It’s A Mailbag!

The First of (hopefully) Many

Ok everyone, it seems that people actually do read my blogs, and as a result Iíve gotten quite a bit of feedback over the past couple weeks, and what good is feedback if I don’t share it with everyone else?  Below is a sampling of emails, texts, and IMs that I put up with on a regular basis.  Enjoy!  

Tibbs – I want to share the following video with you:ís a tribute to the hunkiest quarterback in the league!  This video is awesome! ~Papa Roache

For those of you that have been living under a rock, this may just be one of the greatest videos ever put up on YouTube, and thatís saying a lot, considering Iím passed out in one of them,  Iím not going to ruin it for you by saying anything, but itís a must see for those of you that take to the time to browse this website.   


Between the Mazzone write-up reference (see A2 week 11) and yet another sleight in the accolades department, youíre playing with forces you canít control, young pale one.  ~ A Local Hero

Like that Hero doesn’t get enough love from every other member of the press.  Heís just upset that I donít slobber all over him like his boy toy and teammate OíCal does.  Iíll slobber all over my own teammates thank you very much.  Ok, I admit, I canít get enough of provoking Mazzone absolutely any chance I get. I mean the guy is a 6’4″ version of Raef Lafrentz!  Keep chucking ’em up there Mazzone, theyíll fall eventually.  And on a related note…


Just to let you know, that write up has been printed off, and copies have been made. They are now covering every square inch of my cube, it’s so white I feel like Tibbs himself is saying it to me in person…considered myself motivated and ready for the showdown ~ Once and Always MVP 

The A2 Semis between Kool Aid and Little Nasty should be great, seeing as I donít have to guard either Mazzone or Finn.  Youíre the man Trevor.


JT, Where are the Write-ups?  You all set to cover the games tonight?  ~ Commish

I get this text on a weekly basis, and I think the Commish has it programmed into his phone to automatically send to me on Wednesday morning.  All things considered, the rest of the staff does a heck of a job getting everything out to the mass.  As for myself, Iíve been slacking a bit this season, and promise to you, my people, to be a more consistent member of the press if youíll have me next season.  Be prepared to sign a petition to overturn the Wolverineís push to get me unjustly fired.  Something about a new videoÖ.


Tibbs, Johnny Cakes is a sleeper – playoff sleeper. ~ A Gamer

Any team with the Pretty Boy (GP) and the Born Gamer is hardly a sleeper, but they did end up with the 6thseed and had to knock off Blue Balls this past Monday.  Despite all the trash talk, the thing Iíve learned over the past year is that it is quite possible for any team to win a Brick, or Stick, or Belt. 


My name is Tibbs and I love Kareem!  By the way just some advice, don’t buy another pair of white sneakers. It looks stupid.  A 6 pack says we win next week and you lose. ~ MixTape

Haters man, they never go away.  Heís just bitter his boy didnít win MVP.  On the flip side, beer has officially taken over as the currency at CRFC, and we can all thank MixTape for that.  Ever since he found out that I was allowed to drink under state law, heís been making bets on the outcome of every game that we play. It helps that the Commish springs for a keg during the 3 on 3 and that I usually pop in with a 40 oz when Iím on the sidelines.  Sure Iíve lost a couple of the bets, and he scored a major coup by finding a way to bag 18 on Monday night, but Iíll make up for it next time we play. I always do.


Tibbs, Do you feel like you own Al now that you have beat him three times in a row? Including twice in the playoffs. ~ UndaDawg

This was definitely my favorite email over that past few days.  Iíve got to admit, it always feels good beating a guy whoís convinced heís going to take you down, just cuz he can score 40 at will.  Yea he got his 33, but when the team only scores 60 and loses, it ainít a thing.  The email, of course, sparked a heated argument all after noon yesterday, and included the following gems.

            Wait!! Al you played ZONE out there!? Ahhhh Al! lol!! Say it ain’t so!!? – DClinton

Naw its about me being better than him because that ALL that MATTERS TO ME!!!!! ha-ha.. I am better than everyone on his team!!!! And you can ask his teammates that too!!! ~ His Smoothness

You on some Kobe ish right now lol ~ More Les

None of that matters.  You said you was going to beat his team and that my team was gonna loose to Gary and neither one of those things happened, lol. You have to be held accountable for your words.. – UndaDawg

I swear Tibbs if you loose on Monday I’m gonna see you right here on this chain in the same seat Al is in. And the people are gonna want answers.. and I don’t want to hear that “the game doesn’t mean anything to me bull ish”.. I want real answersÖ

While Iím not going to take the bait and guarantee victory like his RoyAl Smoothness, I will only go as far as saying Iím going to do everything possible not to be put on that HotSeat.


Did you do a possible A1 mock draft for next season based on all of this season players returning next season?  Yeah neither did I.  Good work catching up on all the B2 write-ups. ~ Good King 

As O’Cal mentioned in his A1 preview, the Good King was the new guy in the draft room and he came prepared. Unfortunately, no matter how many mock drafts he did and how good his draft looked on paper, it didnít look like he took into account team chemistry.  Itís a lesson he has obviously picked up quickly, as heís already preparing himself for Januaryís draft. 


Tibbs, First off, nice playoff preview. I appreciate your referencing of IT – and I gotta agree, we do have IT.

Secondly, you want some feedback, eh? Here’s some -you consider Sam the “front-runner” for MVP? Front-runner, are you serious? Sam-I-Am-SpiderMan has that award wrapped up tighter than an Anna’s burrito…end of conversation. We’re talking wrapped up like Jordan in ’91 wrapped up. Now you have something to write about.  ~A Team Scrub

Have to show a little love to the B1 East and especially the A Team.  These guys have been great with the banter back and forth all season.  Of course, it helps when youre winning, so weíll see how they adapt to life in the A2 next season.  MMmmmmÖ.Annaís burritosÖ.


Tibbs 3 Things,

1) You suck
2) Hope you ankle feels better
3a) I am going to punch Serge if I have to listen to him complain that he is
going to quit his A1 team.
3b) Also on Friday I’ll admit to this.  During the last few pick-up games
(you , trevor, serge + someone  vs. Me, Edwards, Brady + Rip Jr) I purposely
left Serge open under the hoop at times. I would have covered him but with hopes
that he would receive passes from Trevor I didnít. ~ Good King

At least the Good King balanced out his obvious hatred for me by following it up with a seemingly genuine interest in my well-being. Heís clearly trying to improve Sergeryís opinion of playing with McAndrew, and I donít blame him.  But heís positioning  himself with a most difficult choice for the draft next season.  Al or Kareem at number 2??  If Serge follows through with his promises to grab Trevor or GP at #1, where does the Good King go from there? Unfortunately, weíre going to have to wait a full month before we know the answer to that question.  Donít forget, that once the playoffs and holidays end, there will be pickup nightly at CRFC.  Check the message boards for updates on times. 


Hey Mazzone, why don’t you get off your ass an actually win an A1 game huh?  Competition to good for your pretty shot?   Can’t stand the added muscle in the league?? Do you need to be reminded of that pitiful 3-24 shooting performance in last season’s final game??

Yea, this is just a ploy to get you fired up to beat Jrod’s team for us.  I’ll be there to watch you suck one more time. ~Scalabrine

Ok, so this was actually an email I wrote to Mazzone and Greaser before their last game of the regular season. Unfortunately, I didnít have a working email address for Mazzone at the time, so Iím including it here so that he sees it, you know, just to fire him up a little more before our game next Sunday.


For all you basketball fans, check this out, amazing shot ~ Brady 

First of all, how is it possible that Brady doesnít have a nickname?? Am I missing something here?  Heís been playing for years, thereís got to be something we can go on.  With that midrange jumper and work on the boards, somebody better come up with something.  Anyone?  This is another excellent YouTube clip that was passed around an email chain.  Itís not nearly as amusing as the one that kicked this mailbag off, but impressive nonetheless.


Tibbs I noticed that my stat line was not in the box score for A1.  Iím in the write-up, blah, blah, blahÖbut just not in the line or model (I suppose).  Would that be you?  If not, sorry to botherÖI wasnít sure who else to hit up for it. ~ Anon

At CRFC, itís all about the stats!  Win, lose, or forfeit, as long as there is a game played so that everyoneís player rater can be updated, the masses are contented.  Unless, heaven forbid, they feel that the scorekeeper has snubbed them.  Weíve done this a few times guys, and the stat sheet never lies!!


Thanks for the kind words – though I think Tical might disagree w/ your assessment of how quiet I am during his Sunday night forays into reffing! ~ Covert

Iíll admit, my choice for the Sportsmanship Award was met with some apprehensive glances, but I went with it. Here is where I would usually say something derogatory about OíCalís whistle, but given his recent posts on the boards, he clearly takes enough heat from everyone else.  Same Team!  Of course, Covert didnít exactly help his case last night with some dubious headshakes, flailing, and sighing after some admittedly bad calls.  Itís all right big guy, keep plugging away, that 15 and 10 was impressive last night. 


I know Mike had expressed interest in partaking in some evening activities tonight and Tim is free and actually in town this weekend.  Is anyone else interested in getting a little boozed up tonight?  I’m 50/50 with going to pick-up.  I don’t know what anyone else’s plans are.  Suggestion?  Kings or Julian’s for bowling and drinking…  I know Jared will need to relax after his long day of golfing and drinking… -sergery-

Poor Serge is desperate not to be alone. lol  ~ Princess E

This comes as a combo package.  Our love for all things CRFC is clearly only surpassed by our love for booze.  If youíve been to any of the LNOs, seen any videos, or talked to us for like a minute, this truth is self-evident.  Youíre the man Serge, but apparently there are those of us that just canít help ripping on you.  Princess would clearly be one of them.  You should just hear what she says about you when youíre not around!

Where are all these blogs you claim to have????? – RoY

Here, plus I’ve got another in the works.  You’re all a bunch of vultures, and nothing is ever good enough, is it??

Congrats for making it to the end, you get another link!!