B2 4v4 East


Regular Season Stats and Standings

Standings B2 4v4 East S17 Thru Week
Parlor Sports6-01.000W6077.6755.17
Radio Shaq5-10.833W4181.1767.17
Back Home Ballers4-20.667W3264.6761.17
Swimmer's Chest1-50.167L2555.6774.83
Magoun (Square) Squad1-50.167L4576.8382.50
David Stockton's All Stars1-50.167W1560.6772.00

Most Recent Scores

Wednesday June 21stSTATS
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:50 PMMagoun (Square) Squad  49vs.David Stockton's All Stars  69WSNS
7:40 PMPwC  65vs.Radio Shaq  77WSNS
8:30 PMSwimmer's Chest  53vs.Back Home Ballers  72WSNS

Games Scheduled in the next week

Wednesday June 28th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:30 PMRadio Shaq  vs.Back Home Ballers  WSNS
7:20 PMParlor Sports  vs.Swimmer's Chest  WSNS
8:10 PMPwC  vs.Magoun (Square) Squad  WSNS
9:00 PMPwC  vs.David Stockton's All Stars  WSNS

Wednesday July 5th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:30 PMBack Home Ballers  vs.Parlor Sports  WSNS
7:20 PMSwimmer's Chest  vs.PwC  WSNS
8:10 PMDavid Stockton's All Stars  vs.Radio Shaq  WSNS
9:00 PMDavid Stockton's All Stars  vs.Magoun (Square) Squad  WSNS

Player Rater
1Ryan HofMagoun (Square) Squad69.905
2Randy KearnsRadio Shaq62.586
3Michael JordanPwC59.086
4Ray KluenderParlor Sports46.506
5Ricardo VallesRadio Shaq41.506
6Taylor LoebSwimmer's Chest40.105
7Davin RozowskiMagoun (Square) Squad38.676
8Zack NeeBack Home Ballers37.384
9Ernest HartwellParlor Sports37.004
10Zack EndicottBack Home Ballers36.405

Rebounds Per Game
1Randy Kearns
Radio Shaq
2Davin Rozowski
Magoun (Square) Squad
3Ricardo Valles
Radio Shaq
4Ryan Hof
Magoun (Square) Squad
5Chris Tsatsopoulos
Radio Shaq
6Alex Nilsson
Swimmer's Chest
7Zack Nee
Back Home Ballers

Expanded Statistics
All Player Stats
Weekly Leaders
Player Rater
Points Per Game
3s Per Game
Rebounds Per Game
Assists Per Game
Steals Per Game
Blocks Per Game
Free Throws Per Game

Points Per Game
1Ryan Hof
Magoun (Square) Squad
2Michael Jordan
3Randy Kearns
Radio Shaq
4Ray Kluender
Parlor Sports
5Zack Nee
Back Home Ballers
6Ricardo Valles
Radio Shaq
7Taylor Loeb
Swimmer's Chest

3s Per Game
1Ryan Hof
Magoun (Square) Squad
2Randy Kearns
Radio Shaq
3Taylor Loeb
Swimmer's Chest
4Michael Jordan
5Nick Dion
Magoun (Square) Squad
6Rylan Stewart
Parlor Sports
7Ray Kluender
Parlor Sports

Assists Per Game
1Randy Kearns
Radio Shaq
2Ray Kluender
Parlor Sports
3Zack Endicott
Back Home Ballers
3Ryan Hof
Magoun (Square) Squad
5Michael Jordan
6Liam Corrigan
Radio Shaq
7Taylor Loeb
Swimmer's Chest

Twitter #B24v4

D_Ash_R_22 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 8:26pm
RT @RandyKearns2: #b24v4 Magouns out to a quick 8-2 lead as @D_Ash_R_22 beasting in the paint

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:47pm
#b24v4 All Stars dominate to earn 1st win of season 69-49 game ball goes I gotta play like Mike it's totally the shoes bro

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:44pm
#b24v4 All Stars on another 12-0 run expand lead to 62-43 as Alex hits back to back 3s and Matty 2 layups I'm a row

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:41pm
@Its_Hof #b24v4 you're missed

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:39pm
#b24v4 @nickdion1 really struggling from downtown only 1 for 9 at this point as Magouns trails 50-43 with 5.5min left

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:36pm
#b24v4 things getting chippy as Marlon refuses to blow whistle things are getting outta Control

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:34pm
#b24v4 All Stars finding rhythm here as Mikey is looking like bent Barry out there and matty coming off the bench to contribute immediately

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:30pm
#b24v4 game tied at 23 troy steals ball with 2 secs left 1 dribble and drills a half court buzzer beater to take a 26-23 lead into half

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:22pm
#b24v4 wait a minute Magouns showing some life as they went 7 minutes without a field goal then Davin and nick hitting back to back 3s

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:20pm
#b24v4 All stars opening up the can right now going on a 10-0 right run in a 6 min span to take 19-13 lead... pat, troy and Mike leading way

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:18pm
#b24v4 All Stars take first lead 14-13 with 9.5 remaining

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:15pm
#b24v4 halfway thru 1st Magouns leads 13-12

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:13pm
#b24v4 All Stars Mike credits @RandyKearns2 with sprinkling some fairy dust into his newly refound shoes at he scores 3 straight buckets

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:08pm
#b24v4 Magouns out to a quick 8-2 lead as @D_Ash_R_22 beasting in the paint

RandyKearns2 : Wednesday Jun 21 - 7:05pm
#b24v4 magouns v All Stars kicking the matinee. Story lines for game magouns without 90% of offense without hof and no ringers for all stars