Lunch League Preview

And Lines – We’re Clear for Takeoff!!

Before I get on with it, a little note. If you do or don’t like what you see, make sure to head to the Message Boards to let me know how you feel!! You’ll get lots of league extras like pre-game lines and banter among players. It’s part of what makes C.A.C. Basketball so great, so go sign-up!


Despite the picketers protesting, the Wednesday Lunch Draft League is finally going to get off the ground.  I, for one, am pumped to be covering the inaugural season and hope to be joining the ranks of players in the Spring 2010 session.  Yea, you didn’t think I’d be able to sneak a promo for the next season in a preview did you.  Well you were wrong!!

Onto the examination!

1 – Cold Cuts – Matt Rollinson *C, Jean Eddie Frederique (R), Ken Cleary, Danny Ryan, Phuc Thai (R), Ben Cario (R), Michael Trostel (R)

Rollinson went off the chalk line and took Eddie Frederique with his first round pick.  Most of you have probably seen Eddie (he’s taaall) around the pup court during the week.  Solid pick, but it left one glaring question to be answered: will this team have enough offense to compete?? Well, I assume Roly is going to be bringing his jumper, and word on the street is that Trostel was an absolute steal in the last round of the draft.

No I’m not going to reveal my sources, but I’ve done my homework too. This squad, with plenty of unselfish, but aggressive play from Cleary, is my favorite for the league’s best record in the regular season. Seriously though, if Ken plays like his alter-ego, that little Barbie doll, on Tuesday nights, I may have to re-org this preview!!


Cold Cuts: Best write-up headlines

Cleary: Leads League in checks

Ryno: Leads League in Penalty Minutes, sorry, fouls.

2 – The Chronic – Paul Reeves *C, Jonah Mytro, Garrett Tingle, Rahul Chaturvedi, Henry Huang (R), Rob Swint, Jeff Kushmerik

Reeves went the safe route and took almost entirely known quantities, starting with the no-brainer of a second pick in the Mytrocity. From there he drafted a couple solid known veterans (Tingle aka the Animal and Rah aka the Co-Ordinator) to round out their starting line-up.  Like every good captain, he took a gamble in the later rounds (Huang) and could be rewarded handsomely.

I expect Tingle to hook his team (and scorekeeper) up with some solid TD’s Deals, that’s the real reason Paul drafted him, isn’t it?

There’s a lot to like about this squad, but the only issue hanging over it is Mytro’s commitment to the squad.  He finally played his first game back last week after he busted his hand to cut short last season, and seemed a little hesitant.  No, those Walls didn’t move in closer, it just feels like they have.


The Chronic: Most Water Breaks

Mytro: Leads League in Baseline moves

Rahul: Leads League in Wall Slams

3 – Kosher Revival – Josh Zukerman *C (R), Chris Maciejczak, Marshall Farnum (R), Jason Baklavas, Matt Dethomas (R), Michael Kreitzer (R), Samuel Landsman (R)

If nothing else, I can rely on JZuk to talk trash, even to himself, about this league.  Have you seen his work in the B2 South? Solid stuff.  His drafting skills?! Maybe not so much.  Of course, I can’t really fault him, as he’s never played in a CAC league before and still found a way to get bamboozled into drafting a team. I’m sneaky like that.

With the best player in the league (Majic) you’d think they’d be a shoe-in for a top two spot, but I’ve heard great things about some of the free agents that went to the two teams listed above. Therefore, they’re going to wind up here.  Also because I know almost nothing about the other guys on the team except The Greek, I’m a little apprehensive about their prospects.

Kosher Revival: Leads the League in message board posts, Jewishness

Majic: Leads the League in 3s, bad defense

Baklavas: Leads the League in ‘fouls that should have been called’

4 – And 1 Tour – Mike Turin *C, Dan Watson, Will Mancortes, Damion Martin, Paul Giardina, Dee Martin, Nate Mendes (R)

What’s being ranked 4th out of 4 teams really mean anyway? It’s not like you’re in danger of missing the playoffs or anything.  The draft went nice and quickly, only took an hour and a half. That’s because someonehad his team auto-drafted.  Not that I’m going to point fingers at this team preview or anything.  So with so many new names and faces, many without CAC League experience, I decided the best way to handle this was draft known quantities.  Somehow it landed them here in 4th.

I thought I handpicked a good squad too, but the rumors starting to leak about the new guys makes me think otherwise.  Ah well, we’ll see.  There’s a ton of hustle in this squad with CUBA, Pauly G and the Martins, as well as Nate Mendes, who ‘plays at an extreme speed.’  EXTREME SPEED!!! How can you not get behind that?!?


And 1 Tour: Most nonsensical message board posts

CUBA: Leads League in ‘Leftiness’, Bank shots

Paul G: Leads League in arrests (made, not times)



Have I mentioned yet that BFab is reffing this league?? Yea, that’s the same reaction I had.  Seriously, go look in the mirror, that is not a pretty face you’re making…

12:00 PM And 1 Tour  vs.Cold Cuts  (-9.5)

I’ve got to rank the #1 seed over #4 to start the season right?? It helps that I know that Mixtape won’t be in attendance for week 1’s festivities.  Without order and discipline, not to mention the shoe-in for “League’s Best Rebounder” all will be chaos for the And 1 Tour.  Well that’s not true, Watson will make sure to chuck to his full potential in hopes of a win

12:50 PM The Chronic  vs.Kosher Revival  (+3.5)

Easily the better of the two games this week.  Seems silly to call it the ‘Game of the Week’ when there are only two in the league. It’s going to take me a few weeks to get to know all the new guys and give out the occasional nickname, especially on this Kosher squad.  Lot of new meat I’ve never seen before.  So come early, get your jersey and be prepared to lose week 1!! I’m betting attendance trumps chemistry for most of this league, but I’m pumped it’s started and can’t wait to see the action, don’t let me down fellas!

What I really want to know is who will be around after the 12:50 PM game to head to Tommy Doyles with me for the rest of the afternoon? Sure, we might not get a meal deal, but we sure as hell can get $12 pitchers in the middle of the day.  Someone else besides me must not have a real job…