Franchise League Draft Night Review Part I

Part 1 covers the draft happenings, updating some rules/regulations and covers the preseason games. Part 2 will be my preseason power rankings and be out later today!


4/30/2013 7:00 PM C.A.C. BDraft HOF vs. BURKE

4/30/2013 7:30 PM C.A.C. Better With Beer vs. Bankable

4/30/2013 8:00 PM C.A.C. Jerk Store vs. TRISTAN

4/30/2013 8:30 PM C.A.C. Less Money, No Problem vs. Extraordinary Gentlemen

Everyone got that? As always, preseason games are half an hour scrimmages with no ref and no stats being kept. It’s a ‘get to know your teammate’ type pick-up run. Good times! If teams need a guy or two to make the games work, no biggie, just volunteer your services

Captains have until noon on Thursday 5/2 to submit their final contracts to the League Offices. If a captain wishes to extend a second season to a player they can, and the player must agree to it for it to be binding. If the player declines, they are on a 1 season contract and hit free agency after the season is over.

Power to the People!

You can keep up to date with the all the contracts that were given out last night as well as those that are extended to a second season on the Draft Board. Here it is again:


We kicked things off 20 minutes late as we were waiting for Jamil to get to CAC and Kuz to stop celebrating his A Draft title. We were mostly jealous that we didn’t just win a chip. Of all the guys in the room, only Kuz had won it all in the Winter 2013 season.

6 of the 8 captains were in the draft room. Sam was closing Tech Square, sitting in a dark office with the windows drawn and some mood music on in the background. Mals, meanwhile, was living it up in the penthouse suite at Mohegan Sun and taking time away from partying with Geno Auriemma to conduct his draft. Everyone else was at CAC, along with Terry, Keith and STAT who decided to stick around and check out the proceedings and eat free pizza.

Things started off with a bang as Wolf came off the board first and Jamil shocked everyone by winning the bid at 23.9. I don’t think Jamil knew who Wolf was until he saw the tail end of the A Drfat Finals, where he scored 44 points and pulled down 17 rebounds. You can’t go wrong with Wolf as your #1 guy.

Terry quickly came off the board next as Mals and Sam had an online bidding war for him. Terry was praying that Mals came through in the end, but Sam ended up handing out the highest contract in Franchise Draft History at 24.4 for 1 season. His second season will end up costing Boyer $29.4. That’s a lot of dough!

Line of the night happened pretty early on and easily belonged to STAT who quipped, “I’m not sure if I’m comfortable being in a room with a bunch of white guys bidding on me.” That, of course, made everyone uncomfortable for a second before Tristan got him for the low, low price of $16.

Things got really interesting when Drew and Tristan got into a bidding war for Keith. Matty was all jacked up, pacing around the room and saying, “This is already more fun than I imagined!”. Drew ended up wildly overpaying for Keith’s simply to keep his hookup at $23.2.  I mean, that’s $7.2 more than STAT went off the board for the pick before. That’s insane!

NOT as insane as when I quickly came up for bid afterwards. What started out as a $10 opening bid (already too high!) quickly grew into another bidding war. I think we had a total of about 4 players that didn’t end up being fought over to the exact tenth of a dollar. Seriously, the captains were ‘raising’ the salary .1 at a time.  Come on Kuz, raise it more than that!! As you can imagine, early on that took some serious time. Anyway, Burke ended up overpaying for me and 17.3 is my new lucky number.

As the draft wore on, Terry was frantically texting Sam, giving him all kinds of insider information from the War Room that he really should have been in attendance to be getting. For some reason, Hoerner came off the board well into the night and they were able to get him for a good price. That will ensure Terry shows up and tries this season. After threatening to be the first ‘1 and done’ player in the league, my sources have told me he’s reconsidering his stance against a second season contract if Hoerner is on board as well.

The picks all started to blur together by 9:20. I’m calling captains by the wrong name, barely patient enough to wait for Sam and Mals to put their bids in online and am just a wreck. Burke pulls me out of my funk by absolutely swindling the rest of the league for Elijah for just $14.6. I’m so excited about this, that I no longer have to guard the other’s team’s best player, that I get my second wind.

At 9:30 PM Keith is finally sick and tired of the lack of pizza in the room so goes to the front desk to track down the Arams #2 delivery guy. He’s good at intimidating people. 20 minutes later the pizza shows up and we got $15 bucks off the bill! I was pretty happy about that since it comes out of the league coffers. Yes, I’m almost as cheap as Josh, why do you ask?

As a couple captains run out of salary cap room early (Mals/Kuz/Matty) so there is great value as the draft winds down. It also makes the draft go faster when captains literally don’t have enough salary cap room to make further bids on players. The pace really picks up during the last dozen picks.

I can’t reiterate this enough, Mahoney was a STEAL. Sweet shooting lefty will be capable of putting up big numbers, but on a team with Weinstein, seems a little redundant for Drew. I’m mostly just jealous we didn’t get him.

Tristan is the first captain that fills all 5 of his spots, but he sticks it out for the rest of the draft while Matty and Burke bolt as soon as their rosters are complete. I can’t blame them, it was almost 10:30 by that point. How did I get suckered into giving Terry a ride home when he wouldn’t even tell Sam to bid on me?!


My thoughts on some of the contracts that were handed out last night.

“Max” Contracts
Terry (24.4), Joachin (24) Wolf (23.9), Werth (23.5), Keith (23.2)

There was no ‘max’ ceiling, but these guys all went for over the $20 threshold that I wasn’t sure if people were going to break. Look, I guess if Tony Romo can sign a $119 million dollar extension you can justify having Keith in this group. There’s a huge $5 gap between Keith’s contract and the next highest player, Said. It will be very interesting to see if these Max Contract guys, who will eat up a lot of season 2’s cap, end up on the free agent market or if they’re good enough value that it doesn’t matter!

Said (18.3) Hoerner (18), BArms (17.5) Tibbs (17.3), Oullette (17), Osgood (16.4), STAT (16), Chanel (15), Leblanc (15)

Obviously if you looked at my rankings you can tell that I think the best strategy was to get two guys at the ‘2nd’ level and build around them. Teams that were able to do so stand pretty high on my power rankings before we play a game. Guys like Hoerner, BArms, Oullette and Osgood have all shown in the past that they’re able to carry a team nearly single handedly. Not STAT though, that’s why Tristan made sure to get Said. God that’d be a great pairing if only Kap weren’t going to muddle it up. You guys, I have the 9th highest cap hit in the league! I couldn’t have a bigger ego about that right now. I’m putting up Shots on Shots on Shots this season.

Bargain Hunting
Hexx (14.6), Ulises (11), Rip (6.9), Nate (5.7), Mahoney (5.1)

This is a great group of guys that by mid-season will be seen as wildly underpaid. When Mahoney puts up numbers very similar to Vladi (11) and Weinstein (12.8) everyone is going to bemoan the fact that Drew has the opportunity to have him for a second season at just 7.1. Deals for Rip and Nate are similarly valuable in the second season if the captains decide to extend them contracts. Ulises, meanwhile, if he had any CAC experience, would have gone for ‘cornerstone’ prices.

Veteran Minimum
Carver (3), Nolan (2.5), Ruff (2.3), McCarty (1)

There are my favorite vet minimum contracts. Ruff provides a ton of offense and gives Mals one of the best benches in the league at a super affordable price. Kuz needed some size at the end of the night and got it with ‘The Animal’ of 5v5 Draft fame. Pat will rebound the hell out of the ball, use all 5 of his fouls and be an intimidating and annoying presence in the paint for other teams to deal with. Nolan is a maniac on both ends of the floor and Burke’s goal all night long was to leave enough cap room to make sure to get him late. Matty will get plenty of defense and hustle from Carver.

All in all this was a great first Franchise League Draft! The season is going to be a battle every night, will get great coverage and I’m relying on all of you to up your shit-talking game on the message boards. Let’s get to it!