League Sign Up Draft

    Spring 2017 (Super Draft) League: Monday & Thursday Night (Individual Sign-ups) - Starts June 1st - *NEW* for Spring 2017 play at the Martin Luther King Jr School twice per week on Monday and Thursday to get the most possible CAC Basketball action! More Information

    Tuesday or Thursday Nights – Starts May 9th & 11th The 5v5 Draft League is open to all individual players who want to sign-up for a league, don’t have a squad and want to play on a full size court. This is one of our 'Average Joe' leagues where everyone is welcome to sign-up and play, with a good mix of basketball veterans and pick-up players. More Information

    Monday Nights - Starts May 8th Season #5 of the Over-30 Legends League is a go! Due to increased demand in all things C.A.C. Basketball, as long as you turn 30 in-season you are eligible to play in this "Over 30" Legends Draft League for players that want to still compete and play basketball, but with players more within their own age bracket. More Information

    Tuesday or Wednesday Nights – Starts May 9th or 10th This is now the 13th season of the (Franchise A Draft) League and the offseason will be filled with many decisions for the captains that have to manage payroll, add new players and possibly even make trades or cut players. Individual players in this league earn a ‘salary’ that counts against their captain’s salary cap. Players have the option of playing on the same team for multiple seasons, giving everyone in the league a new layer of strategy and commitment. The Franchise B League will run for the 4th season on Wednesday nights and will be open for players that want the unique experience of the Franchise League at more of a 'B Draft' skill level on the court More Information

    Saturday Mornings - Starts May 6th This is already the 10th consecutive season of the Saturday Draft League and it’s hard to imagine CAC Basketball without everyone’s favorite weekend rumble. We will again be playing late enough in the morning to give any booze hounds the chance to wake up and still make it to their games. This is another great draft league that is open to ALL players! More Information

    Thursday Nights - Starts May 11th The (B Draft) 4v4 League is by far the most popular Draft League in the C.A.C. Basketball community as it heads into its 23rd consecutive season. This is a ‘draft only’ league, meaning everyone signs up as a free agent and league appointed captains will draft the teams based on playing style, talent and the captains personal taste. This league is perfect for those who are looking to play in a league that is challenging but not as high in basketball skill as some of the others, but is very competitive within it's own league. All teams will be made up of players who like to play basketball, get a run in and to push themselves athletically. More Information