False Starts

Just call me Kyle Williams

So I’ve had a couple false starts this week, and last, and haven’t been ripping out the blog posts like I thought I would, or could.

Sure I can blame a number of factors on this, mainly a lack of oversight and deadline from my man upstairs, but mostly it’s on me.  I’ve got to want to put in the effort, and for you people, I usually do.  But not always.

Now that I’m on the beach for the long-weekend I can reflect back on this week and offer you a glimpse of all the entries I should have written, and who knows, many may be recycled and (under) developed in the future.

As you can see from the above paragraph, this blog had a few false starts of its own. But here we go, the ideas that I could have expanded on if I wanted to.

Another Mailbag – As the Sportsguy has made so evidently clear, a mailbag a week is NOT a good idea.  Good those things are awful and I can’t remember the last time I ‘logged on’ to Grantland.

Team Name Extravaganza – Gerrity stole this idea from me, I wasn’t just lazy.  Some of the best team names that you all have come up with:
“Pippen Ain’t Easy” – “Above the Rim-Jobs” – “Steamboats” – “Kickin Rocks” – “Weapons of Mass Seduction” – “Abusement Park” – “CAC Blockers”
the list goes on and on really.

Drafting a Fantasy – The wifie and I (and Bush! hi Bush!) had our ‘reality tv fantasy league’ idea stolen by Bill Simmons and actually do this.  We do it with good shows, though, like Top Chef, and RW/RR Challenge (ah, damn it).  I could  give you breakdowns of the league, but really, that’s pointless, who would do that?

Madden Mania – I was going to pre-order the new Madden and review it, but then I heard it was going to suck, so I didn’t.  Also, anytime I buy a new video game Caitlin just shakes her head and sighs heavily.  But she can’t do that on my Birthday right? I’ve pre-ordered the new Elder Scrolls game (release in November!) and fully plan on playing that for 72 straight hours over my birthday weekend and providing you with a review of THAT game. You’ll thank me later.

So hopefully, once this hectic week of league set-ups is finally over I’ll be able to follow through on this whole ‘blogging’ phenomenon.

Really depends on my motivational factor [free time (in hours)/ (minutes Josh is in the office * % of interwebs read)].

No matter how calculated, it’s almost always .16. That’s not a good score people.