Free Interview Opportunity

Have you ever dreamed of being in Tical’s Corner?  If so, here is your chance to prove your loyalty to the Corner.

Anyone who purchases the following shirt and burns it will become eligible for Interviewee status.

Remember, when you burn this shirt you are not only burning a mere Tee-shirt, you are burning the fabric of ignorance and intolerance.  People with Unibrows are not to be feared or persecuted against, especially by nothing more than textbook cotton propaganda.  You may say, “Cmon Tical its just a Tee-shirt.”  Well let me remind you slack-jawed yocals that when Stalin took over in the Communist USSR, his first order of business was to Nationalize the Tee-shirt making industry, which led to such propoganda as:

With catchy slogans like this, its no wonder why Communism spread throughout the globe and the world slipped into a cold war for 50 years.  So please, if you bleed red, white, and blue, it is your American duty to buy that Unibrow Tee-Shirt, burn it, and support your local bloggers lifestyle before me and my commrades are further persecuted.