Hello From Stamford!

Miss me?…Don’t answer that

Hey CAC Nation!  It’s been a while.  Checking in from down here in Stamford and I have to say that work is going well and I’m generally very happy with the way life is treating me…just not so much when it comes to basketball.


I did some research and found out that there is a basketball league in Stamford.  It runs November through March…that’s it…weak.  Fortunately, I do live right next to a park with some hoops.  The games are ok, but there are some big differences…


  1. The game 21 is called “Rush”
  2. After a made basket in “Rush” you get to take ONE three point shot worth one point rather than up to three.  Make it and get it back. (That’s the same)
  3. After a loss in a pick up game, they don’t shoot to see who’s on next…somebody calls next game and they pick up whoever they want…it amazes me that the “calling next game” system doesn’t lead to more arguments…it also amazes me that I’ve gotten picked up a few times.  I guess guys like playing with me, because I don’t get up the floor quick enough to clog the lane.
  4. Games are okay.  I do alright, but I’m somewhere near the bottom of the ladder in terms of overall athleticism in comparison to the guys I play with/against…wait a minute…thats not different at all.
  5. No writeups
  6. No Sunset Cafe…boo


Sooooo basketball is pretty mediocre down here, but for anybody who cares, I’m doing well.  It’s been an eventful couple of months.  I’ve nicknamed my house “The Frat House”.  My four roommates party non stop and we always have visitors.  No joke, I’m the roommate who drinks the least…really.  We have an in-ground pool.  There is a kegerator (sp?), I’ve been woken by a drunken female guest at 3:50 am on a Thursday when she tried to force her way into my bed and I get to hang out with former CAC great and current South Norwalk resident Matt Monroe from time to time.  Never a dull moment.


After a bit of a hiatus, I’ll be back blogging somewhat regularly.  For now, I’ll leave you with some co-ed picks for the week that will beat Grubb & Dustin (I’ve been paying attention)


*BOOM over The Monstars…Rip drops 15 in the loss and makes at least one basket thanks to his ridiculous athleticism where he looks equally impressive and uncoordinated
*Sundance surprises Thunder Buddies…this makes Terry angry
*Corbett outscores Toonsquad
*Just Look At It beats the Rim Jobbers…I’ll toss and turn all night thinking about how much I miss Jane Stockton
I’m guessing July 3rd games are July 10th?
*CACniss over Pita…the Demp-asauras puts up a double-double
*Heroes handles GnB aka (wait for it) Goliath National Bank
*Sam Adams shocks SHOTS!…Sorry Henni I can’t type that with a straight face.  SHOTS by 40
*Team Fun over TIHWDI…Nibs drops 30, but commits 14 turnovers, because he keeps forgetting what team he’s on
*Sexy over PUK, but Terrell outscores Xavier
*Wheels over CP, but Matty-A swats the Minotaur and then gives him the Dikembe finger wag
*WOMS over Sexy…finally