Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryan Doo& and a flattered Sam I Am


Iím sorry but as I cruised through Barstoolsports.com on my break, I couldnít help but laugh at this one.  This is why the Celtics have been struggling of late.  Their own strength and conditioning coach seems to be the one who is wearing them out. WTF?  Are you telling me there isnít another less intrusive way to stretch a man out?  Believe you me, if I was a member of this team, I would have made a 100 copies of this to hang on his locker because each time Sam ripped it down I would be posting another up as soon as he left the room.


On a side note, I have enjoyed watching a lot of NBA basketball this season.  It hasnít been since the days of MJ that the NBA has been this good.  However, you canít help but notice that the officials have neutered most of the players.  80ís ball, the players policed themselves and decided someoneís physical fate.  One canít talk about this era without mentioning probably the best example ever of players policing themselves as when Parrish repeatedly smashed Laimbeer in the face and merely got a personal foul.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idA9Vym1F54&feature=related)


Now people are getting ejected for hard fouls that donít even compare to the beat downs people use to take just to get a rebound or get to the rack.  I CAN LIVE WITH THAT.  What I canít live with is this Euro Trash flopping that is running ramped.  Didnít anyone else wish KG just ripped the head off that poor excuse for Euro Trash known as ZaZa when he acted like he got shot in the face by a grazed KG bow?  I know my P.O.V is a tad biased due to my man crush for KG, but seriously, why does a NON-CONTACT sport like soccer have tougher rules against flopping?  Granted soccer players get some sort of card that looks like a parking validation slip, but at least its something.  If officials are going to tighten up the game, thatís cool, but can we please do something about these atrocities known as ìEuro Floppers.î


Letís Go Cís!!!  And if they allow Joe Johnson and Josh Smith to get to the rack unfettered tonight, I say threaten to send them to Coach Dooís fitness boot camp in the off-season at the Neverland Ranch.