Lunch League Winter 10 Awards

And here we go with the Inaugural Lunch League Awards!

MVP – Jonah Mytro, The Chronic – No argument here, right? Chronic is a dangerous team even without the Mytrocity, but his presence allows Reeves and Tingle to do whatever they want on the floor. He helped lead the team to the league’s best record, was a steal with the #2 pick and shockingly, SHOCKINGLY, showed up every week!! That’s the kind of commitment I expect from MVP candidates! Enough of that award though, I’m not going to rehash all the stats, you all know how to use the website, let’s get to the awards that matter, like every other one!

RoY – Phuc Thai, Cold Cuts – He might not have the flashiest stats of all the rookies this season, but to that, I say, Phuc off, stats don’t tell the whole story!! Thai went late in the draft this season, but teams won’t be making that mistake if he decides to come back in the Spring. His all out hustle, ability to hit big shots and lock guys down on D made him an invaluable member of the Cold Cuts squad.

All Rookie Team – Everyone was a rookie to the Lunch League this season, so I only chose guys that took their first baby steps towards a long and productive CAC career!
Phuc Thai, Alex Allen, Nate Mendes, Manny Lara

Offensive PoY – Chris Maciejczak, Kosher Revival – It couldn’t possibly be anyone else and you know that, right? Majic flirted with averaging 40 ppg all season long. Hell take out that dud of a week 1 and he’s up over 41 for the season. Just goes to show you that every game matters when trying to set records. Like Most 3s Attempted (161 in an 8 game season!), Most FTs (59) and best pass to assist ratio EVER (3:2). Lunch League records of course, but the 3s per game (20) might be a record no matter the league. Heh, he made my job easier simply for the fact that if stuck for write-up material, I could point to how many shots he didn’t hit. It never gets old!

All Chucker’s Team – I’d be remiss to let the inaugural Lunch League Awards without mentioning the guys who put up way more shots than necessary and took the last two minutes, even in blowouts, to go hard for those last few stats
Majic, Reeves, CUBA, Extreme Speed

Defensive PoY – Garrett Tingle, The Chronic – Did anyone really play D in the Lunch League this season? It was chucker’s paradise! When Majic and Turin lead the league in steals and blocks, respectively, you know it’s just guys out hunting for their stats. Tingle was the beacon of light shining down onto this league consumed with the darkness of stat hounding. Tingle makes an honest, 100% effort on every possession and goes at full speed on D as well as O.

All Defensive Team – If these guys were on the same team, offensive output would plummet!
Garrett Tingle, Ken Cleary, Jonah Mytro, Alex Allen

GM – Paul Reeves, The Chronic – He put together his team on draft day, and despite one guy not showing (Rah) didn’t make any alterations to his roster. He worked that 6 man rotation perfectly, kept his guys focused on winning and finished with the league’s best record. If he can end the season with a championship, he might want to retire as the all-time one and done captain! Plus he contributed in other facets of the game, winning the…

Hater’s Ball Award – Paul Reeves, The Chronic – The great thing about the Lunch League this season is that with only 2 games, most guys stuck around or came early to see every game in the league. No one did this more, or as vocally, as Reeves from the Balcony. It’s all about the heckling (both on the boards and the balcony) and Reeves showed CUBA and JZUK how it was done this season, never letting up for a second. No one provided more heckling after a missed lay-up or an air-ball 3. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Super Sub – Jeoff Cruz – I was going to make this the ‘sandbag’ award, or some such redonkulousness, but decided against it. Cruz filled in a few times this season, since he was late to the party, and plans on playing in the Spring league. He should be a top of the second round pick at the latest for all you captains out there. Of course, he DID help prevent Majic from averaging 40 a game despite the fact that he was ON his team last week. Nice work man!

5th Man – Nate Mendes, And 1 Tour – About time I mentioned this team in a positive light! I’ve been advocating for Extreme Speed to get a starting job since he first stepped onto the court in week one and dazzled the Lunch Leaguers with his hustle and leaning J. But this season he’s been a quiet, unassuming dude, not making a splash in his first CAC season so he just comes in off the bench, immediately sparking the team with energy, Krypto-Nate style.

Most Improved – Henry Huang, The Chronic – From the start of the season to the finish, no one improved as rapidly or dramatically as Henry. He’s been hitting the lunch pick-up runs, working on the turnaround and focused on crashing the boards. He’s been vital to The Chronic’s success, keeping Ds honest and unable to double team anyone. It’s been good to see the development, keep it up Henry!

All Star Teams – All Star game will be played on 4/21 @ 12:50 PM, immediately following the Lunch League Finals! Like the A1 ASG, I’m going to have the league’s MVP and leader in PR choose up the teams! Anyone who can’t make it will be replaced by the leading vote getter in the “all star snub” poll! Yes I know it’s half the league, deal with it – let’s get to 5 teams next season!

1st Team
Jonah Mytro(C), Chris Maciejczak(C), Dan Watson, Garrett Tingle
2nd Team
Paul Reeves, Matt Rollinson, Ken Cleary, CUBA
3rd Team
Alex Allen, Mike Turin, Jason Baklavas, Manny Lara

Playoff Lines!
Let’s get these posted now so we have something to talk about heading into the weekend and next week!!

12:00 PM # 3 And 1 Tour vs # 2 Cold Cuts (-4.5)

This game is going to be a lot closer than people expect. Cold Cuts won the season series 2-1, but after week one, each game got closer until And 1 broke through in the last meeting. And 1 Tour’s attendance has been suspect at best the last few weeks. I really think they need a full roster to pull off an upset here. Hell, without Turin I don’t think they have a chance. Yes, I’m shocked that I just typed those words myself. Despite the fact that Watson was a first team all star guy he didn’t get a single other mention in the awards. Just as shockingly, I didn’t put him on the ‘all chucker’ team because I thought he did a great job moving the ball around and taking good shots. Amazing what one season on a good B1 team (CHAMPS!) can do for your concept of teamwork!! I just realized that even though Tommy’s dream of 3 titles is long dead this season, WATSON could be the one to do it. Oh me oh my!!

Cold Cuts, on the other hand, had a great season working in a lot of new guys to Wall Ball Arena. But the experience of Cleary, the Ryno and DoubleBarrel really came through the last few weeks as they put up a fight for the # 1 seed. I think they’ve got a number of guys that can beat you any given week (Phuc! Trostel! Ben! Alex!) that it makes them very, very dangerous. Then again, they’ve struggled to guard the ‘top guys’ in the league without Allen, let’s hope he shows to this game!!

12:50 PM # 4 Kosher Revival vs # 1 The Chronic (-17.5)

Without Kuzdeba (3 games played – injured but showed up to week 8) Kosher only has a chance is Majic goes off for 60. And technically, if he does, he’ll get over the 40ppg mark for the season, and really, that’s all that matters. Baklavas is eligible, so they’ll need him around to have a shot in this one. Poor JZuk had a solid rookie season and doesn’t even warrant a mention in the awards section?!? Terrible, he was one of the better rebounding guards this season! Ah well, his first experience as a captain was not the easiest, but he made the most by signing Kuz, adding Jeoff as a sub last week and manging a large, then small, roster. Good work Zuk, learn from your mistakes this season and apply them to next. Also, it would help if you could sprout 6 inches, develop a jumper and stop making fun of BFab’s bursting gut in that ref shirt.

The Chronic just looks like an unstoppable machine and is easily the favorite to take home the inaugural lunch league award! Their own version of the Big 3 seems to be in the top 7 of every major category this season and with the MVP on their squad will be tough to take down. Of course, I wouldn’t be COMPLETELY shocked if the Curse of the # 1 Seed made its way to the Lunch League Forum. You’ve got to be careful with all those expectations on your shoulders and not let up for a second, no matter what team you’re playing!

Good luck to all the squads, it’s been a pleasure to cover you guys this season. If you want to come back in the Spring, just shoot me an email at – let’s keep the league growing!