In the Mix Vol. 2

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Today In The Mix is honored to welcome a CRFC favorite Ramon Penrose

First off Ramon, welcome to The Mix!

Having gotten married and taken to a life of leisure and softball I assume you still live the memories, you know the glory days. Aside from anything when I was guarding you what was your favorite CRFC memory?

Wow, who gave you your own spot on the CRFC site???  I thought Josh was smarter than that..  Believe it or not most of my best memories came from when I was playing against a team you were on.  If I have to leave all of those times out I guess my favorite CRFC memory wasÖ  Are you sure I cant use one of the times you were guarding me.  55 points is hard to forget, haha.

About 5 years ago you said “Mike Turin is the man! I could watch Turin aka hot sizzle all day!”

Remember that? (A Thought From Tical – Does this last question bring back memories of “The Chris Farley Show” from SNL –


That was awesome!

Yea, I miss those days of sitting in the balcony heckling all you guys.  On most nights Iíd prefer to watch and heckle than to actually play.

You were one of the nicest most likeable players that I can remember. You also brought in a lot of other talented players that have also left CRFC. Do you still keep in touch with Al Smooth, Dart, Shea, Dave?

If so, what’s Dart up to?

Al is getting married so I am sure his basketball skills have gone done and his weight has gone up

Dave is getting married so the same goes for him.

Shea, wow, you remember shea, lol??

Dart is still on the juice.  Love has slowed him down a bit but the juice always trumps love.

What was your favorite team to play on?  I know we played a season together but I cost you about 6 assists a game so I know that wasn’t it?

Hooded Anger was by far my favorite CRFC team..  Thereís nothing better than organized confusion on a basketball court.  Wait, did this lady just ask Obama if he knows of any middle eastern countries that have WMD??  Isnít that supposed to be a secret if he did know, lol. 

How come I wasn’t drafted by Hooded Anger?

For so many reasons, haha.  We can talk about it one day over a drink.. 

From who you’ve seen play who would be your top 5 alltime?(remember Ramon is retired so the newer younger faces might be left off this list)

Me!!!  I always have to start with me.  Now that I am retired and out of shape I think I was so much better than I probably was hahaha.

Ok top 5.  Not in order.  Just remembering the old days 

  1. DMAC (No need to explain this one)
  2. Cheese (I hated playing him, but loved to play with him)
  3. JROD & GP (It was always fun trying to find the most efficient way to double team these guys)
  4. The Charlestown Townies (The B League Guys)  (I could never beat these guys.  Never.  Not once.  Rrrrrrrrrr!!!)
  5. Anthony Cataldo (I have a lot of respect for his game.  He always hit the big shots verse my team.)

Um Ramon, Im not on that list. Glad to see you consider me newer and younger.

You almost made it, haha.  I left Rip and Al off this list too.  Strictly for rivalry reasons, haha.  Itís like saying the Yankees are good.  I know they are but youíll never hear me say it, haha.

Lastly,  Who do you think is the better rebounder? Yours truly or Filosa

Hahaha, are you kidding me, LMAOÖ   You going to challenge Ray Allen to a 3 point contest next, hahahahaha.  Awww man, that was funny.  Iím watching Heroes cracking up.  My wife thinks Iím crazy now, lol. 

Well CRFC’ers new and old that concludes the first edition of where are they now?  Thank you Ramon for being such a great sport and for keeping Dart The elbow Danier out of the leagues. -Just kidding Dart-

It was my pleasure.  Dart and I are going to make a come back one day..