It’s the Greatest Day of the Year!!!!

Well for those of you who don’t know me, and I’m sure this will come as a huge surprise, but I am a HUGE NFL fan.  Like it’s indescribable how much I love watching football, my Sundays are consumed by it and I pretty much go into a black hole.  Which means that today is by and far my favorite day of the year.  It’s the NFL Sunday opener.  There will be games on TV all day, which means my TV(probably TV’s) will be getting quite the workout today.

The matchup doesn’t matter, I’ll still watch.  Chances are I’ve either got a fantasy player on one of the teams.  Which brings me to my next point, I’m a huge fantasy football nerd.  I got into fantasy football about 5 years ago and did a few free leagues with friends and random people online just to check it out.  I was never really all that good, I paid attention but didn’t put in the necessary pre-work.  But now, I’ve got money on the line and pride as well so I’m all in.  I will have my laptop open all morning, doing final research, preparing for who I should start, scanning the injury reports, looking at matchups, determining between my running backs who’s got the best o-line going against the weakest run defense.  See,  case in point I’m a giant nerd.

But it just makes watching football so much more fun, it adds a little something to the game.  As if it needed anything else, but still why not give you something else to root for or yell at.  “Damnit Matt Ryan, you should’ve thrown that ball to Julio not Roddy.”  Or “I don’t care if the Rams win, as long as Stephen Jackson punches in 3 TD’s.”  Call me crazy, or say what you will, but if you don’t play fantasy football or at least watch the NFL we probably can’t be friends over the next 4-plus months.

Now onto the most exciting part of this football season, my favorite team finally has an offense that looks to scare opposing defenses.  That’s right; I’m talking about the Chicago Bears.  They had a huge off season to build something real around Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall and Michael Bush in free agency, Alshon Jeffery in the draft, finally paying Matt Forte, bringing in a new offensive coordinator who will actually do something to protect Jay Cutler.  I can’t even contain my excitement.  Hell, I even picked Jay Cutler as my back-up quarterback in one fantasy league.  That’s how all in I am on the new look offense from the Monsters of the Midway.  Finally, we’re not going to have to hope the defense pitches a shutout just to win the game.  No more losing a game 10-3 to a Tebow-led Broncos team.  No more hoping Robbie Gould kicks four 40-plus yard field goals because the offense can’t sniff the red zone.

Basically, the summation of this article is if you are attempting to find me during the fall months on a Sunday, look no further than my couch or maybe the local watering hole if I happen to decide to put on pants and venture into public.  Just listen for the guy shouting at the TV and the indistinguishable sound of the cracking of a beer.  And if you are as big a fan as I, you’re more than welcome to join me on said couch.  I’m always looking to watch games with people as crazy as I, to put a spin on an old saying, “crazy loves company.”

Enjoy the greatest day of the year folks, I sure know I will.   I wish you many fantasy points and that your team wins by 3 TD’s and the teams you bet on cover the spread.