Franchise Draft League Awards Fall 2019

MVP: Dan Lerner

You can probably repeat after said above about the OPOY, since those guys are the better players in the league. Since, I’m not Major League Baseball, you do have to be on a good team to win this award. Hof, has a good case, but his team did win a playoff game without him. Everyone on YRC is disqualified for making their teammates worst. You could make a case that Casey and Lahai were just as valuable to their team as the other. AY35 really struggled towards the end without Lahai there. The strength of HMD was their team as a whole and their depth, so I’d shy away from any one person, though MacDonald’s value was shown in the playoffs. Tits and Lerner were both sky to their team’s success.


I’m going with Lerner here. He has a bunch of good stats, rebounding, scoring, etc……His best stat is probably his team’s 7-0 record with him to close out the regular season. He also had the burden of playing as a big throughout the season for his team. They looked elite with him and quite below average with him. This will be his second MVP, which means he’ll have to step it way up to get another.

Offensive Player of the Season: Ryan Hoff

We’ll start with the usual suspects. Casey, had a good offense year, in a weird type of offense, where isolation was king. Hof, scored a whole bunch of points. Lerner thrived in his team’s run-n-gun offense, that allowed him to show off his best qualities. Tits had himself a good offensive year too averaging 17 PPG and 5 APG. MacDonald was good, when he wasn’t committing a bunch of charges.


I think Hof is the choice here. He had a lot of good things going for him, like being the only ball handler on his team to start and having guys were willing to pass a lot. However, scoring 40 PPG at 47% from 3, whole averaging 5 APG is pretty damn good and hard to overlook.

Defensive Player of the Season: Dan Buckley

Let’s start with the usual suspects. Baxter, Pendergast and MacDonald all usually play good defense. They normally take the best guys and do a pretty good job of limiting the destruction. Were any of the three any better than last season, meh. Now, for our unusually suspects, Tits had himself a good defensive season. He was always taking on the bigger dudes in our league, facing a size disadvantage and did one hell of a job. He held his ground and was good at limiting the scoring inside. Lastly, Buckley took on every top scorer in the league every week and held his own. His team didn’t have many choices and he stepped up to the challenge.


Buckley, isn’t as flashy as some of the other candidates up for the award, but I thought he did the best job all season on defense. Every week he would take the other team’s top players, even if I would consider them out of his range defensively. Every week he was up for the challenge and allowed his team to stay in every game. Then when it came playoff time, he outplayed Pendergast and Lerner in the playoffs, to help his team win both games. That’s a hell of an effort for someone who went so cheap. He earned this honor.

GM of the Season: Casey Tenney 6-3

This award was tougher than usual, because of the circumstances for every captain. Macdonald, put together a hell of a squad, with a bunch of guys who have played with each other multiple times now. They performed well in the regular season and were primed for a big playoff push. That came up short due to absences, but nonetheless they were a team to be reckoned with. Chad’s team ended with the regular season with a 7 game winning streak, on the back of Lerner and Tits, who played exceptional for them down the stretch. People thought Chad might have a height problem, that didn’t seem to matter for them. They had a really great season until they ran into the Buckley machine. Lastly, I thought Casey did a good job in his second season, of putting a team together with his limited funding. He gambled on two rookies and it paid off him in the regular season. Losing to playoff Harry is nothing to be ashamed of.

Casey Tenney 2019 THHHHHHEEEEEE Franchise League GM Of the Year:

It really could have gone either way here, but I felt Casey did the best job considering everything. Chad, had his guy Tits in the bag the whole way and the money needed to secure Lerner, who he had never seen before. It’s hard to give too much credit when he had no choice, but to take him. MacDonald basically ran back his same team for the past two seasons and none of those guys were going to leave him. Casey, took the biggest gamble anyone has ever taken by trusting Chas’s ability to recognize talent. Kudos to him.

5th/6th Man of the Season: Ryan McNabb

Like every season, there’s always a bunch of absences, so it’s hard to find guys who are constantly coming off the bench, but I’ll do my best. We’ll start with the most obvious candidate, ME!!!!!!! Who better? No one, the end. Ok, enough about me, I thought Vinny came on late for his team. He would hit a bunch of big treys for his team, including their two big wins to close the season. Hamill had himself some very good games, like Vinny, doing so in upset wins. Jeffrey’s bench mate, also had a good season. He improved his scoring average by 2 points, including upping his blocks per game. That’s right, you heard me! We have to include AAAAAAAAAAMIR as well, who scored his 1,000th point this season.


That’s right, I’m going with McNabb here and I’ll tell you why. I feel like the other guys mentioned had their best games as starters, instead of when they came off the bench. McNabb, was great at providing energy when he came off the bench, with some epic blocks on guys this season. I couldn’t believe the number of powerful swats we got from him and that always energized his squad. He’s purely a bench guy and he’s always bringing the energy his team needs.