Grand Opening

Welcome to JBerr’s Box. It’s the newest addition to the CAC blog line-up. Wolverine has a Trap, Tical has a Corner so I demanded a BOX! What’s that? Oh, Tibbs, no, yeah…I left him out intentionally. According to my contract it’s actually required along with: shamelessly praising the MixTape often and more often, making frequent references to Tical’s caterpillars & mom, suggesting to Wolverine that it might be healthy to pull himself away from his kitty on saturday nights and leave his apartment, questioning Gripp’s taste of men, dropping the Commish’s name here and there (check) and finally shrouding my entires with as many sexual innuendos as possible. I know what you’re thinking, “She just scored the easiest job ever!!” You’re damn right I did, now back off. In fact, let me lay a few ‘ground rules’ of my own…

1. This is my box; VIPs and invitation only.

2. Leave your clothes @ the door. No Exceptions.

3. Once inside, shudder with pleasure in awe & wonder…at the sweet autographed photo of me and the Fonz.

4. “Carry In Carry Out”…Whatever you bring in with you must also leave with you. Nothing I dislike more than having a mess to clean.

5. And finally, Please don’t touch my rare collection of C-Lit (Cultural Literature) unless you know how to properly handle it. It’s expensive.

I’ve always worn the #5 on my uniforms so we’ll leave it at there for now. Now, more about the Box. The Commish has been workin on gettin me this Box right in front of CAC for a while now. In fact, you may have noticed the inconvenient construction at the main entrance, that’s what’s up. Anyways, I’m looking to attract a more ‘heightened’ clientËle so I’ve torn out the carpet in my Box and am planning on putting in some hard wood as soon as I can afford it. It’s a tight space, but it’ll have to do for now..and who am I to complain–I’m new at this.

Little did I know that I would be making my debut after such an infamous weekend, but what would a 25th Birthay be without some scandalous happenings. Who cares if it was OCal’s birthday and not mine??  I’ll take any opportunity to steal the limelight, and with the crowd we had on Saturday Aug 2 it was the perfect stage for something historical to go down… The oldest member of the late CRFC kidnapping one of CACs youngest bebes. If you want details peep Trapped: My NightThe Wolverine Den.

So you’re probably wondering what JBerr’s box has to offer and all I can say is a much needed ladies perspective of the usual fanfare ie: league previews & awards, some interviews of those up & coming ballers and maybe if I can afford them some of the hall o famers, splashed with some social commentary, CAC related news and if you’re lucky a dash of wit. Just don’t expect too much, after all I’m only a lady, so if this sucks then you can just blame it solely on that factor, and blame the Commish for giving me a mic. Someone has to represent vox populi, sorry ladies, they nominated me out of a candidate pool of 1…me. And honestly, who would else would dedicate their valuable time to this??? [long pause]…that’s what I thought!

So stay tuned for more action to come. And I will leave you with one small piece of advice…if you want your birthday party to be all about you (as it should be) don’t invite me.