Ed Harmon

Number Of Titles: 5

Winter 01 – West Virginia
Fall 02 – The Warriors
Winter 03 – The Warriors
Fall 03 – The Warriors
Winter 05 – The Warriors

He once tried to trade me a guy (John Fletcher) that he didn’t have on his team.  That shows you the experience and connivery Father Time brought to CAC.  Edwin somehow always put together successful teams despite being stuck with players like GP and Chise.  He was the wily veteran that always had a knack for publicly picking on Kevy Kev (coining the “Curse of Kevin Scott” because Kev took 4 years to win) and winning bricks.  He was CAC’s version of Red Auerbach, setting the standard for all GM’s of the A1. ~O’Cal

Edwin Harmon *C

Career Totals

Games PTS DREB OREB AST STL Blk FTM FTA FTP 3PM 3PA 3PP 0.0 0.0 NA 0.0 0.0 NA