Logo Mania

About a month ago Boyer and I brought you the beginnings of the Franchise League. Since then we’ve provided a couple updates and really hashed out what should be an absolutely amazing league. To really make it stand out, we were thinking that the league should have its own logo to really set it apart. I mean, the Eastern and Western conferences in the NBA have their own logos, why can’t the league that’s soon going to be CAC’s premier league have its own?

Who else would we turn to but resident graphic expert Michael Weinstein, he of the Grantland and NBA logo redesign fame. What, you don’t know who he is? He’s a perennial B Draft all-star!! Check out his website www.michael-weinstein.com to get acquainted with his work.

I’ll trade pretty much anything for a free league for you dedicated CACers, so if you have a special skill or can provide a service, let me know and you’ll be playing for free.

Noah, I don’t need a lawyer yet, so don’t ask.

Anyway, Weinstein agreed to take on the challenge and set out armed with the original CAC logos

We’ve used a grand total of 2 logos throughout our storied history


2004-2007 – Before the website there was no need for a logo, but as soon as we took the stats to the interwebs there needed to be something that helped the league stand out (even more). This logo grew out of the old CRFC gym logo. We have the swooshes, the old ABA style ball and the nod to the Cambridge Raquetball and Fitness Club. Man that was a clunky name and that red is just god awful.


 2007-present – Right before yours truly took the reigns of the basketball program, the gym went through a name change. With the re-branding of the gym, taking the focus away from the racquet sports and the advent of shading (apparently) we have the current CAC Basketball logo. Of course, we had to add the periods into it to both space out the lettering and prevent as many “look at my big CAC” jokes as possible.

It didn’t really work.

You can see the pattern right? Red, white, blue, and curves. That’s about it. I’ve always been particularly found of the old ABA style balls and so has CAC Basketball. With the simple instructions to keep it red/white/blue and for it to kick ass, Weinstein (have I mentioned his website yet? www.michael-weinstein.com for all your design needs!) took over designing something for the Franchise league. He quickly recognized the potential to do not just one logo, but set up a sort of template that we could produce MULTIPLE logos for the leagues.

Below is what he’s came up with, and honestly, I’m in love. I can’t wait to start slapping these logos all over the website, CAC gear and the interwebs in general.












  • Love these new logos. 1000x better than the existing logo. Can’t wait to see these on a t-shirt and/or game jerseys. His website has some pretty amazing stuff too.

  • Sick! Except in 5v5 we call ours the “Real” basketball league, since, you know, real basketball is played with 10 guys on the court and includes hustling for more than 5 steps at a time.

    Much love to the bdrafts! if i lived in cambridge I would totally be in 4 draft leagues.

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