Kap’s CAC Tips 1.0

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Wisdom Cannot Be Taught

Kap’s CAC Tips 1.0

As many of you already know I will be taking a break from staff next season. I know I know you are all miserable with the breaking news but this guy needs a break. I don’t want to part though without passing on some of my CAC wisdom. Let’s face it: I have been playing at CAC since 2004 when I was just a 17 year old baby and I have all kinds of tips, tidbits (kind of sounds like Tibbetts!) and advice to pass on to my fellow CACers. Without further adieu I present to you Kap’s CAC Tips 1.0. In no particular order:

CAC Tip #1: Quality Over Quantity

For you noob staffers out there don’t do a bunch of write-ups in one night just to “get it over with.” Tibbs likes to say “just bang them out.” Wrong. Let’s say you have four write ups to do. Instead of doing them all hastily in one night just to get them over with do one each night for four nights and take your time to make them good. The masses will appreciate your work much more if you make them good and worth reading. Hell, I don’t even read the write ups anymore. Mostly because I already know I am great but also because people just don’t take care in their work and the write up ends up being crap.Quality comes first people.

CAC Tip #2: Play The Whistle!

I always tell my teams to play the whistle. How many times have you seen the ball hit the wall and wonder why the ref didn’t call out of bounds? Probably hundreds. Everyone always goes ape shit when the ref doesn’t call it out of bounds every single time the ball hits the wall but what people don’t understand is the ref simply can’t see it every time. If you are a smart wily veteran like me (yes there have been and will be a lot of self promotion in this blog…deal with it) you play on when the ball hits the wall. If the whistle isn’t blown the ball is live and you can get a ton of cheap buckets that way. Trust me, half of my points come off of these instances. Take advantage; it’s part of the CAC game!

CAC Tip #3: Post Stats The Same Night As The Games Are Played

Listen. This is not asking a whole lot. Staffers: after the games are played go home, have a beer, smoke a blunt, do whatever it is that you do and take 15-20 minutes to post the stats and update the standings. People fiend for their numbers and want to see them as quickly as possible and it really doesn’t take long to get them up (I used to sit at my comp and refresh like crazy waiting for my sick numbers to be posted…I know you all do it too). Players pay good money to see their numbers on the site and the intricate stats and website is what people pay for essentially. This is what differentiates CAC from another random Boston league. I know after a long night of covering games the last thing you want to do is sit at your computer doing more CAC work, but is asking for 20 more minutes of your time really all that much? I don’t think so. Get the stats up ASAP!

CAC Tip #4: Don’t Sandbag!

This should be self-explanatory but people do it anyways. Don’t sandbag! What does this mean? Well, sandbagging is when you put a team in a league that is just way too good to be in that league. For example: several season’s ago Frail put a loaded B1 team in a B2 league and they just ran shit. They literally crushed teams all the way until the semi finals of the playoffs where they were upset despite being 40-point favorites (hehe). Now, the moral of the story isn’t that this team lost and got what was coming to them. The moral here is don’t put a team in a league where they don’t belong. Period. Sandbagging disrespects the other teams in the league and hurts their level of fun. Think of your fellow CACers before you decide to sandbag. People will appreciate it.

CAC Tip #5: Don’t Take The Message Board Too Seriously

This is somewhat hypocritical as I used to treat the message board as if it was life and death but I learned to let most things slide. People say all kinds of things on the message board and what many fail to realize is that most of it is in jest. Guys like Sweens get all riled up anytime someone calls someone a bitch. Let it go man! It’s all fun and games for most on the message board, including myself. It is a forum for friendly banter/shit talk because what would hoops be without shit talk? Spaulding for example acts like a goon on the boards but when you actually get to know the guy in person you realize he’s not such a bad guy, just annoying as shit. Don’t let the message board define how you think of people. Get to know them in person before you are too quick to judge.

Follow these 5 easy tips and your CAC career will be a success, on and off the court. I know mine has been. Look for Kap’s CAC Tips 2.0 down the road, with a twist. Over and out.