very balanced team that finished with the #3 seed in the standings. And if Ken hadnít missed a few games down the stretch (which also hurt his ROY candidacy), Fred Roberts may have finished #2 or even #1. Great job by Cooz as he continues to add to his CRFC trophy case. Also receiving major consideration were Pradeep Mamman of Genzyme and Terra Curtis of Ladies First.




East: John Schmid, Biogen & Brian Greenburg, Cha-Ching

John Schmid I think was the toughest low post match-up there is in the east as his 8 foot fade away is almost in-defensible. And while he is not new to CRFC, he is new to the B2 leagues and to me. In his 1st full season at CRFC,  Brian Greenburg made Cha-Ching a serious contender for the top seed before going down with a season ending ankle injury. Greenburg was extremely valuable on both ends of the floor and his presence was sorely missed down the stretch. Both of these guys rookie cards should prove to be very valuable someday. Also receiving major consideration was Tom Reilly of BALCO.


West: Erin Johnson, Ladies First

Erin makes history at CRFC as she becomes the first woman to get an award in the CRFC menís leagues. Well, other than Kim Knauf, but she was just a perennial all-star and didnít get any individual awards to my recollection. In addition to continuing to absolutely abuse guys off the dribble, she has a very solid 12 foot jumper and also has that certain star quality that we all look for in our CRFC award winners. The fact that she is using an oversized ball, she is doing all these things against men, and her late season serge lead her past Ken Abrahmson of Fred Roberts and Mike Santos of Genzyme for this award.  All she needs now is a nickname.




East: ìThe Icemanî Jean Cadet, Ripcord  

The Icemanís long arms and leaping ability make him the best defensive player in the league, as showcased on all of our CRFC posters and website advertisements. He lead the league in rebounds, blocks and was 2nd in steals.  What more can you ask for on defense really? Also receiving major consideration were ìThe PK Broilerî Paul Krezanoski of Serenity Now and Mike Kuzdeva of Cha-Ching


West: Justin Amad, B Squad

Justin really turned up the heat on the defensive end in the 2nd half of the season to edge out the others for this award. He was 2nd in both rebounding and blocks and dominated the paint. Also receiving major consideration were Ben ìShaqî Heywood and Myron, ALS-TDF, and Chris Simpson of Fred Roberts




East: Dave Colanto, Mullets and Mark LeFave, Drago

Tough call here so I had to split the award between these two guys. But my philosophy has always been why choose between a roast beef or clam plate at Kellyís when you can really just have both? Dave played exclusively on Sunday nights, but my sources say that his game has improved greatly since last season in both scoring and rebounding. As for LeFave, I have personally seen his growth in the post since last season and Iíll take credit for it for no real reason at all. Also receiving consideration was Steve Cassidy of BALCO.


West: Akhil Goel, Expos

New daddy Akhil has emerged this season as a deadly outside shooter, the perfect compliment to Broadway Joe Andrade and Sir Brian Gowdy on this squad to make it a true three headed monster. And he doesnít dog it on the defensive end as well, making his player earn every bucket. Also receiving consideration were Steve Horton of B Squad and Wil Luera of More Cowbell.




East: Isaac Sparks, Millenium

Sparks must be a character outside of CRFC with his carefully quaffed mustache and just as carefully placed inside out shorts pockets. And with Bermont and Huestis out, he stepped up his game as well on both the scoring and rebounding departments to help his team sneak into the playoffs. And he did it all with some smooth style and calm demeanor that is very uncommon for the Millenium team. Others receiving major consideration were John Heinrich of Ripcord and Brian Fleming of Drago.


West: Chris Connelly, More Cowbell

Chris is always very mild mannered on the court and combines it with his deadly corner jumper from 12 feet that he shoots far too little of. Not only that, he routinely admits when the ball is out off of him, making my job much easier, especially at 9:55PM when I am almost asleep. Others receiving major consideration were Richard Gere look-a-like Mike OíKeefe of a Tribe Called Monkey and Gerald Young of the Expos.





ìEveryoneís Favorite Point Guardî Matty OíBrien, BALCO

ìThe PK Broilerî Paul Krezanoski, Serenity Now

ìThe Icemanî Jean Cadet, Ripcord

Mark Martineau, Solid Gold

John Schmid, Biogen



Ian Tosti, Ripcord

Usock Chang, Mullets

ìThe Big Fishî Matt Gill, BALCO

 ìThe Good Kingî Adam Kneeland, Serenity Now

Brian Greenburg, Cha-Ching



Mike Kuzdeva, Cha-Ching

Tom Duval, Solid Gold

Ken Doyle, Millenium

Sean McNabb, Drago

Tom Reilly, BALCO



ìEveryoneís Favorite Point Guardî Matty OíBrien, BALCO

ìThe PK Broilerî Paul Krezanoski, Serenity Now

Danny OíConnell, Mullets

 ìThe Icemanî Jean Cadet, Ripcord

Mike Kuzdeva, Cha-Ching



Jad Jennnings, Wheelers

ìBroadwayî Joseph Andrade, A Tribe Called Monkey

Ben ìShaqî Heywood, ALS-TDF

Mike Knemic, Genzyme

Justin Amad, B Squad



Myron, ALS-TDF

Erin Johnson, Ladies First

Ken Abrahmson, Fred Roberts

Mike Santos, Genzyme

Brian Gowdy, A Tribe Called Monkey



Terra Curtis, Ladies First

Mike Louca, Expos

Laura Weslander, Ladies First

Chris Simpson, Fred Roberts

Chuck Wong, More Cowbell



Pierre loic- Assayo, Wheelers

Myron, ALS-TDF

Ben ìShaqî Heywood, ALS

Mike Knemic, Genzyme

Justin Amad, B Squad