Sean O’Callaghan

CAC’s All-Time winningest winner, he’s one of only 2 guys with double digit titles. Sure he says he doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall, but no other player has combined his skills on the court and behind the monitor quite like he has. If he wasn’t the MC of the 1st Ballot, he would have been a shoe-in. When voted on by the guys that he enshrined, he was the first of four unanimous inductees. From towel boy to local legend and he didn’t age a day in-between. Even if he un-retires more times than MJ when he eventually moves back from Houston, there’s nothing he can do to taint his legacy within Wall Ball Arena.

Well, we thought that about Eddie too, and then the hookers and even worse, Dr. Dolittle 2 happened

But seriously, O’Cal ladies and gentlemen. His blog archives ( are unparalleled for self-deprecating humor and making all you mother CACers look good. It’s been the Season of O’Cal without him stepping onto the court for a single second and he deserves this honor as much as anyone ~Tibbs

Tiltles: Fall 00 - Knicks, Summer 01 - Banana Slugs, Summer 02 - TiCal's Crew, Summer 06 - Justice League (A 5v5), Summer 07 - Love Explosion, Winter 07 - Big Nice (A2), Summer 08 - Face Down, clAss Up, Fall 08 - Big Nice (A2), Winter 09 - Big Nice (A2), Spring 11 - Sunday Morning Legends (SML)
Chris McMahon

Chris McMahon is The Franchise. When the Wolverine began the Saugus invasion he did it with Chise carrying him to multiple titles in the original A1. No one could stop the silky smooth jumper or got in his way as he’d glide to the hoop. No one would be challenging his records if the website predated 2004, when he won 4 of his 7 titles. But he knows how good he is already, he doesn’t need our little awards.

After a bout with cancer that he kicked to the curb like so many overwhelmed challengers to his basketball throne, Chise has come back stronger than ever. He’s still rigging the infamous (and exclusive) GOAT tournament and carrying a bunch of over-age, under-perfoming Saugus hacks to league relevancy. You’d think he’d be tired of everyone riding his coattails at this point, but then you wouldn’t know how big of an egomaniac he really is. ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 7
Tiltles: Fall 01 - Thick Tubes, Fall 02 - Warriors, Winter 03 - Warriors, Fall 03 - Warriors, Summer 05 - Stackpole (A2), Fall 06 - Stackpole (A 5v5), Spring 10 - Arch Stanton (Lunch League)
Dave McLaren

DMac has listened to more people complain than anyone in the history of the world. The 2nd ref in the history of the league, he’s taken more abuse than the last 3 presidents combined. As if that wasn’t enough, the Commish asked him to do write-ups when the B league expanded and he brought out the funny in his West Side Write-ups.On and off the court, no one besides O’Cal has been as influential in the CAC Basketball takeover. From bringing in new officials, to pimping the league on the weekends, DeMeezey has done it all.

The man known in pick-up as 1000 Degrees never missed a shot and won 2 titles with two of the best teams in the history of the league. His league days might be behind him, but you can still find him officiating at least 2 nights a week each season, steadfastly ignoring those that berate him and wiping his memory clean each night, never holding a grudge. It’s a true feat of human patience that should probably get more recognition, but this will have to do. ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 2
Tiltles: Spring 05 - UCC (A2), Summer 06 - Justice League (A 5v5)
Jared Perrine

The 4th unanimous candidate, as voted on by the first ballot Hall of Famers, the Hitman didn’t just own the court, he was also the man behind the video camera for over 5 years. He’s the guy that went to every.single.finals, filmed and edited the video and posted them online.Of course, he only picked out the highlights, so no one ever missed a shot. Not that you ever do.

No one could stop the Hitman’s controversial ArmBar and he’s still one of the leading scorers in A Draft history. Jared might be a runner now, but he’ll always be the Hitman to us ~ Tibbs

Number of Titles: 1
Tiltles: Spring 02 - Thicker Tubes
Ramon Penrose

Da Bronco was one of the most clutch playoff performers that ever stepped foot into Wall Ball Arena. It didn’t matter if the league’s best defender was on him, he was likely to drop 40 and have his team moving on while you shake your head and wonder how he did it. No one’s step back J was as pretty or as balanced and he made sure you knew it. Not only one of the best players, but Ramon was one of the best trashtalkers in the history of CAC Basketball. He was relentlessly ripping into your manhood as he eviscerated your team on the scoreboard. ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 4
Tiltles: Spring 05 - BBQ Ribs, Spring 05 - UCC (A2), Fall 05 - Hooded Anger, Fall 06 - Buddy Lee
Andy Danielson

Anyone who knew Andy probably still remembers where they were when they found out his life had been tragically cut short. One of the nicest guys that’s ever graced the courts at C.A.C., he is still missed by those he touched with his brief but impactful life. Basketball may be secondary, at best, to all of us at this point in our lives, but that doesn’t mean the people we meet and get to know won’t end up being an important part of who we are as we move forward. ~Tibbs

Mike Turin

Like any Hall of Famer, Hot Sizzle is a man of many nicknames, identities and strengths. He’s got as much attitude on the court as off it. I don’t know if there’s ever been another CAC Basketball player who’s been ahead of the curve so often as ‘Mixtape’ Mike Turin. Back in the internet’s (and CAC Basketball’s) infancy, if you were anonymously talking trash you were some sort of crazy rebel. That was Turin, pissing people off before everyone had to log on to a website through facebook so you could see their first and last name.

He’s the man who created the 1 on 1 game as a way to settle beef and everyone else was quick to follow suit. He was best at promoting himself, and no one else, not even Tommy ‘RoY’ Kahana comes close. He’d take young, overwhelmed stat-keepers to stripclubs just to make sure he got good press. These days he’s adding 6’8″ monsters to the 5v5 Draft League, just like he was doing to the B1 league back in 2005. The more things change, the more they stay the same. ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 1
Tiltles: Winter 08 - The Black Donnellys


No one has run the floor more times than Cheese. He plays in 2 or 3 leagues every season and is a staple at lunch pick-up runs, often playing 3 times a week. Neither rain or sleet nor shoulder injuries will slow him down. He’s had enough court time for 3 Hall of Fame careers and 2010 was easily the Year of Cheese. He won 4 titles across 4 different leagues in just 2 seasons, good luck if anyone wants to try and measure up to that in a calendar year. His desire to play, improve and be better each and every time he steps on the floor makes Cheese absolutely peerless across the leagues.

Oh and if you don’t know Cheese’s real name, you won’t find it here. It’s one of life’s few remaining mysteries. ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 7
Tiltles: Fall 03 - Warriors, Summer 04 - Passing Ruffians, Summer 08 - ODB (B1 5v5), Spring 10 - Arch Stanton (Lunch League), Spring 10 - Lotion in the Basket (B1 5v5), Fall 10 - Citizen Clown, Fall 10 - Yacht Rock (SML)
Serge Gottschalk

At this point, the Sergeon General has had more knee sergeries (see what I did there) than titles, but that only recently stopped him from playing on multiple teams each and every season. There was always wild debate about what Serge would do with the #1 pick in the draft leagues and if he’d be in contention for the Most Wasted Award at League Nights Out.  Sure he never ended up in anyone’s trunk, but Serge was always a big player off the court at league nights out, organizing parties and banging out write-ups a week late. You’ll see him hobbling around the gym these days, talking about the glory days of ‘the Central’, beer pong and Macho’s Blue Steel gaze, while plotting his comeback as if his ACL and MCL will magically regenerate tissue. Oh and it’s 100% his fault I got a job at this joint in the first place. Blame him for all your Tibbs related troubles. ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 2
Tiltles: Winter 10 - Purple Haze, Spring 10 - Doin' Work
Adam Kneeland

Almost everyone of us still toiling away, trying to get better at basketball despite our advancing age and diminishing athleticism, can probably point back to one coach we had growing up that helped nurture not only our basketball skill, but our love for the game. Those coaches stand out and that’s true with AK too. There aren’t many people who taking being a captain in a rec league seriously, but Kneeland was definitely one of those guys and those that played with him benefited.

Everyone wanted to be on a team with the Good King. Superstars, role players and bench guys alike knew that the Rattling AK would be fair with playing time, send detailed scouting reports the week of games and yell encouragement incessantly from the sidelines. He didn’t just limit himself to draft leagues either, he also crafted contenders in every team league imaginable, winning titles in 4 different leagues before his unofficial retirement this year.  Everyone should be doing everything in their power to convince AK to pick up where he left off captaining the legendary Serenity Now franchise. Hell there’s room for him to branch out even further, as the B Draft league is chock full of challenges and captains who think they’ve taken over his mantle. ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 4
Tiltles: Fall 06 - Serenity Now (B2), Fall 07 - Real & Spectacular, Winter 07 - Vance Refrigeration (B1), Fall 10 - Shirt Before The Shirt (Co-Ed 5v5)