Lunch League S10 Preview & Week 1 Lines!

The Lunch League is back for its second season! With more guys and last season’s great attendance we decided to go to the 6 player teams (instead of 7 like season #1) and with only one league, there is plenty of time for everyone to get in on the All-Time stats in a FRESH league!

This season, thanks to Majic’s absurd chucking and recruiting in the Winter, a lot of ‘big’ names entered the draft. We’ve got guy that lead their respective leagues in all kinds of categories. BMul repping as the alltime B2er, SMul continuing to hound EVERY league I’m in and determined to take any and all available blocks records, and Adam 3:17 to run circles around everyone.
What no one liked the bible joke? come on!! It’s also his marathon time. God you guys suck – onto the previews!!

5 – Assist Assassins
Turin *C, Watson, Superboy (R), Dee (R), Pena (R), Neal Grabowski (R)
So uh, Turin wanted to go with almost all rookies in this one huh?? Let’s see how this pans out. The team is at least aptly named. Superboy (Toth) will try wall dunking at least once a game (and succedd) while Watson is determined to bounce back from last season’s oversight by the “All Chuckers Team” committee and shoot his way onto the squad.
The fortunes of this team, as with many that Superboy is on, rests squarely on the absentee shoulders of Zack Toth. When he shows, this team is going to be tough to match up, 3 guys that can own the paint on D and clean the glass. Without him, they’re an undersized squad. I’m telling all you captains right now, Neal was an absolute steal with pick # 25 and will have a big impact for this squad, don’t sleep on this team just because I am.
No matter what, after week 1 they WON’T be in the cellar, as they have a bye and are guaranteed to have third place all to themselves. No where to go but down from there, right?!?!

4 – Still Smokin’
Reeves *C, SMul (R), Alex A, Jofre Cruz (R), Carcio, Devin Turner (R)
Reeves drafted the top team in the league last season and gets so little respect he sits here at #4. That is not a typo. Its not that this team doesn’t have plenty of fire-power or that they won’t beat teams, I’m just not sure how these guys are going to play together. Lots of questions on this team….
When will SMul get sick of these mutant chuckers and ditch them?
Alex could be the leader, but does he really want to be?
Why did Cruz picked a pair sai as his weapons?
When will people start taking someone wearing purple seriously (or Ben and Devin for that matter)?
Why did Reeves eat all the pizza?
Come on, I’m using material from my childhood!!
We know that SMul is going to go balls to the wall to play defense and lead the league in boards (both offensive and defensive) but it’s the rest of the guys meshing that might take a while. Who takes the big shots, who takes more shots, who shoots?!?

3 – Arch Stanton
Cheese *C, BMul (R), Vladi (R), Tingle, The Greek, Swint
Cheese had guys just falling into his lap all draft long. BMul was the right pick at # 2 (did I piss you off that much in A1 last season?!) but after that it was gift after gift. Vladi @ 9, Tingle @ 12 and the Greek on the flip at 19. He didn’t even really have to think about his picks, but that didn’t stop him to make sure he was doing the right thing. He was, this is a solid lunch league squad and one that will play well together from the get go.
As long as Vladi and Brad remember to bring their $1s for dice, it’s going to be a great season both on and off the court.

2 – CarBomb Racers
CUBA *C, Tibbs (R), AB (R), Extreme Speed, Cam Demby (R), Mike Martelli (R)
This draft league I got picked ahead of AB, instead of A1, where he went before I did. Should make for a good combination, two guys who are wildly overrated in different leagues. By our powers combined, we’re just ONE overrated player!!
Captain Planet?!
God you guys are destroying all my childhood memories…
I’m pumped about the way CUBA rounded out this squad, with EXTREME SPEED to run the point full time and Cam Demby (lunch pup regular, you’ll all recognize him when you see him) and a new guy. Solid crew but not as good as….

1 – Of Mice & Manischewitz
JZuk *C, Majic, Cleary, Roly, Ryno, Trostel
As usual Zukerman has, hands down, the best team name. But this time it also comes with the preseason’s best team.
Look at JZuk learning from his mistakes! Last season the rook came in and grabbed almost all rooks after nabbing majic with the obvious #1 pick. This time around he knows a whole lot more people and changed his strategy accordingly. Seems like the exact opposite of what Turin did and landed him at the other end of the spectrum as well.
Sure you could nitpick and say he ‘should’ have taken The Animal with one of his swing picks in the second/third round, but all in all that’s a solid team and about 10000x better than last season’s squad. Cleary, Roly, and the Ryno will all provide an offensive punch that Majic didn’t get last season from his teammates. Yea I didn’t mention you JZuk, you still suck. You’re J looks nice, when you’re on the bench in pup. Maybe that’s where you should stay.
Majic could still find a way to score 40 a game for this team, but it will be on a squad with a winning record and challenging for the league’s top spot.

Week 1 Lines
12:00 PM CarBomb Racers vs. Of Mice & Manischewitz (-5.5)

Starting off the week with the top two teams ranked against each other? Man who made this schedule?!? Doesn’t the schedule maker know that I’m Oh fer my last two vs Majic? Doesn’t He/She know that one of those games includes a devastating A1 finals loss? Gah I’m terrible. Thankfully I can put AB on Majic and save myself more torture. Both teams will be feeling each other out (not up) in this game, so it could be ugly. Reeves, you’re scoring this thing right?!?
The plan when JZuk is in the game is a 3-1 zone. 3 guys manning up and 1 extra guy chasing Majic around.

12:50 PM Still Smokin’ vs. Arch Stanton (-1.5) 
With that above match-up is it any surprise that the Mulholland’s got matched up against each other in week 1 as well? This guy that makes the schedule is crafy.
I mean, it’s random!!
Yea that’s it.
I want to know who the Alpha Dog is going to be for Still Smokin’. There are a lot of guys to dominate the ball and only one that’s too unselfish, and he’s their first round pick. SHould be fun to watch who takes the reigns and exerts his personality by sheer force of will on this team.
Arch Stanton (idk, something about a grave in a movie that’s 17 years older than me…) should be the team that will play the best together the quickest. Brad and Vladi and Cheese all know how the Draft League thing goes in A1 and know each other’s games pretty well. I expect them to pull off a narrow victory and put Still Smokin’ in their place.