Chris “Macho” Machado

The Macho Man has done it all in over the course of his long and illustriuos CAC Career. He was one of the original shit talkers on the anonymous message boards, he’d hide under a towel when things didn’t go well and when they did, he won championships as both a role player and a captain. You might look at his career numbers and role your eyes, but this is a man who could drop 40 when the mojo was flowing. I’m not kidding

You might see the Ghost of Macho floating around at the random lunch of weekend pick-up run so he’s not officially ‘retired’ but it’s been 2 years since we’ve been graced with an ‘OOOOHHHH YEA!’ or a ‘Come on Tibbs, did you see that?!” IF you see Macho, ask him what he did with the Brick, it was last seen in his hands after the self proclaimed ‘best A Draft team ever’ went undefeated


Number of Titles: 3
Tiltles: Spring 06: Junior Mafia (A Draft), Winter 08: The Black Donnellys (A Draft), Spring 09: Write It Off (A Draft)
Alex “Al Smooth” Depleche

Al Smooth took the league by storm, winning a title in each of his first two seasons in A Draft before falling to the Junior Mafia in his third title game in just 3 CAC seasons.  He and his game may have been ‘Smooth’ but the affect he had on teammates and opponents alike was anything but. He could rile you up with a smirk or instill confidence with a quick pat after a made bucket.  Al would go on to play 9 more leagues over the course of 6 additional seasons, but something about that first year was absolutely electrifying to witness and we haven’t seen anything like it before or since.


Number of Titles: 2
Tiltles: Fall 05: Hooded Anger (A Draft), Winter 06: Triple Fat Goose (A Draft)
TJ “Google” Mahoney

Back when players earned nicknames for the dumb things they did off the court, there was a man named TJ who was a dominating force in the old A1 days. One night, after going head to head with fellow Hall of Famer Jared Perrine, TJ was so incensed with his opponent that he went home, looked up numerous rulings and sent a (maybe inebriated) email to league officials. Within contained exact wording of the ‘Arm Bar’ that he felt so strongly his opponent illegally used. From that day forward he was known as “Google” and nothing, not winning a title, winning a league MVP, being one of the first good players to play in any league not just stay in the A league, would change that perception of TJ. Hell, getting into the Hall of Fame has brought that story back to light! In the Halls of CAC he will forever be Google, deadly scorer, intense defender, looker up of random rules.

Number of Titles: 3
Tiltles: Fall 05: Data Nuggets (B1 4v4), Spring 06: Justice League (A 5v5), Winter 08: Red Double (A 5v5)
The Gallagher Brothers

The Brothers Gallagher have been a CAC staple since before any one who is currently playing can and should remember. Whether they were officiating, running games at the Charlestown Boys & Girls club or suited up in a CAC jersey, they brought the intensity to each and every game they were in attendance for. I mean seriously, between the lines, don’t mess with them. Afterwards, well hit up the CTown legends at the bar and its all good

Number of Titles: 2
Tiltles: Winter 07: Warriors Code (A Draft), Winter 08: The Black Donnellys (A Draft)
Trevor McAndrew

TMac probably doesn’t want to be reminded of this, but he easily headlines the list of best players to never win a title at Wall Ball Arena, or any other CAC league. Through 19 seasons, a couple MVP awards and multiple 3 point shooting titles, the right circumstances and bounces just never went his way. For some of the greats, its just not meant to be, but that doesn’t make their individual accomplishments any less great. Whether on the court or in the bar, you were going to have a good time with TMac on your side.

Kurt ‘Big Ticket’ Knepshield

Before the stretch 4s were in vogue, the Big Ticket was knocking down mid and long range Js at Wall Ball Arena. Defenses didn’t know if they should send someone to chase him around the perimeter in fear of him lighting them up on the block; or if they could pray that their flat footed center would alter his jumper juuuust enough and not get blown by every other possession. Guarding the Big Ticket has always been a lose-lose scenario. Sorry, guarding the Hall of Fame Big Ticket has, and always will be, a lose-lose scenario

Number of Titles: 1
Tiltles: Spring 05: BBQ Ribs (A Draft)
Fred ‘Lighthouse’ Bermont

The Kool Aid/Big Nice Franchise welcomes their third and fourth members into the CAC Hall of Fame on just the fourth ballot. That’s easily a record for one organization, but this is all the recognition it’s going to get. In his early days, Fred was known as ‘Mr Fantasy Stat’ for stuffing the box score in each and every category. As his game has ‘matured’ so has he, and his love of maps and lighthouses has come to, well, light.  He may not stuff the box score like he used to, but he’s still going strong, committed to give it his all each and every week, and yes, that includes yelling at officials.

Number of Titles: 4
Tiltles: Fall 04: Kool Aid (B2 4v4), Spring 06: Kool Aid (B1 4v4), Winter 09: Bones Says: Cummupins (B1 4v4), Fall 10: Yacht Rock (SML)
Brian ‘BFab’ Fabry

Every fairy tale needs a bad guy, someone that can galvanize the masses so we can point and say ‘that’s who we have to root against’. Brian Fabry gladly embraced the mantle of ‘villain’. The founder of the Evil Empire, BFab used every trick, found every loop hole and exploited all of CACs unwritten rules to win title after title. He exploited them so much we finally had to write them down.

No staff member clashed more often with Tibbs, wrote more words per post or broke down the games in such excruciating detail. Everyone wanted to play in the leagues he covered and everyone prayed he didn’t decide to enter a team into that league. Odds were, Genzyme would be battling for a title, and it would be all thanks to the man that recruited, organized, collected, bribed, and persuaded just enough top notch ballers to join the dark side that his teams were a force no matter the league they played.

Number of Titles: 7
Tiltles: Spring 07: Genzyme (B2 4v4), Fall 07: Genzyme (B1 4v4), Winter 08: Genzyme (B2 4v4), Winter 08: Genzyme (C 4v4), Winter 09: Genzyme (B2 4v4), Fall 09: New Evil Empire (A Draft), Spring 10: Genzyme (A2 4v4)
Matty Bells

Matty Bells is the first CACer to enter the Hall when it seems like his career is still taking off and it seems like it might be’too soon’ for his entrance.  But the Hall of Famers haven’t made the wrong choice here. Matty is about to wrap up year number six as part of the CAC family and his contributions on the court are matched and even exceeded by those off the court. ‘Mr Nice Guy’ has done more to expand the CAC culture and influence in the ‘modern era’ than anyone else. There was no B Draft before Matty Bells. Guys didn’t play in 2 or 3 leagues AND play in pick-up AND recruit their hordes of Saugus buddies AND post league videos on YouTube, you get the idea. Oh and he’s a born winner, that doesn’t hurt his Hall of Fame credentials either.

Number of Titles: 4
Tiltles: Fall 10: Hard Knocks (B Draft), Spring 11: Team Fun Time (B Draft), Fall 11: The Good Guys (B Draft), Spring 12: Super JaMario (B2 4v4)
Tom Covert

Where would the A Draft league be without Tom Covert? Through all the highs, the lows, the title chances and the lost seasons, Covert’s been a constant of the league, and that’s not just hyperbole. Since he joined waaay back in 2005 he’s played in 25 of a possible 30 A Draft seasons, winning 5 titles along the way. You just don’t see that kind of Iron Man consistency and dedication, well, EVER.


Number of Titles: 5
Tiltles: Spring 05: Pittsburgh Pisces (A Draft), Winter 06: Triple Fat Goose (A Draft), Spring 09: Write It Off (A Draft), Fall 11: Overrated (A Draft), Fall 12: Overrated (A Draft)
Ian “The Jet” Whitney

A ‘B League’ Original finally gets his place in the Hall of Fame. It’s only fitting that Whitney and Bermont enter the Hall together, as their early Kool Aid days have left them eternally linked in the minds of the CAC history books. Back when yelling at the Wolverine was a statistic that was tracked, Ian led the league every single season. He’s partially responsible for the Kool Aid/Big Nice Franchise that has now spawned 4 Hall of Famers and countless (because we’re lazy) all-star appearances, MVP awards and league titles and that in and of itself is enough of a reason to get into the CAC Hall!

Number of Titles: 3
Tiltles: Fall 04: Kool Aid (B2 4v4), Spring 05: Ripcord (B2 4v4), Spring 06: Kool Aid (B1 4v4)