Guess Whose Back With A Brand New Track

Guess Whose Back with a Brand New Track –

Sorry for the hiatus, but its been some time that ya boi has had some time to do some blogging.  For the 2 loyal readers still out there, I apologize.

Shoot for Two

First and foremost, congrats to RoY and Mrs. RoY on the soon to be released twins who have been incarcerated in Mrs. RoY’s womb for the last 9 months…And who said Tommy can’t shoot 2’s?

I’m sure along with a hospital bag by the door for Mrs. Roy in case they need to make a dash to the hospital, Tommy has a bag right next to Mrs. Roy’s complete with UNC head and wristbands to slap on the twins heads as soon as they pop out.  Hey, you need something besides Pink and Blue blankets to tell your kids apart from the rest of the pack in the newborn ward.

New Threats to Me Finding a Wife

More recently, I received some very troublesome news in my pursuit of finding someone to spend the rest of my life with.  So not only I am competing with Lesbians, Sobriety, and men with a lot more to offer, now I have to compete with Coregasms?

Really?  Like I didn’t have enough competition already?  The Russian Mail Order or “I need US Visa woman from El Salvador” options are slowly becoming my best bets.

Coming to Giselle’s Defense

After the Super Bowl, I don’t care what anyone says, I finally love Giselle Brady.  She has her man’s back and I can respect that, especially when there was some static over the ball thrown that Welker dropped.  Ladies, please take note.  I hope my future wife tells my CAC team during the game, “Guys, Sean can’t turn the ball over AND get it back all by himself now, step up.”  (of course it may be said in a Russian or El Salvadorian dialect, but nonetheless, I will translate for you)

Bring Back D’Antoni

Anyone else cringe the day the Knicks fired D’Antoni?  I always felt like he was the 6th Man for the Celtics when we played them the last 2 years.  I typically go against the grain and place the blame of the players when the coach of a very talented team has to fall on the sword (see Terry Francona), but I cannot defend D’Antoni on this one.  He just seems like the Substitute Teacher that everyone fires spit balls at and doesn’t respect despite the fact that the man obviously knows at least something about the game.  If healthy and without D’Antoni, the Knicks may be trouble in a 7 game series.  RIP LinSanity Dream Season


3.5 Years until Calipari’s 2012 Final Four Banner is taken away because Anthony Davis’ unibrow received improper benefits…from one dude with a unibrow to another, love his game and the look.  Just shocked that no one has mistaken me for him on the streets.  We pretty much play hoops and look identical.