Josh Smith

Hey Josh, this guy Jordan I got on my draft sheet, yea Michael Jordan, is he a first round pick? Josh “Naw, not really. He’s more of a 3rd or 4th rounder.” SANDBAGGER!!!. If you are or have ever played in a CAC basketball league(s) you got Josh to thank for all the times your old lady has bitched at you spending your kid’s college tuition on basketball. The Commish is a two time brick hoister, a great assist man and since his retirement there has been NO ONE that could sandbag like he could.

There is no one who outworks the Commish at CAC to ensure that all you players receive the best basketball league around. ~O’Cal

Number of Titles: 3
Tiltles: Summer 03 - Ghettofabulous, Winter 04 - Gin & Juice, Winter 06 - Triple Fat Goose
Matt Filosa

If I win as many bricks as the Wolverine has had mid-life crises, then I will be the most winningest player ever to grace the CAC cage. Optometrists assure me he has 20/20 vision but his Officiating Certificate expressly states he needs at least binoculars when operating any whistle or noise related device. His affinity for obese kittens has made him ripe for ridicule, but his status as CAC’s all time leading rebounder (that’s right Turin) has ensured that Filosa is among CAC’s elite players of all times.

The man put the B league(s) on the map, has carried the torch as being CAC’s best/most consistent blogger, won a championship game with the “Wolverine Heave” from half court, coined some of the greatest nicknames, has conquered some of the most sought after vaginas and won multiple bricks/belts to boot.  Not bad for someone who has “retired” 5 different times each in search of a wife but to no avail.  ~O’Cal

Number of Titles: 5
Tiltles: Fall 01 - Thick Tubes, Winter 02 - Thicker Tubes, Summer 05 - Stackpole (A2), Fall 06 - Stackpole (A 5v5), Winter 07 - Warriors Code
Joey Diesel

Hey Diesel Mars called, the planet’s surface wants its red back from your face.  Seriously, did anyone’s face get redder than Diesel’s when he got heated?  During MLB and CAC’s glory years (no drug testing) Diesel excelled as a GM, an employee and probably the greatest writer-upper of all time.  Recent drug testing and tougher drug policies at our Mexican border stymied Diesel’s CAC appearances and performances but the mark he left on CAC is indescribable.

Entertainment is what sets CAC apart from every other basketball league in the area and Diesel was the first character icon to emerge from CAC’s confines.  Diesel Talk (the original CAC or CRFC blog) was the stuff that JC would write if he wrote comedy rather than long stories about Cross Bearing.  Well, if he did write about Cross Bearings.

Sample of Diesel’s first forays into the blogosphere, before it was cool to do so

Get a grip on some of the ‘old guys’ here as well! ~O’Cal

Greg Poulos

Better known for his consistency as one of CAC’s greatest players of all time rather than winning the Gold in the Kangaroo Boxing Olympics against the Wolverine and Dirty Sanchez during some stormy pick up games, GP is CAC’s poster boy.  A born winner, a prolific player, and a pin-up amongst the lady CACers until his marriage a few years back (Sorry ladies).  GP has won bricks/belts, retains the single game scoring record of 56 points for a 36 minute game, is responsible for hitting a game winning 3/4shot in the Winter 01 Semi’s known as the “Poulos Prayer” and is the all time leader in complaints to officials.  Jordan did it, why not our own version?

If you have to draft an all-time CAC team, picking any of the thousands of players who have played in ANY league to date, Greg starts on that team HANDS DOWN. ~O’Cal

Number of Titles: 3
Tiltles: Winter 01 - West Virginia, Winter 05 - The Warriors, Summer 06 - The Justice League (A 5v5)
Jim Meldrim

Now seating Dan Marino, Karl Malone, and Jim Meldrim, table for 3.  The Former MVP never got the coveted brick but was one of the most feared guards to stick since 2000 all the while rocking the same exact grey shorts with the hole in them.  He was at one time the all time leading scorer and was dubbed Mr. MVP for an insanely hot stretch where he averaged 25 points, 8 Rebs, 7 assists for 3 straight seasons.  Although his appearances have dwindled of late, there was a point where Jim was all over the CAC scene.

Jim was one of those guys who played every second like it was game 7 of the NBA finals and was a great guy to have around.  Come back Jim! ~O’Cal

Kevin Scott

Is there anyone more competitive than the “Barking Crab?”  He once took my head off in a pick up game, screamed “piece” as the ball rolled away from my hand (as I dealt with a possible concussion), and proceeded to run down the court to score the game winning lay up without even caring that he almost decapitated me.  “Black Ice” AKA Kevy Kev popped his cherry with his Pimp Daddies in 2004 and had great success with his UCC team in A2, but Kev will always be remembered for bringing a different chick to each of his games.  Did they charge by the game or did you get a season pass?

Kev has always been beloved within the CAC community and continues to be a highly sought after LNO must have.  Anyone have some Gran Marnier? ~ O’Cal

Number of Titles: 3
Tiltles: Fall 04 - Pimp Daddies, Spring 05 - BBQ Ribs, Spring 05 - UCC (A2)
Tim Hinkel

Hey what did you do at work today? Let me guess you spent about 3 hours on the message boards and checked out your stats/writeups. People’s “refresh” buttons have never been so abused before and we have the Webmaster to thank for that. Who knew spending hours on end watching a German Rim-job website would give Tim the inspiration to start his own website, dedicated to C.A.C. Tim won the inaugural A league brick and has always maintained himself as a top 5 assist and steals guy.

Tim, sorry for costing you a brick with our Hurtin’ For A Squirtin’ squad. ~O’Cal

Number of Titles: 1
Tiltles: Fall 00 - Knicks
Ed Harmon

He once tried to trade me a guy (John Fletcher) that he didn’t have on his team.  That shows you the experience and connivery Father Time brought to CAC.  Edwin somehow always put together successful teams despite being stuck with players like GP and Chise.  He was the wily veteran that always had a knack for publicly picking on Kevy Kev (coining the “Curse of Kevin Scott” because Kev took 4 years to win) and winning bricks.  He was CAC’s version of Red Auerbach, setting the standard for all GM’s of the A1. ~O’Cal

Number of Titles: 5
Tiltles: Winter 01 - West Virginia, Fall 02 - The Warriors, Winter 03 - The Warriors, Fall 03 - The Warriors, Winter 05 - The Warriors
Jim Desilva

TRAVEL!!! Yes every time he touched the ball, Traveling Jim Dasilva traveled go figure.  Jim has to be one of the funniest guys this gym has ever seen.  From his posts calling out the Big Dawg (someone you wouldn’t want to call out) and Serge, to his pick up write ups that are stationed on the Webstite’s “News” section, the OTJ was a cornerstone of the CAC experience for some time.  He once showed up to coach the All Star game in a suit and tie, and I know that he must have had at least 2 ounces of ganga on him at all times because he was “out” there.

He just stopped showing up one week and no one has ever heard from him.  OTJ, PLEASE come back to us. ~O’Cal

Jon Mozenter

Tired of being the perennial last pick in the A1 draft, the Prof got on the Commish to create the B league where he could use his “hot potato” jump shot to strike fear into someone… anyone.  Although the jumper was still about as feared as a lashing from one of the Wolverine’s kitty’s whiskers, John immediately put the B league on the map with his superb drafting ability.  Not only that, The Prof became the playing spokesperson for the league, often being the only B leaguer represented on the message boards.  As he recruited more and more people to join in on the fun, even John would not have foresaw the ridiculous growth the B League would undertake. My man was the first GM to actually bring a dry erase board to draw up plays during time outs and half time (hence the “professor” nickname).  Without John’s pleadings and the Wolverine’s hard work, the B league may have never taken off.

And without the Prof, the vaunted PR that you all obsess over may have never come into existance!! ~O’Cal