First Season as a Co-Ed Scribe

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This was my 3rd full season playing in the CAC, making my CAC debut back in the Fall of 2010 for the now defunct Dizzy Llamas franchise(well I guess they aren’t defunct but have moved on to form their own league).  Having been around for a while I always loved reading the write-ups and looking over the stats provided by the various scribes that covered the different seasons that I took part in.  Because of that I reached out to Tibbs, the infamous ginger kid who runs the CAC Basketball show, to see what being a scorekeeper was all about.  I found out the pay(the reward from doing the work and the fun I have doing it is definitely much better than the pay) and decided to sign up to cover the Co-Ed North to be played on Sunday evenings at the Winter Hill School.

I anxiously awaited the season, especially once I found out that CAC co-ed legend and the scorekeeper who inspired me to join the CAC staff ranks, Rory Duyon, was going to be helping me learn the ropes during the first night of games.  I showed up to Winter Hill 30 minutes prior to game time with a fresh pencil, notebook, scoreboard and ball.  Ready to go and as excited for my first day on the job as I was for my first day of Kindergarten a little over 20 years ago.  Rory showed up shortly after to give me a quick overview and some tips on how to best handle the tasks of a scorekeeper.  I also found out on this evening that I was going to get to work with Heather Marino, another legend, as she would be refereeing this season.  It was shaping up to be a good first season as a scorekeeper.

Then we had the tip, and things turned out to be not so easy.  I had Rory still sitting beside me helping me catch all of the stats and points on the scoreboard.  Even with his help I was putting rebounds under the stat column, giving points to the wrong player, not stopping and starting the clock on time, making all kinds of other rookie mistakes.  All the time thinking to myself “what did I get myself into, am I going to be the worst scorekeeper in the history of CAC?” But alas I would start to figure it out, even by the end of that night I started to develop a system and felt that my accuracy of stat and score tracking was improving exponentially.  Except for some reason I still didn’t operate the clock well, as Heather many times had to yell “CLOCK!” across the court at me. Sorry Heather, I still owe you those 5 minutes back.

Finally the last buzzer went off and it was time for some post-game drinks at Tavern down the street.  I was hanging out with a bunch of the members from Here for the Gang Bang and chatting a little with Rory and L-Mac(also a staff member) about some tips and tricks.  They were giving me some of their style tips and I took those into account so I could do a better job the following week.  As the season went on and I covered more games, including some in the West and South, I was able to start to improve and make sure that all of your precious stats and PR points were kept properly.  I know how much I love my stats so I want to give each of you the same level of quality that I hope to see when I play.  For those of you who end up covering a league I play in, you can blame Rory for my high expectations out of a scorekeeper, he’s pretty damn good.

As the season progressed I started to love this job more and more, which is great because like I mentioned about the pay earlier, I’m definitely not doing it for the money.  I started to find myself looking forward to keeping score more than actually playing for my Tuesday Night team Make it Drizzle.  It became a lot of fun, I got to hang out with CAC Legends like the Minotaur, Pegasus, Nibs the Balla, Jane Stockton, among many others and the post-game shenanigans didn’t hurt, can’t go wrong with $7 pitchers, steak tips, and pop-a-shot.  I would say overall my first season as a scorekeeper was a success, despite being admittedly terrible at tracking blocked shots and still forgetting to start the clock after a timeout on occasion.  I’m very much looking forward to my next challenge as a Co-Ed scorekeeper, I’ll be taking over for the man who inspired me to join the staff ranks, Mr. Rory Duyon, in the West.  The West is shaping up to be incredibly competitive, I’ve seen a short list of the teams who will be joining the ranks and I am excited to see some good basketball as well as hang out with some of the all-time co-ed greats.

I’ll see everyone on the courts soon, whether it’s playing against you or keeping your stats.  And always remember, I love an ice cold beverage to keep me happy and loose while keeping score.