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    Thursday nights - Starts May 11th 7 teams MAX at the MLK Jr School in Cambridge for SPRING 2017 Season This is C.A.C.'s top level league and its teams are making another glorious run at immortality in the Spring 2017 season. Make no mistake about it, this league is STACKED with many very talented players. Each team has 5-6 former high-level college players and has played together for a few seasons. This league features the best possible competition in the Boston area! More Information

    Monday or Wednesday nights - Starts May 8th & 10th *NEW* 2nd Division added on Monday nights for Spring 2017 Season The B1 5v5 League is entering its 25th season of CAC Basketball play. It’s a popular and long lasting league because there are many basketball players that want a great, competitive league, but aren’t former D1 all-stars. The league is incredibly competitive and rosters are loaded with former college players and high school standouts. More Information

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights - Starts Week of May 8th The 5v5 (B2) league is the most popular C.A.C. Basketball league! It’s played on FOUR different nights spread across multiple locations in Cambridge, Somerville and Charlestown. Teams choose the night they play on, as long as there is availability. This league is for the the "Average Joe" basketball player that wants a competitive run, but without the high level of skill (teams don’t have college players, or really, really tall guys) that the 5v5 (A) or (B1) leagues present. More Information

    Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday Nights - Starts May 8th-10th C.A.C. Basketball is proud to offer the Corporate League on three nights for the Spring 2017 season with an A and B division to choose from! If you’re looking to get a group of co-workers together for a little team bonding or just to have some fun, the C.A.C. Corporate League is what you're looking for. These leagues are well established with a great group of teams (some co-ed), players and staff every season. More Information

    Thursday Nights - Individual or Team Entry - Starts May 11th The Women’s 5v5 league is back at a reduced price for the Spring 2017 season! Offering full court play for our women’s league is important to grow and foster a great women’s league. On Thursday nights, the Women’s 5v5 league will be played at the Healey School. This offseason, the league is going to be focused on adding as many teams as possible in the offseason to join the Thursday night league! More Information

    Monday nights - Individual or Team Entry - Starts May 8th The Co-Ed 5v5 League is back on Monday nights at a reduced price in the 4v4 format! Two women are required on the floor at all times for each team and we believe this will give the league a true co-ed vibe while still allowing as many teams as possible to participate in the league. This league is going to have all the same rules and regulations as our other CAC Basketball leagues with an official and scorekeeper in attendance for every game during the season. You can sign-up as an individual or with a full team for this league More Information

    Tuesday or Wednesday Nights - Starts May 9th or 10th The B2 4v4 league is perfect for those who are looking to play in our ‘Average Joe’ league and don't quite have enough players to play in our 5v5 leagues. This league has a great mix of former high school players as well as guys that have simply played pick-up ball their entire lives. Like all our leagues, we strive to make them competitive within each division of play. Choose to play at CAC or WSNS More Information