Hous-Lin Bound! An NBA Blog?!

Hey All…many of you know me…I’m the guy that hates the NBA and takes shots (no pun intended) at David Stern and the league he runs every chance I get.  When Ray Allen left Boston for Miami, that was the final straw.  I was ready to write a blog about how the league I was obsessed with from 1993-1999 was officially dead to me…but when the Knicks gave their fan base a swift kick in the junk by allowing fan favorite Jeremy Lin to skip town for Houston while signing on Jason Kidd to promptly make a drunken ass of himself I thought…”maybe there’s hope.”


Maybe it makes me a bad person, but I just can’t help it…my heart smiles when something unfortunate happens (in sports, not in life) to New York fans…not just Yankees, Giants or Jets…all New York fans.  If the best player on the New York/New Jersey Metro Stars or Red Bulls or whatever left unceremoniously for another team, the corners of my mouth would involuntarily go north.


I’ve always been a Boston sports fan, and for a while I was even (kind of) a member of the media, so naturally I’ve had a finger on the pulse of what was happening in New York sports.  Now that I live in a suburb of the Big Apple, I’m surrounded by it…Yankees on TV, Knicks on the radio, Giants and Jets in my co workers conversations…it’s everywhere and it’s annoying…


…except when it’s going poorly.


I don’t know how much the Jeremy Lin fiasco has been talked about inside Wall Ball Arena or around Tommy Doyles, but down here it is everywhere and people are miserable.  With the number of horrible players that the Knicks have grossly overspent on in the past decade, this is the player they decide to take a more “frugal” approach with.  


Sure they’ll spend $30 million on Jerome James and $60 million on Eddy Curry, but $25 million on Jeremy Lin?  I don’t think so.  Yeah, yeah, yeah…salary cap, luxury tax…blah, blah, blah…I knew they loved this kid down here, but I didn’t know to what extent until I lived down here.


A blogger whom I don’t typically see eye to eye with made a good argument:  with all the marketing potential he brings (as well as being a very good player), Lin will not only make up for every luxury tax dollar paid, he’ll be a cash cow for the New York Knicks…I’m sorry, he would have been a cash cow for the Knicks.  But no…after years of horrible contracts, they tighten their wallets, allowing the most popular player the team has had since John Starks to leave with nothing coming back in return.


Throw in the signing of overweight point guard Raymond Felton and basketball’s drunken version of Julio Franco and everybody on 5th Ave is ready to buy their Brooklyn Nets season tickets. (How are the Dwight Howard trade talks going by the way?) Back to Old Man Kidd though…you’re 47 years old…what the hell are you doing with your life?  if his first week as a Knick is any indication of how his tenure in New York will be, I can’t wait.


The NBA is still 4th in my book of pro sports leagues behind the NFL, NHL and MLB to follow (maybe 5th behind the Premier League), but after experiencing the fallout from the Lin debacle up close in personal, I just might be able to give it another try once Halloween rolls around.