Let’s Talk About Some MLB Playoffs

That’s right CACers! It is almost that time of year for the cold weather to take over the Northeast and the time for the (now) 10 playoff teams to make a run for a World Series title.

Yes, the NFL is the league that many people pay attention to once September rolls around, but MLB is the place to be once October comes around.

It really is not that hard to see what teams will be in the American League and National League playoffs at the end of the next two weeks.

If the season ended today, the New York Yankees would face the Chicago White Sox in the American League Division Series. The Texas Rangers would face either the Baltimore Orioles or the Oakland Atheltics after their one-game playoff.

In the National League, the Cincinnati Reds would faceoff against the San Francisco Giants. After the St. Louis Cardinals and the Atlanta Braves battle for the other spot after the Wild Card play-in game, the winner would take on the Washington Nationals.

As of right now, I see the White Sox winning in a five-game series over the Yankees and the Texas Rangers moving on against the Oakland Athletics in the American League.

Johnny Cueto and the Reds will win in four-games against the Giants and the Braves will upset the Nationals without the ace in Stephen Strasburg.

After this, the White Sox and Reds will move on to the World Series and the Reds will win in six games due to their explosive offense and stellar No. 1 and No. 2 starters.