Hall of Fame – The 3rd Class

Two months ago I said that there would be a quick turnaround time to the 3rd Class of the Hall of Fame, then we would be posting a new class every Winter season. The time for dilly-dallying is over and it’s time to release the latest class! The criteria to get into the Hall has not changed very much.

  • You had to be either a really great player (longevity and consistency are a must) and/or;
  • You had to bring some serious flavor to the league and/or;
  • You had to put in some serious work to make CAC the best basketball league in this hemisphere.

Past entrants into the Hall of Fame shrine were once again given complete control over who the next entrants would be. Each member was able to vote on the latest ballot and the results have been tallied!

Some of the players elected are in the midst of a self-imposted retirement, but a few are living legends, still roaming the leagues, looking to add to their title count and trophy case. With this group, you can see the timeline of CAC Basketball change, as the Women’s leagues started to become a part of the culture and the three women elected made their mark in CAC’s hallowed halls.

I’ve taken too much away from the spotlight of this class. Click the new Hall of Fame yourself, read about the legends and check out their profiles. You should all know by now that you don’t have to be the best baller in the world to get into the Hall, it’s about what you bring both on and off the court!

Hall of Fame 3rd Class

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