Kids Today

This is called a delaying tactic

So I have a severe case of writers block so throw me a bone and stfu while I try to plow through it. I promise I’ll get right back to your write-ups and awards that I ‘owe’ you all shortly.

A good rant usually helps right?

Someone please explain to me how pouring vodka into your eye is beneficial at all.  Kids want a ‘quick buzz’ either pound a couple shots or set up the damn funnel. God how dumb is the generation coming up behind me?

A stiff drink should make you grimace in pain, not feel like your burning your retinas.

And they snort bourbon?!

What the hell happened to high school kids going out to a deserted farm and only worrying about stepping in cow pies!?

That was just me, right, moving on.

Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy. Is this why Filosa disappeared shortly after the Clinton administration?  I know he couldn’t keep up with my carbombs and ‘23 like that!’ rants, is this what the boomerang feels like?

This was not theraputic at all, you’ll be lucky to get any more awards or write-ups out of me!

To all you CACers who are now younger than my nearly 27 years stop pouring vodka into your eyes, just drink the damn stuff. Oh and

F_CK Y_ _

go buy a vowel