In the Trap: Mike D

As my next long overdue installment, the man CRFC has all known to grow and love Mike D steps into the Wolverine Trap. Seriously, is there anyone else in the gym that you look forward to seeing more than Mike D? Always a storyteller, always smiling, always the entertainer, and most importantly, always the tab picker-upper. I am giddy – letís get right to it!
Wolverine: Thanks for being on this weekís Trap, Mike D. It’s been long overdue for quite some time now.

Mike D: Thanks, Wolverine – I appreciate the invite!! Don’t worry about the wait – there are a lot of interesting characters here at CRFC and I know you like to save the better ones for the later write-ups. However, my life is now complete.

Wolverine: Even though I have known you since I was 10 years old, I feel like I don’t know that much about you b/c I hadn’t seen you much since then. Funny how CRFC has brought a lot of us back together, eh?

Mike D: It has. Most of the guys I grew up with are fat, out of shape, watch NASCAR & participate at the Bass Masters!!

Wolverine: Yeah, I even heard one of them had to have Tommy John surgery b/c he was playing too much Nintendo Wii baseball.

Mike D: Luckily I get along with everyone and now I’m hanging with my friend’s younger brothers who are actually better to be with than they were!! The last 20 years have been a blurr – college, work, drunkenness – you didn’t miss much – same old drill we all go through – just change the names.

Wolverine: First, tell the CRFC Nation where you are from (and donít lie and say Newton or Brookline!), what sports you played growing up, major college achievements, and what you have accomplished since coaching a very young Wolverine and Chise combo in CYO basketball?

Mike D: Saugus of course – the epicenter of the universe. I made the big move that I’ve been planning my whole life for ten years ago – Lynnfield (it’s an Italian NorthShore migration pattern thing – I’m not Italian though).

Wolverine: But you could play one on TV.

Mike D: True. Sports growing up – hmmm, anything at the park, but good at nothing – holds true to this day. College achievements – a BA and MBA all in the short time of 15 years and five funnels in a little over a minute without puking. After coaching the dynamic duo I actually never recovered back into it. Ever since Mr. McMahon and Mr. Cinelli jumped in when we hit the states and imposed an equal playing time rule and cost me my state title ñ Iíve never been the same. 10 yr. olds – Big Deal, Iíve lived with little or no PT in the playoffs, so can a 10 yr. old!! Ask any 10 year old ñ losing sucks!!

Wolverine: Wow, I donít even remember that part, but it sounds as thought you are just as much over it as we are from our Burlington loss in ë91. Why is it that you are always just a smidge late for CRFC games? Any truth to the rumor that when you are actually on time, you wait in the parking lot so you can big-time your teammates?

Mike D: Work, $$ and the fact I can never cut a conversation short. The parking lot is a half truth ñ I get on the phone to do some work, change and back to the fact I canít cut a conversation short, I get in late.

Wolverine: I have heard that you bet on everything from eating 18 packets of sugar to 2 pounds of steak in one sitting. What is the best bet you have ever made, win or lose?

Mike D: In the event that this may somehow be ìGoogledî in the future ñ letís leave it at the above. It was 18 tubes of sugar to be correct (3 packets to a tube).

Wolverine: Ok, but we want the stories at the next í99 post game event! Why do you continue to own a cell phone if you never actually answer it?

Mike D: Someone is feeding you my faults!

Wolverine: A good writer never leaks his sources. It was JaySar.

Mike D: I canít get the phone off of my ear all day and I focus on who Iím talking to (and with if it is in person). I donít like the interruption thing that much, but that also depends on the situation. My boss would tell you I pick up every timeÖ

Wolverine: You are a steady outside shooter who can rebound when you want to. How would you categorize your hoop game?

Mike D: A role player off the bench ñ rebound, pick and hopefully hit that open shot. I know my role unless we only have 4 ñ then I canít be subbed out and I think Iím a 40 point scorer and the ball is a hot potato, as Skerry and Jay Sar put it. A little known fact ñ I can beat anyone from the 3 point line from 5 pre-determined spots 3 shots an arm (30 shots total for those math challenged) total hits on both left & right ñ anyone!! It could be new CRFC event at the All Star Game!!!

Wolverine: I am not sure I fully understand that, even with the free math. What is the best and worst part of CRFC basketball?

Mike D: The best is that court and the characters on it. Worst is that court and scoreboard placement (Iím on the bench on occasion, so being above me is pretty irritating). Stats are huge too, but I always kept my own anyway.

Wolverine: A new wall scoreboard is on the way and last night we were talking about knocking down the mirrors and making that side of the court into a recreational area modeled after right field at PacBell. Your face is currently plastered all over our website for championships (accept the Charlestown league, of course). What are the chances that you steal some more CRFC hardware this season with the Mullets and our alma mater Belmonte Middle School?

Mike D: The Mullets are looking solid with our no-name Eastern European addition ñ we thought Usok was full of it last season when he wanted to dump Jay Sar for Boris. The only part that sucked was that we had to tank a season so Jay wouldnít be hurt and feel like we needed him to win. BMS is also looking solid with or without Steve O, if he can ever make a game. The recent W over Kool Aid sans Steve O backs that thought up.

Wolverine: Where are we most likely to find Mike D on any given Friday or Saturday night?

Mike D: My pre-nup only allows me out Monday thru Thursdays (to work she thinks ñ thanks God I found CRFC and drinking buddies) and an occasional Sunday night if I have a CRFC game. So Friday night is catch-up at work late, review stats/write-ups and peruse the message boards while Saturday night is at home with the wife & kids. Not too much excitement for the animals reading this. Iíve mellowed out at this point in my life.

Wolverine: Which one of your teammates is most likely to pull a John Amaechi and would your reaction be modeled after Tim Hardaway?

Mike D: Iím a very tolerant person ñ so Iíd allow them to finish the season, but the invite wouldnít be there next season. Lucky for us ñ we donít have any candidates here.

Wolverine: I will always remember that when you were our CYO coach (back when your nickname was ìUkeî), you used to always buy us McDonaldís after games. Now, you are known as the CRFC Papa Georgio. Are you just a very generous guy by nature or are you planning to run for office someday?

Mike D: A little of both. Iíll have to be a king maker though ñ my checkered history prevents me for any office runs. As for the generosity ñ only when we win (or if we lose and Iím the cause), but with four kids now and college funds on the horizon ñ who knows. Iíve been very lucky and Iím from the school that you always take care of your friends & family when you can!!

Wolverine: Is it true that you are your brother (Nick D) have become so successful that you are thinking of buying your own NBA franchise, just like the Maloof brothers?

Mike D: Weíre contemplating it, but The Cabaret just went up for $5mm (with land and a lifetime supply of Ö), so plans may change. Please note we are looking for 3 more investors.

Wolverine: You have graciously hosted the annual McMahon Invitational 2 on 2 tourney almost every summer. What new surprises can we start looking forward to for this summerís event?

Mike D: New grass, night lighting and a keg fridge cabana are almost 100% in place. Pool and Mantown are on the horizon for 2008 if we can get a good birth control method down. 2009 will bring a front yard with half court, but that’s a ways away still.

Wolverine: I am already excited for the 2007 tourney. Tibbs and O’Cal were a great addition last year (for very different reasons) and I am sure a few more CRFC members will be asked to attend this year. Hilary, Obama, Mitt, McCain, Guiliani, or the field?

Mike D: Can’t win on this one, but Hilary because she’s hot!! However, Obama or Mitt may look kind of cute with some lipstick, heels and a wig.

Wolverine: Kowloon or pre-IRS seized Weylus?

Mike D: Weylus ñ I started my American Idol career there singing Werewolves of London ñ ahuuuuu!!

Wolverine: Greg Oden or Sean Durant?

Mike D: Oden ñ Iím sick of donating for the last 7-8 yrs. ñ not that anything is going to change overnight, but it sure as hell canít hurt to get him!!

Wolverine: Golden Banana or the Cabaret?

Mike D: Cab – $12 for a mini picture ($18 for the regular if Iím with the boys) of Guinness and I get to watch the girl next door strip ñ literally if I lived in Lynn ñ she probably was a neighbor. Itís a neighborhood bar with strippers and I get to roll home in 4-5 minutes max.

Wolverine: If you were able to have any celebrity provide the ìentertainmentî at the next McMahon Invitational 2 on 2 tourney, who would it be?

Mike D: Wow ñ tough one!! Well my wife is my one and only and I have no need for that stuff, but seeing how you have a gun to my head ñ Iíd go with old school porn star Christy Canyon. She helped break me in ñ my first love. How can you go wrong with those innocent looks, voluptuous body and the ability to go filthy dirty in 3 seconds flat? I know most of you were squirting mustard in your diapers at that time and donít know who Iím talking about ñ so forgive me!!

Wolverine: And for those of you who want a taste of a true Saugus legend, please go to in your private time. She is the pride of SHS Class of 1993. Thanks for being on the Wolverine Trap, Mike D.

Mike D: No, thank you Wolverine!! Iím sorry I was mainstream on most of the responses, but I cleaned up a little over the last 5 years with kids and all. They will probably be reading this in 10 years or less, so I have to be careful. Not to mention the fact Iím out of the loop on a lot of current events & things as surprising as that may be.