Family Ties – CAC Title Race

This started as a joke over in Kap’s “Waaaaaah I got snubbed from the HOF” thread but it got serious pretty quickly. I mean, Kap has a point, but that isn’t what I care about. One of the three hundred Mulholland Brothers pointed ou that they can claim the unofficial ‘Most titles as a family’ record. I didn’t really buy it, but of course had to look into it. It seems like a bold statement to make, I mean the leagues are in year FIFTEEN right now, surely some other familial combination has more titles than them right?

The following lists contains the title count of as many families as could be found. Both sibling and married couples are included and all leagues are counted. Yes, every league. The 4v4 and 5v5 leagues plus each and every level of play count. A CAC title is a CAC title is a CAC title!

Here’s what I’ve come up with,


Double Digits
Ryan O’Keefe(4) + Tim O’keefe(4)+Jay O’Keefe(4)=12

Knocking on the door
Jim Sar(1) + JeffSar (1) + JaySar (7)=9
Tibbs(3) + Gripp(4)=7
Chris Harvey(2) + EJ Harvey (5)=7
Tom Finnegan(1) + Lew Finnegan (6)=7

Respectable title count 
Chris O (0) + Dan O (2) + Steve O (3)=5
Joff Spaulding(1) + Noah Spaulding (4)=5
Chas Bells(0) + Matty Bells(4)=4
Callie Durbrow(1) + Billy Durbrow(3)=4
Rob Vig(1) + Amanda Vig(3)=4
Brian Barret(1) + Josh Barrett(3)=4
Brett Dickson(2) + Jeff Dickson(2)=4

You all need to win more
Nordy (0) + Conroy (3)=3
Yavor(1) + Vladi (2)=3
Tom Layman(0) + Jay Layman (3) = 3
Meghan Gerrity(0) + Mike Gerrity(3)=3
Mike Turin (1) + Steph Turin(2)=3

Everyone wins eventually right?
JGal(1) + DGal(1)=2
Nolan(0) + KO(2)=2
John Muccio(1) + Mike Muccio(1)=2
Jeff Diprimio(1) + Jay Diprimio(1)=2
MC2(0) + MC1 (1) + MC3(1) = 2
Dave Claffey(0) + Mark Claffey (1) + Mike Claffey (0)=2
Marie De Stadler(0) + Andrew De Stadler(2)=2
Wilder Jacobelis(1) + Zak Jackobelis(1)=2
Jared (1) + Abby (0)=1
Sweeny Brothers(0) + Stacey Sweeney(1)=1 
Brandon Colon(0) + Jeremy Colon(1)=1
Kyle Mason(0) + Jeff Mason(1)=1
Mark Zermani(0) + Paul Zermani (1)=1

Disqualified because they aren’t married yet
Terry Hendo (5) + LJ (5) = 10 

What can we glean from this List? First, families that play together win together. It helps to inflate your title count if you’re on the same team. For the couples out there, that means winning a CoEd title, and 4 on the list have done just that.

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So yea, playing together will definitely inflate your title count. So let’s take a look at just the total number of UNIQUE titles that have been won. What does the top of the list look like then?

Mulhollands – 12
Jasindersons – 9 (still disqualified)
O’Keefes – 8
Sartoris – 7
VestalTibbs – 6
JohnsonHarveys – 6
Finnegans – 5

We’ve got the Mulhollands coming back to the pack quite a bit. That 6 Foot 7 Rangas all bro team really took a couple away, as did a couple of the Genzyme squads. Still an impressive haul all around for EVERYONE in the top 7. What’s that, it looks like I picked a number just arbitrary enough to keep my name in the ‘top’ list? Whatever are you talking about?!?

Am I forgetting any family combos? This list is pretty extensive but you never know. Let me know who I forgot!