Franchise League Draft Night Review Part II


And we’re back!

Draft night was great and all, and usually its the highlight of many a fantasy football (baseball/basketball) season, but this ain’t real life, we’ve got games to play!

Here’s how I see every team stacking up before they hit the court tonight and next week. Every couple of weeks I’m going to update this power poll and track the teams’ movements up and down it.

I’m sure you all think I’m waaaay off with my initial rankings. We’ll see…


8 – Jerk Store – Kuz (6), Werth (23.5), Ouellette (17), BRob (8.2), Carlos (1), McCarty (1)

Kuz was patient, knew the guys he wanted but was STILL forced into a couple of bidding wars for Werth and Ouellette. That left him with only $11.5 for his last 3 picks. I like the starting 4 but it will be interesting to see how the bench steps up to produce. Someone has to be last and I might as well pick on a first time captain. Sorry Kuz!

7 – Less Money, No Problem – Drew (6), Keith (23.2), Weinstein (12.8), Lunn (7.2), Mahoney (5.1), Goldman (2)

Ranking these teams is incredibly tough and despite over paying for Keith, Drew got great value for Weinstein and Mahoney. Rumors were swirling that Lunn injured himself at pick-up last week and will miss the first few weeks of the season. If that’s true, it really hurts this team’s depth and you don’t really want to get off to a slow start. It’s not like there are any gimmies on the schedule. If tales of Lunn’s decline are grossly exaggerated that would certainly help them compete, sizewise, with some of the bigger squads in the league.

6 – TRISTAN’S UNNAMED PROJECT – Tristan (1.5), Said (18.3), STAT (16), Royer (9.6), Kap (9), Golden (3.6)

This experiment will be very interesting. Kap, always a vocal basher of STAT, will be sliding over to shooting guard after Tristan went all in on Said as his third player. Of course, STAT was such a bargain that he was able to have plenty of money to get the guys he wanted late. Royer and Golden were great value adds, but it will all come down to how well this backcourt can and will co-exist. Said clearly was valued highly by some captains in the league based off of his salary, but I heard rumblings that he ‘wasn’t worth it’ and ‘wouldn’t fit’ with this team. Guys, it’s all about skill, this team has plenty.

5 – Extraordinary Gentlemen – Sam (0), Terry (24.4), Hoerner (18), Hashim (6.9), Phillip (3.7) Francisco (1.7)

Probably a little low for this squad, but their success relies heavily on the two unknowns, Hashim and Phillip. Sam is already insulted that they’re not top 2 in the league, but until I see the rooks in action, I can’t go any higher. The Boyer/Francisco bench mob isn’t going to scare anyone physically even though Sam spend the offseason doing steroids and lifting out at every opportunity. Kid still hasn’t broken 150 elbees.

4 – Bankable – Mals (0), BArms (17.5), Osgood (16.4), Chanel (15), BWalsh (6.8), Ruff (2.3)

This team is a little small but they have offense for days. Seriously, days! BArms and Osgood are coming off an SML season playing together and I think that will only help this team’s chemistry. Chanel and Ruff can bang 3s and handle, but the more I look at this roster, the more concerned about their size issues I’m becoming. Maybe the throw out a DIAMOND or 2-2 zone at the league? That’d be hilarious.

3 – B Draft HOF – Matty (0), Joachin (24), Leblanc (15), Fraher (8), Lania (8), Carver (3)

Matty’s strategy was pretty obviously early-on. He nominated guys he didn’t really want and let everyone else fight over them. He swooped in at the last minute raising bids on the guys he did want and pricing many people out of the Joachin and Leblanc sweepstakes. Matty knows these guys from B Draft, know they’ll play well and that their games compliment each other. Fraher just won the B Draft with a team of similar style (replace Haas with Joachin – Sarro with Matty – Downey with Lania – Salley with Carver and Leblanc with Leblanc) but this ain’t B Draft! Seriously though, don’t sleep on these guys.

2 – SPF 80 – Burke (1.5), Tibbs (17.3), Elijah (14.6), Vladi (11), Rip (6.9), Nolan (2.5)

Fitting team name, I did almost burn this week the instant the temp hit 60 degrees. Burke did one of the best jobs with his salary cap, only over paying for one guy (ME!) and filling out the rest of the roster with absolutely great value later in the draft. I am so excited to play with this squad. We’ve got D (Hexx/Burke/Nolan) and O (Vladi/Rip) and the out-of-shape white guy that plays the role of cheerleader that the league comes to love. Wait, you people will never love me, will you?!  As Terry said, “Burke, at least you now know you’re losing in the Finals next season.”

1 – Better with Beer – Jamil (6), Wolf (23.9), Ulises (11), Farmon (5.8), Nate (5.7), Jackson (5.6)

Wolf, the best player in the league, has the third highest salary. I’m thinking Matty shouldn’t have nominated him first overall. It only took a few more picks to realize that the league has severely undervalued his skills. Come on people, he just became the first player since Al Smooth in 2006 to win back to back A Draft titles as a first round pick! I love that stat. This backcourt might not play a lot of D but it’s going to push the pace relentlessly.  Instead of a bidding war for Ulises Jamil just said a number that was higher than almost any other captain could afford at that point in the draft. Well played J!


Stealing this from our dearly departed Tommy Kahana.

MVP – Wolf – He’s going to need a bigger display case for all his hardware

RoY – Ulises – Of the handful of new to CAC rookies he is the most hyped prospect
DPoY – Hexx – With a guy like me on his team, Hexx is going to want to guard every team’s best player and do it well.
OPoY – Said/Leblanc – It’s a guard’s world and we’re all just livin in it
GM – Burke – Like I was going to pick anyone else
5th Man – Ruff – assuming he accepts a bench role of course
Bench Mob – Ruff/Nolan/McCarty/Mahoney
All-CAC 1st Team – Wolf/Terry/Said/Leblanc
All-CAC 2nd Team – Joachin/BArms/Werth/Hexx
All-Overpaid Team – Keith/Tibbs/Lunn/STAT – I hate because I love
All-Underpaid Team – Mahoney/Kap/Ulises/Vladi – STEAL!
Chatterbox – Nate – going to live it up on the boards this season
All-Haters Team – Ruff/Keith/Said/Kap – No matter what I say they’re going to assume I’m hating on them

That’s about as in-depth as I get people! Let’s have a great season, I’ll be talking shit on the boards, on Twitter, to your face on game day. BRING IT!