Mailbag: From the Women’s League

It seemed unfair that as the womenís league was being immortalized on the CRFC website and you weren’t, so we decided to give you a little shout-out. (This’ll be on the website by this afternoon, right??)

Compliments of (by far) your favorite team, the Hoosiers.

TiCal finishes season free of charge or traveling calls, successfully minimizes complaining

Superstar referee standout Sean “Sub-on-the-next-whistle” TiCal wrapped up the first ever CRFC women’s league regular season on Sunday with a highlight filled performance. As always, the lone-star official came dressed to play and ran the floor well for the three games. Seemingly blinded by Tiffany’s performance, as noted by the Cobras, it appeared as though bedeviling flu-like symptoms controlled the wind behind the whistle. Earlier that evening some player trading took place across team borders before the Black Mambas vs. G Bears game. Possibly in violation of NAFTA but enthusiastically endorsed by the prestigious LGSSWC (Last Game of the Season So Who Cares) agreement, TiCal sealed the deal with a toot of the whistle. Finally, the evening wrapped up with a surf on the Crimson tide. With visions of playoffs dancing in everyone’s head, the final game of the night was an unsuspecting underdog win, and with a long basketball career

The rollercoaster season for TiCal included serving as stat keeper, clock operator and referee all at once, while the rest of the supporting cast was rumored to be in the jacuzzi downstairs. Perched from the infamous CFRC balcony, he made some of his best calls of the season thanks to the Larry Bird’s eye view. Overall the season’s performance satisfied the bball-playing customers and although some eyes rolled and extended sighing was occasionally heard, altercations were few, laughs were many and TiCal’s refereeing reigned supreme.