HOF Acceptance Speech

It was about this time last year that I was informed of my induction into the CAC Hall of Fame. While it took over a year to actually get this done (probably because it was difficult to decide whether I’d also go in as a referee), I appreciate the honor nonetheless. The Saugus High School Hall of Fame continues to elude me, despite stellar careers in tennis and hoop, as well as terrific academic performance in a very studious environment.

While I haven’t heard of any plans for a formal plaque and banner raising ceremony, I have crafted this acceptance speech just in case. It represents my sincere appreciation for all things CAC hoop – giving thanks to those that deserve it, and a few words of advice for those who will come after us.


First, some words of thanks:

�         To Mike Turin, for proving to everyone that there is honor and dignity in being 2nd best at something. Mixtape is also available if you need a bridesmaid, vice president, or alternate referee at an NBA game.


�         To the cities of Cambridge and Somerville, for providing us with basketball facilities that haven�t been updated since the Eisenhower era. I swear I saw a peach basket in the locker room at the Kennedy school last week.


�         To Delilah, for being there for me throughout the early CRFC years. R.I.P., my favorite feline friend (the active title goes to Hallie�s cat Mimi, paws down). And for the record, Delilah wasn�t fat � she had a thyroid issue!


�         To O’Cal, for putting himself in my HOF picture, obviously hoping that the people who don’t know what I look like confuse him for me. Except JBerr – she knows the difference.


�         To the Commish, for not giving me a nickel of referral fees for the overflow of Saugus hoop players who loyally play CAC hoop every season. Of course, he also doesn�t hold me accountable for all of those bounced checks he gets from Saugus Savings Bank every season either, so I guess we�re even.


�         To the Jersey Shore, for making it somewhat acceptable to be in �total creep mode� at virtually all times.


�         To Tibbs, for stealing my future job, giving me the most obscure reffing shifts, and ensuring that I further sink into CAC obscurity by moving my blogs below the deadly fold of the website. Could the HOF section be in a more obscure place on the website? You may as well have put it in the �website feedback� section.


�         To the Surgeon, for making the original B League�s Tuesday nights memorable and providing plenty of blog material. Well, until Tibbs broke us up in a jealous rage circa August 4, 2007!.


�         To all of you who have cost me titles in the past, from Ripley�s rainbow, to Hinton�s disappearance act, to Diesel�s �injury� right before the finals. If it wasn�t for you guys, I�d be almost tied with O�Cal by now!


�         To the original pick-up crew circa 1998, who laid the foundation for the CAC we know today. Gee, Rick, Sam, Manny, Sullivan, Kaup, Meldrim, OTJ, Edwin, Big Ben, Miles, GP, Kevy, Commish, O�Cal, Hinkeland many others who showed up for pick-up 4 nights a week plus Saturday mornings during those times. In the immortal words of Dave Stein, CAC has always had a very high nice guy/a-hole ratio.


And finally, a few words of wisdom for those who will come after this class of HOFers:


�         To the future bloggers – try and make your blogs easy to read (bullets and lists are the best). Nobody reads long paragraphs unless it�s an obituary of someone they know, and even then they skim. Being funny also helps.


�         To the next round of sure-fire HOFers (O’Cal, DMac, Cheese, Chise, JRod, Sergeon, Tibbs, JBerr, maybe Turin, etc.) � remember, there will only ever be one 1st class/1st ballot HOF crew! In this case, both age and beauty came before you!


�         To those of you who are hoping for future HOF honors (everyone else?) – it will be more difficult because there are so many more players and personalities nowadays to compete with. But you have to be your own marketer in life. If you don�t have a nickname, give yourself one. If you don�t have a blog, demand one. Just keep paying the league fees and eventually you�ll get the credit you deserve. Remember, rain dances always work because if you dance long enough, it will eventually rain.