Fantasy CAC Basketball: Why Not?

As many of you know by now, somebody light a fire under Tibbs and he’s trying to expand the popularity of the basketball leagues through the use of social media this season. Write-ups, wrap-ups, and weekly previews are up on the boards and players are encouraged to reply to their league scorekeepers so that it’s no longer a one-way street of smack talk.

That’s all well and good, but if he really wants to increase the popularity of various leagues by involving people that would otherwise have no connection to them, then we should definitely start a Fantasy CAC Basketball pool.

Think about it. Why is anyone interested in the box score of a Wizards-76ers game in mid-January? Why do people get all hyped up when someone catches a touchdown in garbage-time? The answer is gambling. Not even the promise of monetary gain, but simply the satisfaction that you out-performed the other shlubs trying to predict this stuff.


So, if that skewed sense of achievement was shifted to how we view CAC leagues, then who wouldn’t check the stats and write-ups of every game that their players were involved in? Here’s how it might work:

Teams select 12 players from different leagues.

1 from A Draft, B Draft, B2 4v4, and Sunday Morning League (4 total from 4v4 leagues)

1 from the A 5v5, B1 5v5, 5v5 Draft, B2, Corporate Leagues, Co-Ed (6 from 5v5 leagues) + 2 Utility spots that can be players from any league.


As of right now it would be a 7-category head-to-head format, since scorekeepers are only (required) to track pts, rebs, asts, stls, blks, FT %, 3pt, and 3pt %. If everyone was an overachiever like SamBo and the Garbage Man and kept track of true shooting percentage we could add FG%, but God help us if the stat-guys have to track turnovers or anything else.

Speaking of which, perhaps the biggest hurdle to get this thing going would be how to address conflict of interest issues. Aside from the fact that some players who lack the integrity to play solid defense (a.k.a me) may deliberately let the person their guarding score if the opposing player happens to be on their fantasy team, this CAC friends & family “experts” league would likely be filled with employees who either ref or keep stats for at least one of these leagues.

I’m sure there are ways around this problem, namely, you can’t draft anyone in the leagues that you work in and your teammates will murder you if you deliberately let people score. Even if it is a blowout and you pretend it’s not intentional.


It boils down to who’s going to compile the stats for each 12-man roster in order to figure out who wins each week. Maybe someone more tech-savvy than myself can volunteer a computer program to help us out, but if there’s such a thing as Fantasy Nascar you have to assume that this kind of obscure number-crunching is possible.

Feel free to point out solutions or more problems with this spectacularly bizarre idea. Let’s make it happen!

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