B2 4v4 West


Regular Season Stats and Standings

Standings B2 4v4 West S17 Thru Week
Hardwood Hardbodies6-10.857W5061.0051.57
Gino Time4-30.571L1249.2943.29
7th Floor Crew4-30.571W1248.4350.43
We Travel0-70.000L7650.8664.29

Most Recent Scores

Tuesday June 20thSTATS
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:20 PMWe Travel  55vs.7th Floor Crew  70CAC
8:10 PMGino Time  55vs.Hardwood Hardbodies  57CAC

Games Scheduled in the next week

Tuesday June 27th
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:20 PMGino Time  vs.We Travel  CAC
8:10 PMHardwood Hardbodies  vs.7th Floor Crew  CAC

Player Rater
1Greg EusdenGino Time51.176
2Morgan O'LoughlinWe Travel50.705
3Wouter van der Pluijm7th Floor Crew48.305
4Mike GanleyHardwood Hardbodies43.086
5Brian GanleyHardwood Hardbodies38.077
6John Tassinari7th Floor Crew37.504
7Dan ImbriacoHardwood Hardbodies36.006
8Andrew DominitzGino Time32.937
9Peter WasmundWe Travel30.926
10Timmy Sheble-HallHardwood Hardbodies23.105

Rebounds Per Game
1Wouter van der Pluijm
7th Floor Crew
2Greg Eusden
Gino Time
3Morgan O'Loughlin
We Travel
4Dan Imbriaco
Hardwood Hardbodies
5Mike Ganley
Hardwood Hardbodies
6Peter Wasmund
We Travel
7Brian Ganley
Hardwood Hardbodies

Write-Ups from week 7
7FC dominates the second half and avoids the upset
HH escapes with the win

Expanded Statistics
All Player Stats
Weekly Leaders
Player Rater
Points Per Game
3s Per Game
Rebounds Per Game
Assists Per Game
Steals Per Game
Blocks Per Game
Free Throws Per Game

Points Per Game
1Morgan O'Loughlin
We Travel
2Andrew Dominitz
Gino Time
3Mike Ganley
Hardwood Hardbodies
4John Tassinari
7th Floor Crew
5Greg Eusden
Gino Time
6Dan Imbriaco
Hardwood Hardbodies
7Jacob Blau
Gino Time

3s Per Game
1Andrew Dominitz
Gino Time
2Morgan O'Loughlin
We Travel
3Brian Hoesly
7th Floor Crew
4Steve Brattan
We Travel
5Timmy Sheble-Hall
Hardwood Hardbodies
6Mike Ganley
Hardwood Hardbodies
6Jack Chen
Gino Time

Assists Per Game
1Brian Ganley
Hardwood Hardbodies
2Wouter van der Pluijm
7th Floor Crew
3Timmy Sheble-Hall
Hardwood Hardbodies
4Alex Ortega
Hardwood Hardbodies
5Peter Wasmund
We Travel
5Brian Hoesly
7th Floor Crew
7John Tassinari
7th Floor Crew

Twitter #B24v4West

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 10:07pm
HH holds on to win at the free throw line 64-58 and they maintain control of the top seed in the league #B24v4West

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 10:02pm
Morgan scores and WT takes the timeout, 58-56 HH 1:27 #B24v4West

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 10:01pm
Brian scores, then August hits the 3, and its 58-54 HH with 2 to play #B24v4West

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 9:58pm
Mike completes the and-1 and its 52-51 WT #B24v4West

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 9:57pm
August hits a 3 to cut it to 4 #B24v4West

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 9:56pm
Couple quick buckets by Brian force WT to take a timeout, up 7 with 8 to go 52-45 #B24v4West

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 9:51pm
Ryan with the steal and layup on the other end, and its 46-35 WT 😳 #B24v4West #UpsetAlert

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 9:49pm
Pete steals the ball and goes ctc for the and-1, 42-35 WT #B24v4West #UpsetAlert

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 9:48pm
Pete for 3, then Ryan finds Morgan, and it's 39-33 WT #B24v4West #UpsetAlert

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 9:46pm
Pete just told Morgan to Dunk it on a back cut 🤣 #B24v4West

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 9:44pm
WT opens the half with an 11-0 run to force a HH timeout 2.5 minutes into the second half #B24v4West

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 9:38pm
Pete gets the dreb and goes ctc with the layup at the buzzer. 31-21 HH at the half #B24v4West

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 9:32pm
Pete has scored 6 straight, but it's still 27-17 HH with 5 to play #B24v4West

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 9:30pm
The one-handed putback from Mike makes it 27-11 HH with 8 to go in the half #B24v4West

thePaulReeves : Tuesday Jun 20 - 9:26pm
Brian goes ctc with the dreb, then Mike goes ctc with the dreb, and suddenly its 21-10 HH #B24v4West