Madness is Back! Combined Coed Power Rankings Fall ’12 – Part One

Combined Coed Power Rankings

With the news that there will yet again be a Coed Madness tournament that means we need to start thinking about how the team’s stack up across divisions.  I plan to bring Francis into the fold for the final rankings, but for now I am bored and wanted to put together an initial mid-season look at what the final rankings might look like.  Enjoy folks, and if you’re not happy where you are on the list you’ve got a few more weeks to jockey for a higher position.

13.  Above the Rim Jobs

The Rim Jobs have had a tough time in the Coed ranks over the past few seasons.  They have a good core of players but the talent has just gotten so deep around the league.  I know Sweet D is going to be mad at me for this ranking, but they’ll have to pull off a couple victories to climb into the single digits.

12.  Monstars

The Monstars have one of the best all around players in the league in Swecker who does a little bit of everything and does it all really well. But he just doesn’t have a ton of scoring help around him.  Rip can hit some shots and Henny is great at finding ways to hit some buckets but they still struggle to keep up without a secondary true scorer.  They can beat some teams if those teams aren’t careful though so watch out.

11.  Too Legit to Quit

Don’t know much about this team but they’re ranked here because of their record. They’ve got a win unlike the two teams below them but one win isn’t enough to get them moving upwards on the list. I’ll have to defer to Francis for more insight, but for now they’ll sit here.

10.  Smokin’ Trees and Strokin’ Threes

This team hasn’t had much luck this season whether it be foul trouble or being shorthanded or the rim being incredibly unfriendly to their shooters.  They have a ton of talent with every player capable of scoring double figures every night.  But this Jane Stockton lead team is uncharacteristically not moving the ball as crisply on offense.  They’ve had a couple of moving parts so I think they’ll improve that as the season goes along.

9. Pumped Up Kicks

This squad has one of the top 3 pure female scorers in Christina and Xavier who can do it all and is an incredible athlete.  But the loss of Gael is tough for their depth and they haven’t found a way to replace his all around stellar play.  Until they can make up for his production they’ll be in the lower half of the Coed Ranks.

8.  YouMadBro

Another squad I don’t know much about but they’ve had some success in a tough East division.  I’ve heard good things about Fabian and I’ve seen Derrick play and he definitely knows what he’s doing on the floor.  But they’re going to need to beat one of the top 3 East squads in order to prove themselves.

7.  BOOM Shakalaka

This team has yet to realize their full potential.  The roster has been rotating a bit and they aren’t fully in sync yet.  They had a new guy Cody show up last week, if Kari keeps him around he’ll make them a formidable team because he gives them additional size and he adds a lot of interior presence to go with the perimeter scoring of Ian and Tristan.

6.  Western University Dolphins

Rich has really emerged as an offensive weapon making this team even scarier since they already have Corbett, Sharkey, and L-Mac who can score in bunches.  Add to that Graham who has been a rebounding/defensive force and this team is going to be a tough out for anyone.  You don’t want to be in a close game at the end because they have too many shooters and Corbett has that killer instinct.

5. The Flat Tires

This was my preseason favorite to win the East but they’ve struggled a bit to open the season.  In their defense the 2 blemishes on their record are to WOMS and New Editions, two teams that have won a game or two in their day(both former champions). The loss of Nick has been tough but I hear he’ll be back this season and when he comes back they should have no problem righting the ship(that sailor terminology was for you Tristan).

4.  Raindance

Dan Bud has been a great addition, giving an already huge team more depth at the 4-5 positions.  Kearney is lights out and scores at will, nearly unstoppable in crunch time.  This team will make a run to get back to the championship game.  Don’t sleep on them, they keep getting better as Dan get’s used to this squad’s style of play.

3.  New Editions
Terrel just dropped 49 points, yep you read that right and that was against The Flat Tires, a team with a ton of talent on defense.  Baranowski is a tough player who scores from everywhere and is averaging a 20/12/4.  Adding Nate Dogg, Nibs, and Syd this season just bolsters their depth.

2. Thunder Buddies

I toyed with dropping them below New Editions but their only loss has an asterisk next to it.  They lost to BOOM who is absolutely capable of beating them but Terry only played about a half after being late and Bouvier wasn’t there.  The rematch later this season will tell what this team is truly made of.

1.  Weapons of Mass Seduction

The only undefeated squad left and it’s no accident. Gore and Corey are a formidable one-two punch and their group of girls might be the best trio top to bottom in the league.  Their game on Halloween Night against New Editions will be a big test and will show who they truly are.


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  • This is some bs… WOMs got lucky on game one due to Banner’s lack of self-control. Halloween is really gonna be scary this yr

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