I Don’t Get No Respect

Seriously, None

My PR people had advised me against posting on the despicable thread that should have been used to announce my promotion and instead has turned into a character attack on my good name.  Well I didnít need their advice, knowing when to avoid rolling around in the mud is one of the reasonís Iíve been appointed to this position in the first place.  Besides, I have this outlet to reach a much wider audience (Ed note: twice no one is still zero) and get my point across in a succinct, polite manner, without the threat of commenters tearing me to shreds.


The first and most prominent point that my detractors are using against me is the fact that Iím not one of the originals.   Iím not one of those guys that were around when there was only an A League.  I was tossing pies at 16, not folding towels, but this should not be held against me.  You know who is still around from ìThe Originalsî?  The Commish, Wolverine, OíCal, the Webmaster, Kevy Kev, Meldrim and GP; and the only reason that you know is because theyíre not afraid to remind you.  Thatís enough for one team, when now we run 75 through the paces Sunday through Thursday nights.  Considering that the Commish, Wolverine and GP donít even bother to grace Wall Ball Arena with their presence during league week, itís a team that would have to work to win some of the leagues that weíve got now.


Speaking of the number of teams that pay for entry itís admirable that the Commish has held the reins as long as he has without the need to pass them along.  This baby of his has grown exponentially in the last couple years alone; years that Iím proud to say I was a member, contributor, stat keeper, blogger, and write-up(er?).  But would you rather Josh answering an unimaginable number of emails and fretting over website maintenance, or have him busy working on more gym space and fairer league competition and schedules.


But the most insulting may be the ëtoo youngí tab.  Were Larry Paige and Sergery Brin too young in their day?  Without their innovation and creativity, you wouldnít even be able to find out who they are.  Now Iím not claiming that Iím going to change the way you see C.A.C. basketball; after all, itís not doing too badly as is, but I am here to improve and expand upon the things that everyone loves.  Those things?  Basketball, first and foremost, but as you all know, itís grown beyond just stats and write-ups.  Itís the videos, (commercials to come) the League Nights Out (meaning more, both sanctioned and non-sanctioned), and the general sense of community thatís going to continue to be fostered.


And who really is that much better for this job? The Wolverine has an actual 9-5 job, and you know, a life.  He doesnít actually want to put the extra time and effort into it, he has his cat to care for.  OíCal is buried in books for the 8th year in a row, just hoping that this is the year he graduates from high school.  Insert your own ìhis mom wonít let him out of the house past 5î joke here, Iím out of original material.  Plus, I was the last member of the C.A.C. Unemployed Union still standing, what else was I going to do?  Fizzle is right, the Commish does have a family to look out for now, meaning heís got better things to do than make sure that the 2 assists your scorekeeper missed on Tuesday night gets posted on the website.  Iím just holding it down for all of you, so quit your whining, or at least send it to me in email/voicemail form so it can make it into the next mailbag.