Jon Mazzone

The MVP – He’s the only entrant in the 3rd Class to enter into the Hall unanimously. If that doesn’t say all it needs to, then you haven’t been paying attention. When Jon is in the Maz-Zone, no one was able to stop him. One of the original bigs that just wanted to jack 3s, he started an epidemic that is now spread thoughout every CAC league.  Oh and he’s also one of the winningest winners in C.A.C. history, racking up 9 titles to date while still playing in a league or two each season.

Not only is he a standout player, but he’s also started officiating in recent seasons. Not content to abuse players with the ball, he now has the ability to alter the outcomes of games with the whistle! Talk about an all-around threat. ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 9
Tiltles: Fall 04 - Kool Aid (B), Spring 06 - Kool Aid (B1), Winter 07 - Big Nice (A2), Fall 08 - Big Nice (A2), Winter 09 - Bones Says: Cummupins (B1), Winter 09 - Big Nice (A2), Fall 10 - Yacht Rock (SML), Spring 11 - Sunday Morning Legends (SML), Fall 11 - Sunday Morning Legends (SML)
Ed Finn

The Local Hero – There is no record of Ed Finn ever having worn a CAC jersey, but when you’re as good as he is, and have been playing as long, I guess that’s OK. What was Jersey City Rec’s loss was CAC Basketball’s gain.

Finn’s teams have dominated many of the team entry 4v4 leagues at CAC. The SML, the A2 (redheaded stepchild) and B1 leagues have all been terrorized by his aggressive play and unquenchable championship thirst.  Ed might be the best player in CAC history at drawing (imaginary) fouls and knocking down (very real) free throws. Thanks for that line STAT! Officiating in the A 5v5 leagues has not had the expected effect of toning down Ed’s on court antics, but then again, why should they? He’s a Hall of Famer, he can do what he wants ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 7
Tiltles: Winter 05 - Momenta (C), Spring 06 - Justice League (A 5v5), Spring 06 - Kool Aid (B1), Winter 07 - Big Nice (A2), Fall 08 - Big Nice (A2), Winter 09 - Big Nice (A2), Fall 10 - Yacht Rock (SML)
Jay Sartori

The Born Gamer – To my knowledge, JaySar is the only guy is CAC history to take his nickname, make a hat out of it, rock it, and totally pull it off. He was that cool under pressure. For those that thought there was no such thing as home court advantage, they didn’t see JaySar do work at Wall Ball Arena. Every playoff game was a performance piece, the master only able to be judged against himself. With five titles in the four season span of Spring 2006 to Spring 2007 JaySar cemented his CAC legacy long before his playing days were over.

Sure he’s now given up basketball for an attempted career in MMA fighting, but that doesn’t mean he won’t always be welcomed back to CAC Basketball. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for one of the guys responsibile for getting me my first title ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 7
Tiltles: Fall 05 - Mullets (B2), Spring 06 - Junior Mafia (A Draft), Spring 06 - Mullets (B2), Fall 06 - Mike D & The Funky Bunch (A2), Winter 07 - Warriors Code (A Draft), Spring 07 - Candymams (B1), Winter 09 - Big Nice (A2)
Tom Kahana

RoY – This is one entrant I expected would be forced to wait another class or two, but his peers have spoken and Tom Kahana is a 3rd Class Hall of Famer! Tommy came into the league back in the Fall 2006 season and made an immediate impact both on and off the floor. In his CAC debut he dropped 32 points and just a few weeks later at his first League Night Out was demanding the rookie of the year award to be given to him on the spot.

“ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!” I can still hear him yelling. That night a nickname and a legend was born.

And he just took off from their. Whether it was getting the Sunday Morning League off the ground as a staffer or terrorizing the Co-Ed leagues on the message boards and court, RoY has done it all throughout his CAC Career. ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 4
Tiltles: Winter 08 - CTC (A2), Fall 08 - Weapon X (A Draft), Winter 11 - Cold Blooded (SML), Winter 11 - 6 Foot 7 Rangas (B1)
Ian Tosti

T’N’Tosti – Ian Tosti is just one of those guys you either loved or hated. There’s no middle ground for guys’ opinions on him. You loved the fact that he was on your team and was good for 4 3s on a bad night and 10 on a good night, or you hated the fact that he took so many shots and would get riled up when he wasn’t seeing the ball. No matter what camp you’re in, there’s no denying his ability to put the ball in the hoop.

He was the player that was there in the second and sometimes third round of every draft and a captain would go, ‘wait a minute, Ian’s still available?! Give me Tosti and the Championship!’ More often than not, they were right, as he’s got 6 ‘chips on his resume, 5 of them coveted A Draft Bricks. He’s hit the most 3s in A Draft history. He’s played so long, he has more seasons played when we didn’t track 3s made than when we have. He’s the Mad Bomber on CAC and deserves this honor. ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 6
Tiltles: Fall 05 - Wizards (B2), Spring 06 - Junior Mafia (A Draft), Winter 07 - Warriors Code (A Draft), Spring 08 - Face Down, clAss Up (A Draft), Winter 09 - The Love Guns (A Draft), Spring 09 - Write It Off (A Draft)
Tim Brady

The Greatest American Hero – I’m pumped that Tim Brady was elected into the 3rd Class of the CAC Hall of Fame. From 2004 to 2008 you couldn’t play at Wall Ball Arena without knowing who and what Tim Brady was. He was one of those guys that perfectly straddled both the early ‘A’ and ‘B’ leagues as a captain and player. Brady always brought it on the court and on the message boards while ever backing down from a night of drinking. ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 2
Tiltles: Spring 03 - Ghettofabulous (A Draft), Spring 04 - Passing Ruffians (A Draft)
Mike Diranian

The Wiley Vet – Mike D is the ultimate sandbagger. He’s been in more leagues, and played on more teams, than almost anyone in CAC’s history without hardly breaking a sweat. That’s because there was always some new superstar on his squad that would absolutely demoralize the league he was playing in. No one added more previously unknown ‘legends’ to the league than Mike D aside from the Wolverine. It’s no coincidence they were all from Saugus.

Instead of getting divorced as a result of playing on 37 teams from 2006 – 2010, he actually has more kids than titles. I honestly have no idea how that’s possible. He has also picked up larger tabs at the 99 after games than most people pay in league fees for their entire CAC career. Those postgame outings often turned into recruiting trips, where competitors would find themselves on one of Mike’s teams the next season. Come back to us Mike D, CAC isn’t the same without you! ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 4
Tiltles: Spring 06 - Mullets (B2), Fall 06 - Mike D & The Funky Bunch, Winter 07 - Mullets (B2), Spring 07 - Candymams (B1)
Godrey Chua

Along with the Professor, Godfrey was one player/captain that really pushed hard for the B Leagues to succeed in the early days. Whether it was putting in his own squads, running pick-up or just being an all-around great guy, Godfrey was known throughout the CAC.  He was the first player to have a title in both the A and B leagues and has more GM of the season awards than any other CAC in history. It’s a fact.

To steal an oft used headline from the Wolverine, ‘Thank-Godfrey!’ ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 3
Tiltles: Fall 01 - Thicker Tubes (A Draft), Spring 04 - Super 88 (B), Spring 05 - Foot Clan (B2)
Caitlin Vestal Tibbetts

Gripp – After lighting up the men’s leagues in her first couple seasons, PackAVestal moved to the Ladies league and started dominating right away. Four straight MVP seasons is not only impressive, it’s a record for any CAC Basketball league, and she has the t-shirt to prove it. When her Icebox team finally broke through for their first title in Spring 2008 it was a joyous occasion and easily one of the highlights of her career.

She has since settled for marrying yours truly, helped to usher in a wave of talented ladies into the Co-Ed leagues and generally been better at basketball than myself. ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 4
Tiltles: Spring 08 - Icebox (Women's 4v4), Spring 08 - CAC Blockers (Women's 5v5), Fall 08 - Hot Dog Toboggan (Women's 4v4), Fall 10 - Shirt Before The Shirt (Co-Ed 5v5)
Jillian Berry

JBerr – She started winning titles in the Women’s 4v4 league before it was the cool thing to do. Not content with seeing her name in one write-up a week and on the Wall of Champs page on the C.A.C. website, she decided that she needed to contribute. The master of the inneundo, she jumped on staff and built her own Box that people would visit frequently. Jillian was as big a promoter of League Nights Out as you were going to find and she was always in the running for a M.W.A.  ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 4
Tiltles: Winter 07 - Hot Potato (Women's 4v4), Spring 07 - Hot Potato (Women's 4v4), Fall 08 - Hot Dog Toboggan (Women's 4v4), Spring 10 - Genzyme (Co-Ed 5v5)
Erin Johnson

Magic – EJ is another member of a CAC couple being enshrined before her man. She might now be Erin Harvey, but she came into the league and built her reputation as Erin ‘Magic’ Johnson and that’s how she’ll go into the Hall of Fame. EJ leads all women in career assists and titles and that’s no small feat given the other ladies that have rocked the CRFC and CAC jerseys throughout their career. Any team Erin was on was a threat to win the title and you knew the ball movement was going to be unparalleled. ~Tibbs

Number of Titles: 5
Tiltles: Fall 07 - Ladies First (Women's 4v4), Winter 08 - Ladies First (Women's 4v4), Spring 09 - Cream Puff Delights (Women's 4v4), Winter 10 - CAC Ringers (Women's 4v4), Winter 11 - Weapons of Mass Seduction (Co-Ed 5v5)